Darkwear suit

Nightwing donning a Darkwear suit.

Darkwear consists of an assortment of equipment used on stealth missions by members of the Team and the Justice League, past and present. Unlike stealth-tech which is merely a coating of dark gray or black splayed over the heroes current uniforms; Darkwear suits do not feature any recognizable themes, logos or symbols that can identify the wearer's superhero persona, which is why it is used on places where the Justice League is not allowed to intervene, so as to avoid international incidents.[1]

History Edit

The technology was adopted sometime between 2016 and 2018.[1]

Paraphernalia Edit

Darkwear is composed of three elements:

  • a formfitting, black jumpsuit
  • a mask that covers the lower face
  • high-tech contact lenses

Contact lenses interface Edit

Darkwear UI

Tigress's UI while receiving Beast Boy's feed.

The lenses are the most used component of the set, as they can be worn in and out of costume. They provide the wearer with an optical User Interface that interconnects each logged user and allows them to communicate with text and audio/visual, among other utilities, thus eliminating the need for portable computers, phones or external communication. The lenses provide each user with an array of functions, including but not limited to:

  • Sample analyzer[1]
  • Subject identifier[2]
  • Telescopic view[2]
  • Night vision[2]
  • Vital signs reader[2]
  • X-ray[2]
  • Beetle Mini Drone's video feed[2]
  • Distortion of the user's face when captured on camera[2]
  • Keypad decoder[3]
  • Instant messaging[3]
  • Language translator[4]
  • Speech recognition[4]

Each user is identified on the UI with an icon, through which they can transfer selected data to another, by dragging and dropping files into their assigned icons.[2] It is also possible to nest assorted users into different groups.[5] When activating the interface, the color of user's eyes changes to their interface's display color.[2]

Known users Edit

User Icon User Icon User Icon User Icon User Icon
Aquaman[4] Aquaman insignia Black Lightning[2] Black Lightning insignia Halo[6] Halo insignia Nightwing[1] Nightwing insignia Terra[6] Terra insignia
Batman[7] Batman insignia Blue Beetle[8] Blue Beetle insignia Katana[7] Katana insignia Oracle[1] Oracle insignia Tigress[2] Tigress insignia
Beast Boy[6] Beast Boy insignia Forager[6] Forager insignia Kid Flash[8] Kid Flash insignia Static[9] Static insignia Wonder Girl[8] Wonder Girl insignia
Bio-Ship[9] Bio-Ship insignia Geo-Force[6] Geo-Force insignia Metamorpho[7] Metamorpho insignia Superboy[2] Superboy insignia

Background information Edit

  • The lenses worn by Darkwear users bear a striking resemblance to Hypnos 2.0, spy tech used by a espionage organization called Spyral, which also distorts the user's face with a swirl when captured by a camera.
  • Geo-Force's UI icon is the symbol that his original comic book counterpart had on his second uniform, first seen in Batman and the Outsiders #14.
  • Halo's UI icon resembles the Aurakle that possessed Violet (and made Halo) in the her comics origin story. The three-pronged ray of light is also incorporated on the latter's uniform.

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