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Deadshot is a masked marksman who was hired by Queen Bee.

Physical appearance[]

An assassin by trade, Deadshot wears a burgundy and black bodysuit bedecked with gear for his assignments. Around his waist is a utility belt with several pouches and two, holstered handguns on either side. For combat, Deadshot uses dual wrist-mounted gun. Over his bodysuit, he drapes himself with a black trench coat. His head is concealed in a silver mask, which sports a single scope for him to see.[3]



December 1, 21:12 UTC+2

From a high building, Deadshot drew a bead on Rumaan Harjavti.[3]

December 1, 21:16 UTC+2

He fired his rocket, but it was never meant to hit Harjavti. As Superman swooped in to stop the rocket, it veered off, leading Superman away from the scene. Miss Martian headed straight for Deadshot, but the rocket flew up behind her. Superman blocked it, but with both of them distracted, Deadshot let loose a shot from his wrist-mounted gun.[4]

December 1, 21:18 UTC+2

After attempting to flee, Deadshot was pummeled by an enraged Superboy.

After seeing Sumaan Harjavti catch the shot as intended, Deadshot fled. But he didn't get far; Superboy blocked the way out. Deadshot tried to dispatch of his assailant with his gun, but Superboy was invulnerable. Enraged due to his Shield use, Superboy brutally beat Deadshot until Superman intervened.[2]

December 1, 21:21 UTC+2

Superman checked on the wounded Deadshot and brought him to a hospital.[2]


  • Marksmanship[3]


  • Bazooka[3]
  • Wrist-mounted gun[4]


Background information[]

  • Deadshot, real name Floyd Lawton, is a top-class assassin, both in quality and price. Originally a Batman villain, his character was expanded by John Ostrander when Deadshot was a member of the Suicide Squad. He is a pragmatic killer from a wealthy but cold family and has no moral values because his clients don't have them either.


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