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"Depths" is the seventh episode of the second season of Young Justice, and the 33rd of the overall series. It aired on June 9, 2012.

Logline Edit

Artemis rejoins the team to defend a critical satellite launch. But will her first mission back also be her last?![1]

Synopsis Edit

On his news show, G. Gordon Godfrey speaks out on a new communication satellite that is being launched to improve communications between Earth and Mars. He disdainfully discusses the topic and asks why the people of Earth want to improve communications when aliens are already trying to invade them. He then embarks on a trip to Cape Canaveral to enquire further details of the satellite.

Palo Alto
March 19, 08:12 PDT
Artemis and Wally

Artemis reassures Wally that she'll be okay on her mission.

Wally West watches Godfrey's show in his living room, when Artemis enters to tell him she's ready to leave. Wally is unhappy about her taking up hero work again, at which Artemis points out that he himself donned his costume weeks before. She explains that she is needed now and that Wally should not blame Nightwing for her going, since it was her own choice. He is also mad because Nightwing knows how they are trying to leave the hero life behind. She kisses him and tells him not to worry.
Cape Canaveral
March 19, 21:22 EDT

Nightwing is performing CPR on Artemis, but after reaching 30 heart pumps with no reaction, he stops to announce her dead.

Mount Justice
March 19, 11:42 EDT

Nightwing is speaking to Mal Duncan and Superboy in the Cave about Impulse and the original Speedy. Mal believes that Bart and Roy are both going to become the Team's responsibility, but Nightwing disagrees saying that Bart is in the care of Jay and Joan Garrick, and Roy is being watched over by Green and Red Arrow at Royal Memorial Hospital in Star City. Mal still believes that they will end up the Team's responsibility, and Superboy agrees adding that everything becomes their responsibility. Nightwing reveals that they have not gained any information regarding the Light's new partner.

Nightwing is ready

Nightwing is packing for some action.

Miss Martian enters with Lagoon Boy and she tells him that he will choke if he doesn't slow down eating the crab cakes she has made for him. Superboy is about to leave, but Artemis Zetas into the Cave and is greeted by everyone there. Gamma squad then begins its briefing. The team has to go into covert ops, and guard the rocket launch in Cape Canaveral. Nightwing mentions that the rocket could be attacked by people who dislike the idea of interplanetary communications, and Miss Martian is visibly upset at that. Artemis consoles her by saying that there are also many people who support the contact. Mal questions Nightwing about why he is going on the mission and Nightwing responds that, after leading the Team for a year, he needs some action again.
Cape Canaveral
March 19, 20:59 EDT
Miss Martian at the conference

Miss Martian poses as Martian Manhunter.

Carol Ferris, CEO of Ferris Aircraft, holds a press conference at the Kennedy Space Center. Superman is seen flying above, while Martian Manhunter joins Carol on the ground to answer questions, an hour before the scheduled launch. G. Gordon Godfrey interrupts Cat Grant when she is about to ask a question, and asks if Earth really wants more communications with aliens. Ferris argues that the Martians are not aliens, but rather Earth's next door neighbors. Godfrey disagrees, but "Martian Manhunter" steps in to say that because Earth is being invaded the Martian-Earthling communication is needed more than ever, as they can make an alliance that will protect everyone. "Martian Manhunter" then leaves, which upsets Godfrey. He says that "Manhunter" in his name is ominous and asks why "Superman", the Kryptonian, is not taking any questions at all.
Superboy is unpleased

Superboy and Miss Martian covering for the missing Leaguers.

"Martian Manhunter" flies with "Superman" and remarks that they are out of sight. He then morphs back into Miss Martian. Superboy is upset that she has to levitate him to make him look as if he is Superman, and she reminds him that they have to make it look like the Justice League is still there. Artemis and Nightwing are on a tower near the satellite rocket acting as lookouts. Artemis remarks that if there is no attack, they have a nice view at least. A mental link is established through Miss Martian and Nightwing tells her to patrol the skies with Superboy. Lagoon Boy says that he would like to join Miss Martian in the skies, but Nightwing responds in the negative telling La'gaan that he needs maximum coverage of the ground, air, and water. La'gaan is unhappy with this, because he is being stereotyped as the water guy, and his girlfriend is patrolling the skies with her "super ex-boyfriend".

Under the waterline, Black Manta's ship maneuvers in position, and drops a missile launch station. Kaldur'ahm and the Manta Troopers target the rocket above the water, and prepare to fire the first missile.

Inside the space center, Thomas Kalmaku tells Ferris that there are fifty-two minutes left in the countdown, and all systems are ready for launch.

In the nearby watchtower, Nightwing tells Artemis he's glad to have her back on the Team. She agrees with him, though both are aware of Wally's objections over it.

Miss Martian and Superboy talk about the past

Miss Martian and Superboy argue over their past relationship.

Aboard the Bio-Ship, Miss Martian and Superboy argue about their past relationship. He reminds her that they broke up because she has been abusing her powers and ripping into the minds of others, leaving them comatose. Miss Martian claims that the information she has gained is helping them, but Superboy believes she is behaving no better than Psimon. Miss Martian asks Superboy why he hasn't informed Nightwing or the Justice League and he says he hoped to matter enough to her to make her stop, but didn't imagine she would attempt to temper with his memories. Miss Martian apologizes, but Superboy questions whether she is truly sorry for what she did or that she was caught doing it. Superboy goes on to say how deeply hurt he still is by her actions, causing Miss Martian to tear up.

Lagoon Boy discovers the missile platform and wants to attack the troopers, but Nightwing orders him to wait for back up. Superboy volunteers to take a rebreather and assist underwater, but angers Lagoon Boy by calling him a rookie. Lagoon Boy fakes radio static (which Nightwing notes is impossible over a psychic link) and attacks. This alerts Manta's troops to their presence, and they set in motion their next stage. A team of Manta Troopers invades the beach. Artemis and Nightwing descend to the ground to confront them, but are pinned behind the rocket's blast wall.

Nightwing and Artemis on the lookout

Nightwing and Artemis on the lookout.

Nightwing contacts Superboy, and wants him to join Lagoon Boy. Since La'gaan did not restock the rebreathers, Miss Martian has to go instead. Superboy uses the Bio-Ship to provide cover for Nightwing and Artemis.

Ferris and Kalmaku, working in the launch room, become aware of the battle ensuing outside. Artemis tries to advance from her cover, and almost gets shot. Nightwing informs Artemis of him being worried about her and the shape she's in.

Lagoon Boy continues to attack the ship underwater, but he is apprehended by Kaldur'ahm, who knocks him out with his electrokinesis. Kaldur then orders the trooper manning the missile launch platform to fire the missile.

Lagoon Boy is defeated

Lagoon Boy is electrocuted by Kaldur'ahm.

Superboy shoots down the first missile before it can reach the rocket. In response, Carol Ferris decides to speed up the countdown, bringing it down to two minutes.

As another missile launches and fails to destroy the rocket, Artemis and Nightwing realize they're in danger, as they are in the rocket engine's blast radius. The troopers fire forces them to stay behind the wall. Artemis fires a flare arrow to obscure the vision of the troopers, as their helmets are designed to enhance underwater vision, and are sensitive to light. The flare arrow blinds the troopers temporarily. Nightwing and Artemis use this cover to jump over the wall and directly attack the Manta Troopers.

La'gaan is taken to Kaldur'ahm to be killed, but Kaldur says they should keep him alive for the Partner. After being notified of the defeat of the ground forces, Kaldur decides to take command himself. He instructs his troops to launch all missiles.

Nightwing and Artemis vs Aqualad and his minions

Aqualad prepares to engage in a battle with his former teammates.

More missiles are launched, and Superboy is having a hard time trying to destroy all of them before they reach the rocket. Nightwing and Artemis continue to attack the assault team, and Kaldur joins the battle

Miss Martian reaches the platform and sees Lagoon Boy is captured. She wants to go in to save him, but Superboy tells her that she has to take care of the missiles first, and that there are too many missiles for him to keep up with. M'gann uses telekinesis to stun the Manta Troopers and redirect a missile back towards the platform, completely destroying it. She is knocked out in the explosion and the Manta-Flyer escapes.

Kaldur'ahm attacks Nightwing and Artemis, despite Artemis trying to convince him otherwise. He uses his hydrokinesis to create a serpent-like water being, and attacks his former teammates with it.

The rocket launches, and the technicians celebrate. Kaldur'ahm, outside, is disappointed by this development. He tells his troopers the mission still could succeed. He shoots a small missile at the rocket, but Artemis intercepts it with an arrow. Kaldur then charges at Artemis. Nightwing tries to counter him, but he is knocked aside by one of Kaldur's water hammers. He disarms Artemis, and stabs her in the chest with a water sword.

Artemis Dead

Artemis "dies".

As he pulls the sword out and retreats, Nightwing quickly grabs Artemis and lays her on the ground. Kaldur'ahm informs his men to move out, and that the mission was a failure. However, as he says this, the rocket explodes in the air. The technicians from Ferris Aircraft and Ferris herself look at it in shock. Kaldur'ahm is surprised as well, and escapes back into the water.

Nightwing attempts to resuscitate Artemis. Superboy and Miss Martian arrive; Superboy tells Nightwing he can't hear Artemis's heartbeat. Nightwing continues to administer CPR, but when he reaches 30 heart pumps still with no reaction, he stops to announce her dead.

Atlantic Ocean
March 20, 00:00 EDT
Black Manta praises Kaldur'ahm

Black Manta rises Kaldur'ahm to the next level.

The Manta-Flyer docks within the Manta-Sub. Black Manta greets Kaldur'ahm and congratulates him for capturing an Atlantean, killing his former teammate, and destroying the Martian communcation satellite. Kaldur'ahm remarks that his team was not responsible for the satellite's destruction, believing that the rocket had instead malfunctioned. Black Manta reveals that the satellite was destroyed by an altitude-sensing bomb smuggled onto the rocket days prior to launch. He explains that the mission was a test to determine if Kaldur'ahm would account for his faults in the case of failure; Kaldur'ahm had passed, much to the satisfaction of his father.

Mount Justice
March 20, 03:58 EDT

Members of the Team, past and present, gather in the Cave to mourn the death of Artemis. Miss Martian is especially distraught; Superboy wants to comfort her, but Beast Boy shows up instead. Superboy keeps his distance. Mal Duncan and Karen Beecher ask Superboy where Nightwing is. Superboy responds by telling them that he went to tell Wally what happened.

March 20, 04:00 EDT
The four members discuss their secret plan

The four friends begin the next part of their plan.

In a warehouse, Nightwing looks at the picture he took with Artemis on her first day at Gotham Academy. He's waiting for Wally, but Aqualad shows up instead. He is soon followed by Wally and Artemis herself, revealing that her "death" was all part of an elaborate deep cover plan. Nightwing gives Artemis a Glamour Charm to change her appearance to everyone except the four of them present. She leaves with Aqualad. Nightwing expresses satisfaction that the hard part of their mission is over, but Wally is not convinced. He thinks it would only get more dangerous from there on.

Title Edit

The title may refer to the depths beneath the sea, where Kaldur'ahm launched his attack on the com-sat. It may also refer to Kaldur'ahm's deep cover mission to infiltrate the Light. Finally, it may also refer to the depths of which Nightwing sunk into to ensure a successful infiltration—by lying to the Team and the League, and faking Artemis's death through the use of a heartbeat-stopping pill and a strategically-placed blood squib.

Cast and characters Edit

Voice actor Character
Tim Curry G. Gordon Godfrey
Stephanie Lemelin Artemis
Yuri Lowenthal Lagoon Boy
Jesse McCartney Nightwing
Danica McKellar Miss Martian
Nolan North Superboy
Khary Payton Aqualad
Black Manta
Kevin Michael Richardson Mal Duncan
Martian Manhunter
Thomas Kalmaku  
Jason Spisak Wally West
Kari Wahlgren Carol Ferris  
Non-speaking roles
Barbara Gordon
Cassie Sandsmark
Garfield Logan
Impulse (picture)
Jaime Reyes
Karen Beecher
Raquel Ervin
Speedy (picture)
Tim Drake
Zatanna Zatara
Full credits
0 Character debut
0 Speaking debut
3 Episode debut

Continuity Edit

  • Artemis mentions Kid Flash "wearing the yellow and red" a few weeks ago. This happened in "Bloodlines".
  • Some members of the League are still away facing trial, after leaving Earth in "Alienated".
  • Nightwing discusses the prospects of taking responsibility for Impulse and Speedy with Mal Duncan and Superboy. This refers to events in the previous episode, "Bloodlines", where Speedy was rescued from cryo-hibernation and Impulse arrived from forty years in the future.
  • This episode shows an improvement in Miss Martian's shape-shifting over the last five years, as she was shown to shape-shift into Martian Manhunter quite adequately here after claiming that males were harder for her in "Welcome to Happy Harbor".
  • While dressed up in Superman's costume, Superboy states that he hates monkey suits, which alludes to his aversion to monkeys, which he developed in "Monkey Business".
  • The reason for the break-up between Superboy and Miss Martian is revealed; it was hinted at in "Happy New Year", "Earthlings" and "Alienated". Superboy also mentions Miss Martian's questionable use of powers on her enemies, which results in the victims being put into catatonic states, as seen in "Image", "Earthlings" and "Alienated".
  • In this episode, Miss Martian takes the mermaid form that she took in "Under the Surface..." and "...Here There be Monsters".
  • Nightwing takes a look at the picture he took with Artemis on her first day at Gotham Academy, as shown in "Homefront".
  • The true reason that Aqualad is with Black Manta is finally revealed in this episode.
  • Nightwing mentions Aqualad's difficult choice to save the Kroloteans or his friends from the alien bomb, as shown in "Alienated".
  • Nightwing refers to a history between him and Zatanna, which could have started after the events of "Auld Acquaintance".

Ratings Edit

"Depths" garnered an average of 1.890 million viewers.[2]

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Goofs Edit

  • In the very beginning of the episode, when Wally is talking to Artemis he turns his head and his eyebrows are miscolored black.

Cultural references Edit

  • Superboy refers to Lagoon Boy as "the rebound guy from the Black Lagoon", referencing to the 1954 monster horror film Creature from the Black Lagoon, starring Richard Carlson and Julia Adams. The title character, known as "The Creature" or "Gill-man", possessed amphibious physical traits like Lagoon Boy.

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Answered questions Edit

Unanswered questions Edit

  • Why did Black Manta want to destroy the Earth-Mars communications satellite?

Quotes Edit

  • Artemis: Babe, you're freaking out over nothing. What could go wrong?

  • Nightwing: After leading this team for a year, I'm feeling peckish for a little action.

  • Superboy: I hate monkey suits.

  • Nightwing: Lagoon Boy, stand down.
  • Lagoon Boy: Sorry, you're breaking up. (Imitates radio static)
  • Nightwing: There's no static on the psychic link!

  • Nightwing: We have a history.
  • Wally West: (nudges Nightwing) Dog.

References Edit

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