Draaga is an alien who once challenged Superman to do battle.



November 30, approx-16:22 EST

Draaga showed up in Metropolis and challenged Superman to single combat. Following his defeat at the hands of Superman and Superboy, he retreated.[1][2]


The Moon
December 1, 16:16 UTC

Draaga was abducted and held captive in Kylstar's stronghold. The freed Justice League members decided against freeing him and other captives who were not League affiliates.[1]

Kylstar's Vessel
December 1, 23:58 UTC

The Justice League's, Superboy's and Miss Martian's valiant efforts against Kylstar convinced him to treat his sentient weapons better. All captives, including Draaga, were released, and Orb-One explained Kylstar's motives. He was a freedom fighter who was on a mission to stop slavers who destroyed his homeworld. As a sign of his good intentions, he offered to return captives unwilling to help with his fight back to their homeworlds. Those willing to stay were promised good treatment and glorious battle. Draaga enthusiastically voiced his intention to stay.

After the others had been teleported away, Kylstar explained to those who remained that the slavers were too powerful, and the best way to defeat them was to take over the galaxy first.[3]


Background information

  • In the comics, Draaga was a gladiator from a planet conquered by Mongul. Undefeated until pitted against Superman, he held a lifelong grudge against him. He later helped Brainiac in his invasion of Earth during the "Panic in the Sky!" event, but eventually changed sides and sacrificed himself to save Earth.


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