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"Emergency Dive" is the 16th episode of the fourth season of Young Justice, and the 89th of the overall series. It debuted on March 31, 2022 on HBO Max.


Kaldur'ahm, Wyynde and La'gann[sic] go for a swim. King Orin goes fishing.


Happy Harbor
June 01, 15:26 EDT

In the garden of the Carr house, Forager, with a graduation cap on hand, welcomes Baby to his hive, though he will miss Bio-Ship. He then asks M'gann how she is doing. She admits she is having more bad days than good, but is getting support from friends and family. Forager asks if she has seen Garfield. M'gann says she called him as soon as she got back, but that she hadn't seen him. Forager informs M'gann of Gar's withdrawal from activities and break-up with Perdita Vladek, suggesting M'gann should go see him.

June 01, 17:28 UTC-2

At the Science Center, Orin, Mera, Vulko and Blubber are standing by to run tests on Arion. Arion, surrounded by various probes and instruments, is embarrassed and offers to withdraw his claim to be Arion. Orin tells him they must have the truth, and Arion reluctantly agrees. Mera asks him to perform some magic, and he creates an illusion of his younger self. After the scans, Arion is released. Blubber says the test is not conclusive, but that Arion's magic signature is unique, with Mera calling it older than anything they had encountered. Blubber adds that Arion's DNA is a match for samples from Vandal and Cassandra Savage. Orin concedes they have as much confirmation as possible short of a direct DNA comparison with an ancient sample of Arion. Blubber jokes about recovering Arion's crown with hair follicles, prompting Mera to ask if Arion knows the crown's location. Arion laments that the crown was lost when Atlantis sank, and is likely buried deep beneath Xebel, far deeper than any expedition had been, or could go.

In the strange dimension, Superboy carries Ghosty as he prepares to leap from one rock to another. He hallucinates Miss Martian offering him advice, and cheerleading for him on the far rock. Conner feels they are getting nowhere, but M'gann offers him encouragement, and tells him that she loves him.

Back in Poseidonis, a crowd has gathered outside Arion's window, chanting his name. Arion looks out sadly, as Chian approaches him and asks him to speak to the crowd, which has gathered from all eight city-states. Arion says that he had never wanted this, and would it not cause a riot he would slip away.

Orin, Mera and Kaldur swim together as Orin discusses the rioting in Xebel. He thinks King Ryus Nereus must be frustrated, and Mera notes the irony given that Nereus has been stoking dissent against Orin and Poseidonis for years, only for it turn against him as well. They discuss the prophecy, and even Mera is forced to admit recent events resonate with it. Orin orders Kaldur to take a covert squad to Xebel to search for the crown and settle the prophecy once and for all. The Watchtower has scanned the area and located a pocket ocean hidden beneath Xebel's sea floor. It may contain the ruins of ancient Atlantis. Orin orders radio silence, for fear word of the search could cause further unrest.

June 01, 21:48 PDT

M'gaan visits Gar at the Premiere Building. Gar is furious she had called Perdita, but she tells him they are both worried about him. She tells him self-medicating only blocks his long-term healing. M'gann reminds him that he promised to get help back on Mars after hallucinating about Brion Markov. Gar counters that he was diagnosed by a stranger posing as her who could hardly be trusted. M'gann then tells him that she is diagnosing him with depression and possible PTSD. Gar lists the symptoms, but still refuses to admit he has a problem, citing the long list of people he has lost and gotten over; he knows how to deal with this. M'gann counters that she had been there with him all those times, and this time is clearly different. Gar has clearly passed his breaking point and needs help. Gar insists no one knows what he needs better than him, and walks off.

June 02, 08:37 UTC-2

At their home, Rodunn and Coral harangue La'gaan for agreeing to join Kaldur's mission, with the birth of their baby so close at hand. La'gaan insists it is an honor, and that he will be home in time.

At Kaldur and Wyynde's house, Delphis approaches as the pair argue; Wyynde reminds Kaldur he had promised to rest after Ocean-Master was captured, but it had been weeks since then and he had not slowed down. Now he was taking on another mission. Kaldur insists he is fine, and since Wyynde is also coming, he will be able to see that himself. Delphis enters and asks to join them, but Kaldur refuses her as she is busy and is not trained for such a mission.

Outside, Delphis saw Kaldur, Wyynde and La'gaan off on thier mission.

Meanwhile, Conner was steeling himself to make a long jump. He received words of encouragement from a "ghostly" Wally West. Conner wondered what the point was, but Wally suggested that, though they might be dead, they were not in heaven nor hell, but in some kind of purgatory. So they had to keep going to reach their final destination. Conner is put off by how far the next rock is, but Wally tells him it will always be a long way when it matters.

Back in Poseidonis, Orin visits Orm in his prison cell. Orm insists he does not know Arion, but that is not why Orin is here this time. He asks how long Orm has hated him, if it was since they had first met. Orm has no interest in covering the past, he said Orin had visited him 16 times during his last imprisonment and had covered all this. Orin is surprised, and leaves without a word.

Orin meets with Mera and Blubber. He gives Blubber Ocean-Master's mask and tells him to run DNA tests to see if the Orm in the prison cell is really his brother. Orin then sets off out the city gates, leaving the kingdom in Mera's hands.

June 02, 10:00 PDT

At the Premiere Building, Gar hears the Zeta-Tube winding down and looks to see M'gann with Cassie, Jaime, Virgil and Robotman. He correctly guesses they are there to stage an intervention. They all sit in the Hub, Gar eager to get it over with. Jaime and Virgil try first, reminding him of how he had helped inspire people and make the world more accepting of meta-humans with the Outsiders. Talking over each other and finishing each other's sentences, they told him that everyone needs help sometimes and that it wouldn't be so bad, then he could get back to inspiring people again. Gar coldly dismisses them, and Cassie tells him off, saying that she knows he knows better than to treat them that way because he taught her better. Softening, she tells him that she is happy to continue as leader if he doesn't want to lead, but that she still needs her friend and mentor. Gar tells her to figure out leadership by herself, like he did.

June 02, 15:07 UTC-2

Ryus Nereus, flanked by his guards, addresses a crowd of protestors. He tells them he shares their opposition to Orin, but that they are wrong to transfer their loyalty to a false legend. The crowd reacts angrily to this characterization of Arion, and Nereus orders his guards to quell the crowd. Kaldur, La'gaan and Wyynde use the unrest to cover their entrance to Xebel. They head to the Grave of Legends, where the sea floor above the Undersea is at its thinnest. The come across the head of a statue that looks much like Wyynde, as they reach the ideal dig site. Wyynde suggest they post a look out, but Kaldur thinks they are better off working as quickly as possible while the guards are distracted. A trio of guards approaches, however.

Back in Poseidonis, Chian visits Arion again, and informs him of the chaos in Xebel. She urges him to restore peace, but he insists it is a matter for Atlantis's current leaders. Chian points out that those rioting in his name will listen to no one else. Arion concedes to talking with Orin about the situation, but Chian tells him Orin has left the palace. Though Orin left orders for Arion to remain where he is, Chian offers to sneak him out.

In Ninth Tride, Orin knocks at the door of a seedy algae bar. He is greeted by M'Chiste who attempts to intimidate him into leaving, but Orin brought a group of lemon sharks that silences him. Orin enters the bar and approaches Danuuth.

Back at the intervention, Robotman denies Gar figured anything out alone. He recalls the help Gar received from him, Rita, M'gann and more after his mom died. That meant Gar never lost his optimism and was able to help Robotman both come to terms with his new body, and overcome his survivor's guilt after the deaths of the Doom Patrol. He reuses to allow Gar to lock himself away as he once had. Gar casually asks if he really came back from the dead to give that speech, deflating Robotman. M'gann asks if he is having fun. She notes it is easier to dismiss the people who love him than deal with his problems. But he isn't the only one grieving, M'gaan needs her brother, but if she won't let her help him, he can't help her either. Gar tells her that he doesn't want to be needed anymore and that he is going to deal with this his way, alone. As he goes to leave, M'gann reminds him there is one thing he can't do alone; the Black Lightning requires everyone has annual mental health checks and Gar's is overdue. Unless he is ready to leave his superhero life behind forever, he must attend a therapy session with Black Canary.

Meanwhile, Conner sits on a rock, dejected. Superman appears before him telling him to make his next jump. Conner wonders what the point is, they are leading nowhere. Superman just stares at him, and Conner knows what he is going to say, that he has people who care for him and he has to believe in himself the way they do. Match then appear and attacks Superman, snapping his neck. Conner looks down at himself and seeing himself as Match with bloodstained hands, before passing out.

Back at the Grave of Legends, Kaldur's group continues digging as the guards get closer. Then a strange light appears, pulling the guards' attention away from them. Kaldur recognizes the light, and Delphis appears, confirming that it was her. Kaldur invites her to join them, but she tells him she already has. They then break through the sea floor and swim down.

The Undersea
June 02, 15:23 UTC-2

With Delphis providing illumination, they find the body the statue head belongs to. Their tunnel then collapses, leading to a wider cave in. They swim deeper, and Kaldur drills through another barrier. Finding relative safety there, Kaldur assures them they will be able to dig their way out once the mission is complete, and they begin to explore.

At the throne room, Orin had returned to speak with Mera. He tells her that Orm had mentioned his visits to him while he was in prison, visits which had never happened; Orin had gone to the prison 16 times, but never spoken with Orm. He tracked down Orm's former lieutenant, and Danuuth confirmed his suspicions; he had worked with this Orm for a month before concluding he was an impostor due to "Orm"'s poor memory of events after his imprisonment. Orin doubts the simultaneous arrivals of this Orm and Arion are a coincidence. He wants to speak to Arion, but Mera tells him that he and Chian have disappeared.

End credits scene: At Happy Harbor High School, Violet Harper and Harper Row sit in the crowd as Forager gives his valedictorian's speech. Forager talks about the lessons he learned as Fred Bugg with two Gs. As he finishes his speech, the crowd stands up and cheers.


Emergency Dive could refer to Kaldur's squad's descent into the Undersea or, more metaphorically, to Orin's excursion to Ninth Tride, and Garfield's intervention.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Garfield Logan
Robbie Daymond Wyynde
Bryton James Virgil Hawkins
David Kaye Arion
Ryus Nereus  
Phil LaMarr Orin
Eric Lopez Jaime Reyes
Yuri Lowenthal La'gaan
Danica McKellar Megan Morse/Miss Martian
Nolan North Superboy
Khary Payton Aquaman/Kaldur'ahm
Tiya Sircar Delphis
Roger Craig Smith Orm
Kath Soucie Mera Nereus
Jason Spisak Forager
Wally West/Kid Flash
Mae Whitman Cassie Sandsmark
Non-speaking roles
Harper Row
Match (illusion)
Phantom Girl
Violet Harper
1 Character debut
0 Speaking debut
2 Episode debut




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  • Robotman: Sorry, did I just hear you say you figured everything out on your own? 'Cause no frickin' way. Gar, you never had to figure nothing out alone. I was there after you lost your mom. It was bad. Real bad. But you got help. From me, from Rita, from Megan. And 'cause of that, you never lost your optimism, your desire to do right, to help people. Like how you helped me. I was nothing but a brain stuck in a frickin' metal jar. But you showed me the only jar holding me back was the one I put myself in. You set me free. And then our little Doom Patrol had to go and make the ultimate sacrifice, 'cause that's what us heroes do, right? Rita, Chief, Val... gone. Game over. Then they found my friggin' head at the bottom of that river and woke me up. My only thought was that I should've died too. And again, you were there. Convinced me that my survivin' was a gift. The last gift I could give them that's gone. That Garfield Logan would never have abandoned his friends, his family, or the world, like you're doing now. So if you think I'm going to sit back and let you lock your brain away in this Premiere Building jar, well, you got another thing coming, kid.
  • Garfield Logan: You came back from the dead to give that speech?