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The first end credits scene from season three.

Beginning with the show's third season, Young Justice began to feature end credits scenes consisting of still shots or animated loops, usually accompanied by music, voice acting and/or sound effects. Some episodes also feature post-credits scenes, which may continue directly on from the end credits scene.


When developing the third season, their first for a streaming service and without the constraints of broadcast television, showrunners Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti came up with the idea of showing the gradual metamorphosis of Lobo's severed finger over the course of several episodes. They then expanded upon this concept to have a different closing shot in every episode, by means that wouldn't exceed their budget. This is why the vast majority of the sequences are comprised of still shots or animation loops.[1]

The end credits of each season three episode typically feature a shot with a "pet", usually either stationary, sleeping or eating, and "Young Justice: Outsiders End Credits Long Version" playing over it. A few episodes feature atmospheric voice acting over the scene, though none have dialogue.

For season four, the scenes began to feature voiced dialogue. The show-runners describe them as a means to "maximize the entertainment value of the show in every way possible" as "no time is wasted". These scenes can comment on the concurrent episode or plant a seed that pays off in the future, all the while always being relevant to the season.[2]

List of end credits scenes

Seasons one and two

For its first two seasons, Young Justice had traditional end credits sequences, with the credits text displayed over the same non-descript blue background for each episode.

Season three

Episode Scene
"Princes All" Brucely sleeps under Artemis's kitchen table, cuddling a Kid Flash plush toy.
"Royal We" The Super-Cycle waits parked in the woods outside Markovburg Children's Hospital.
"Eminent Threat" The Bio-Ship spends the night parked outside Conner and Megan's garage in the form of an SUV.
"Private Security" The Super-Cycle spends the night parked outside Conner and Megan's garage.
"Away Mission" Wolf sleeps by an apple tree in the Carr house's yard.
"Rescue Op" The Bio-RV spends the night parked outside Conner and Megan's garage.
"Evolution" Wolf sleeps on Conner and Megan's couch.
"Triptych" Sphere sits inside Conner's garage, next to a couple of motorcycles.
"Home Fires" Lobo's severed little finger lies on the grounds of Owings Mills.
"Exceptional Human Beings" Brucely eats in Will and Artemis's kitchen.
"Another Freak" Lobo's severed little finger lies on the grounds of Owings Mills, now swollen and deformed.
"Nightmare Monkeys" Sphere spends the night sat outside Conner's open garage.
"True Heroes" Wolf sleeps inside the Bio-RV.
"Influence" Wolf sleeps on top of the Bio-RV, parked outside Conner and Megan's garage. Someone can be heard using the bathroom.
"Leverage" Brucely sleeps on Will and Artemis's couch.
"Illusion of Control" The Bio-RV is parked outside the Carr house. Forager can be heard noisily enjoying his Thanksgiving dinner inside the house.
"First Impression" Brucely sleeps next to Lian's bed, cuddling a Kid Flash plush toy, undisturbed by the sound of Tara sending and receiving text messages.
"Early Warning" The Tower of Fate stands tall into the night's sky. Klarion's frustration can be heard from inside as he continues trying (and failing) to escape.
"Elder Wisdom" The Bio-Ship spends the night camouflaged and in rest mode on the Premiere Building's helipad.
"Quiet Conversations" Sphere is settled in the Premiere Building for the night. Jeff and Helga can be heard fooling around in the kitchen, followed by the sound of smashing glass.
"Unknown Factors" Rhea Beecher-Duncan lies sound asleep in her hospital crib.
"Antisocial Pathologies" Violet's desk sits unused, with a framed picture of Violet, Brion, Victor and Forager on Halloween night hanging beside it.
"Terminus" Wolf sleeps next to the hologram of Wally West in the Watchtower's memorial garden.
"Into the Breach" Lobo's severed little finger lies on the grounds of Owings Mills, now further deformed. Flies can be heard buzzing nearby.
"Overwhelmed" Wolf and Kraig sleep curled up together in front of Dabney Donovan's fireplace.
"Nevermore" A small humanoid form kneels on all-fours in place of Lobo's severed little finger on the grounds of Owings Mills. Post-credits, the miniature Lobo gets up and giggles, but is promptly killed by Lobo, who then casually tosses a cigarette on the bloody mess, burning every last trace.

Season four

Episode Scene
"Inhospitable" As Wolf sleeps by the Carr house's patio table, Black Canary explains to Violet that Black Lightning has asked her to talk to members of the Justice League, the Outsiders and the Team as part of a new focus on mental health. Violet discusses her confused feelings regarding Geo-Force, and her desire to explore whether Gabrielle Daou's religious beliefs also hold meaning for her.
"Needful" At the Sacred River, Beast Boy listens to a voicemail left by Perdita Vladek. Perdita talks about the difficulty Vlatava faces due to the refugee crisis created by Markovia, and how she misses her father and Garfield.
"Volatile" Superman relaxes in the garden on the Watchtower while talking to Lois Lane on the phone about the situation on Mars and their son, Jonny Kent. Talk of potty training and a poor signal lead Superman to worry that Jonny's Kryptonian powers are awakening, and he shoots off, demanding Cyborg open a boom tube.
"Involuntary" M'gann is heartbroken over the loss of Conner and cries on their wedding altar.
"Tale of Two Sisters" Dick and Kaldur look at Superboy's memorial hologram in the Watchtower's memorial garden, over which Artemis recites the end of Charles Dickens's A Tale of Two Cities.
"Artemis Through the Looking-Glass" Kraig looks at Superboy's memorial, including a framed photo of Conner playing chess with Dubbilex and a Superboy teddy bear, over which Artemis recites a passage from Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There.
"The Lady, or the Tigress?" Miss Martian, Martian Manhunter and Em'ree J'onzz travel back to Earth on Baby in silence, over which Artemis recites the end of Frank R. Stockton's The Lady, or the Tiger?.
"I Know Why the Caged Cat Sings" Two framed photographs sit on Artemis's night stand; one of herself and Wally West, the other of her and Jade as kids. Artemis recites a quote commonly misattributed to Maya Angelou's I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.
"Odnu!" Saturn Girl and Chameleon Boy watch an episode of Space Trek 3016 while eating Chicken Whizees on a public bench opposite the Luthor Grande Hotel in Metropolis. Tork can be heard making an inspirational speech to Der'Chow.
"Nomed Esir!" On the Warworld, Vandal Savage instructs his daughter to take precautions against the potential fallout from the battle between Klarion and Child. He orders the Light evacuated to the Warworld, with the same offer made to Ra's al Ghul. He also orders the contents of his History Cave and all Psy-Backs moved there for safekeeping.
"Teg Ydaer!" The school bus travels through various places and dimensions as its occupants alternate between screaming and gasping for breath. Among other things, they pass through Cyborg's Mobius tech infused blood vessel and fly by the Source Wall, some DNA strands and a green planet.
"Og Htrof Dna Reuqnoc!" With the situation in Agra under control, Superman suggests to Black Lightning, Garth and Nightwing that the Justice League should create an official reserves system for future large-scale crises, rather than hope another villain like Wizard helps them out.
"Kaerb Ym Traeh!" Black Canary has a therapy session with Zatara on the Watchtower. She updates him on the occupants of the school bus, whom she has been secretly counselling for ten years, before moving on to discuss his time bearing the Helmet of Fate. Zatara is initially stoic, citing his faith and love for his daughter for getting him through, but ultimately breaks down in tears.
"Nautical Twilight" At night, Harper Row sits outside with Violet and asks how their visit with Madia went. Violet says it went well, but that they have many more questions, such as their gender. After some deliberation, Violet feels that their true gender is non-binary and that they/them pronouns best suit them. Harper reintroduces Violet to the world as the best person she knows.
"Ebb Tide" In a storeroom on the Warworld, Vandal Savage issues instructions to his daughter. Though Child has been defeated, they will keep the equipment they had evacuated to the Warworld there, pending the next inevitable crisis. He wants Psimon to confirm the integrity of the Psy-Backs, and the inventory updated, before the room is sealed. He wants it done quickly so they can move on to their highest priority, Project Thrinos.
"Emergency Dive" At Happy Harbor High School, Violet Harper and Harper Row sit in the crowd as Forager gives his valedictorian's speech. Forager talks about the lessons he learned as Fred Bugg with two Gs. As he finishes his speech, the crowd stands up and cheers.
"Leviathan Wakes" In the Watchtower's memorial garden, Kaldur talks to Black Canary. He remembers freeing Superboy from Cadmus ten years ago that day. He talks about the pride he has always had for forming the Team, but also the cost. Voice shaking, he remembers the Teammates who have died in those ten years, and admits he will have to come to terms with their deaths if he is ever to resume his old life.
"Beyond the Grip of the Gods!" Aboard the Watchtower, Black Lightning and Superman look at a holographic display of candidates to be considered for the Justice League reserves. Superman also suggests the recruitment committee consider several other heroes, and suggests that they could also call on Russia's Rocket Red Brigade and whatever secret heroes China has. He also suggests that Atlantis, Themyscira and perhaps Geranium City represent untapped resources, and hopes they can negotiate alliances with various other worlds. His real concern is Markovia; though they have heroes there, can Brion Markov and his Infinitors be trusted?
"Encounter Upon the Razor's Edge!" Around a cake with three candles shaped 1, 0, and 2, Forager and Forager sing a Bug birthday song for Jay. Jay blows out the candles and Rocket and the Bugs cheer, though Orion is displeased the candles are not as they were.
"Forbidden Secrets of Civilizations Past!" Forager looks up at the statues of Highmother, Highfather, Forager and herself in Supertown, as Forager recites a soliloquy from Romeo and Juliet, suitably modified to reflect his and Forager's names, New Genesis's mulitple moons, and the Bugs' disuse of pronouns.
"Odyssey of Death!" Atop the Premiere Building, Forager looks up at the moon, as the Mountain Forager recites Hamlet's letter to Ophelia from Hamlet, suitably modified to reflect Forager's name and the Bugs' disuse of pronouns.
"Rescue and Search" On Oa, the Kaizer-Thrall is scanned as Green Lanterns Soranik Natu and Forager observe the results. Soranik notes that the Kaizer-Thrall is indeed sentient, and detects the remains of a humanoid; an eleven-year-old human boy. The Thrall begins to beep rapidly, leading Soranik to believe he is trying to communicate.
"Ego and Superego" On Justice Island, a red ribbon is tied in front of a model of the Hall of Justice. Catherine Cobert introduces Black Lightning and Troia to speak to an audience. Lightning announces that construction on the Justice League's new Hall of Justice will begin in the spring. Troia notes the building is just across from the United Nations and welcomes the new neighbors. They dedicate the site to partnership between the two organizations and cut the ribbon together with some special scissors as the crowd cheers.
"Zenith and Abyss" Teekl sleeps peacefully on the arm of the Warworld's vacant command chair.
"Over and Out" Amistad Ervin's toy cars are left out on a table, wheels up.
"Death and Rebirth" As Wolf, Leroy, Brucely and Wingman sleep, the wedding reception can be heard underway. Lucas announces the throwing of the bouquet, which ends up in the hands of Icicle Jr. A little later, Lucas calls for the floor to clear for the newlyweds' first dance, but recants when they decide to dance 16 feet in the air. Lucas is then confused when something steals the wedding bouquet, and runs past the sleeping pets.

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