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"Endgame" is the 20th and final episode of the second season of Young Justice, as well as the 46th episode of the overall series. It aired on March 16, 2013.


On the verge of finally ending the alien invasion, the team discovers the price of victory may be the entire planet Earth![1]


June 20, 00:16 UTC

The League is found guilty.

In a courtroom, the accused Leaguers are asked by a tribune if they have anything more to "offer" before a verdict is reached. Icon rejects the opportunity, claiming that they have already presented enough evidence to prove his clients' innocence. Despite his confidence, the Leaguers are found guilty on all counts, and are taken away. Miss Martian, Superboy and Adam Strange arrive at the court just as the audience members leave. They have evidence that would clear the League—a holographic recording of the Light and the Reach admitting that they framed the League. Unfortunately, they are too late.

New York City
June 20, 06:16 EDT

On the Reach flagship, Black Beetle expresses his desire to leave the meat-infested planet, but the Scientist points out that the infestation is already aboard their ship. Black Beetle claims that since the ambassador is gone, he will no longer restrain himself, and will now kill all the heroes.

The heroes confront Black Beetle.

Aqualad, Blue Beetle and Green Beetle arrive at the bridge. Green and Blue Beetles subdue every Reach agent, including the scientist, with their staple guns, while Aqualad takes on Black Beetle. They exchange blows, but Black Beetle overpowered Aqualad. He turns his attention to Blue and Green Beetles, but Green Beetle attacks first.

Using his telekinetic powers, Green Beetle slams Black Beetle to the ground, and connects his tendrils to reset Black's scarab and set him free. Black Beetle claims freedom is overrated, and responds with an attack of his own. Using the link forged by Green Beetle, he sends a surge of energy through the link, and destroys Green Beetle's scarab. B'aarz O'oomm's armor crumbles, and he collapses to the floor, unconscious. Black Beetle muses that he would have died if he wasn't a Martian, but his survival would easily be remedied.

Superboy and Miss Martian try to sway the court's decision.

Back in Rimbor's courtroom, the Tribunal admits that the evidence presented by the Earthlings is compelling, but the High Court has already ruled. Icon argues that they have to overrule, since there is a recorded confession that solidly places blame of the attack on Rimbor on the real criminals: the Light. Furthermore, the recording explained the motive—bringing the Earth to the Reach's attention.

The Tribunal agrees, but asks them to offer something "more". Realizing that they were asking for a bribe, Superboy and Miss Martian improvise. She says that whatever decision the court renders will have repercussions throughout the galaxy. Superboy adds that the new evidence offers the court an opportunity to demonstrate that truth and justice prevails on Rimbor. The Tribune interjects, saying that reputation is not the "more" they are accustomed to receiving. The young heroes respond by claiming that if the tribunal demonstrates its fundamental fairness, then more disputes would be brought to it. The higher volume of cases would naturally translate into more "mores" that the tribunal will receive.

Black Beetle ensnares Blue Beetle.

On the Reach flagship, Blue Beetle blocks a killing shot Black Beetle took at B'aarzz O'oomm. Black Beetle focuses his attention on him, blaming him for the Reach's debacle. He sticks his tendrils into Blue Beetle's back, and tries to destroy the blue scarab the same way he destroyed the green scarab. Jaime Reyes and his scarab declare that they now share control, and are now comrades. Blue Beetle clamps down a tendril on Black Beetle's armor, and kills his scarab with the resulting pulse. Black Beetle's host collapses, and Aqualad congratulates Jaime on the victory. But what he learned while he was connected to Black Beetle unnerved him. The Reach had already implemented their plan to destroy the Earth in order to erase all evidence of Reach tampering there.

Gotham City
June 20, 06:20 EDT

In a park, two beetle-like Reach drones emerge from a lake, followed by a red device which activates an energy sphere above it. Almost immediately, black thunderclouds form and spread over the city, raining lightning to the ground.

June 20, 12:20 CEST

A supercell shrouds the city in darkness, and six stationery tornadoes appear around the Eiffel tower.

June 20, 19:16 NST

Much like Gotham City, lightning strikes hit the city, emanating from a black thundercloud. The red Reach device causing the instability is in the courtyard of a League of Shadows monastery, guarded by a drone.

The Watchtower
June 20, 07:16 EDT

Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, Nightwing, the Atom and Aqualad discuss the ongoing chain of natural disasters, while the League is spread thin saving lives across the globe. Blue Beetle claims that this is all due to Black Beetle's Magnetic Field Disruptors scattered around the world. The disruptors are causing a deterioration of the Earth's magnetic field, which in turn is causing all the not-so-natural disasters. Blue Beetle locates twenty disruptors, each protected by Reach drones. Upon reaching critical mass, they turn into their "chrysalis" mode which will completely destroy the world.

Lex Luthor offers his assistance.

The discussion is interrupted by an incoming transmission from United Nations Secretary General Tseng, which, much to Captain Atom's surprise, was initiated by Lex Luthor. Luthor offers the League a possible solution for their problem. Although skeptical, the League hears him out. As the Light has always planned to betray the Reach, LexCorp has developed an anti-Reach software, a virus that can disable the Magnetic Field Disruptors.

While waiting for the Tribune's decision about the accused Leaguers, Miss Martian apologizes to Superboy and admits that the deterioration of their relationship was her fault. She knows it's too late to rekindle it because he is already dating Wendy Harris. Superboy is surprised at her conclusion, and tells her that they are just friends. He's merely acting as a sounding board between Wendy and her real boyfriend, Marvin White. This news surprises but relieves Miss Martian and gives her hope. The Tribunal exit from their chambers, finally reaching a verdict: all charges against the League are dropped, and they will be released forthwith. Icon thanks them, and tells them the League owes its freedom and reputation to them and the Team. Entrusting the welfare of the leaguers to Icon and Hawkman, Superboy, Miss Martian, and Adam Strange take their leave and teleport back to Earth.

June 20, 08:16 EDT

Earth's heroes assemble.

Forty heroes are gathered in a briefing in Metropolis, held by Captain Atom. Blue Beetle is working with Lex Luthor to create Reach-tech Eggs laced with the LexCorp anti-Reach virus. Each hero will be paired off with another, so the twenty squads can tackle all twenty disruptor sites simultaneously. While one squad member distracts the Reach drones guarding the disruptors, the other will plant the virus by physically touching the egg to the disruptor. Wonder Girl is very skeptical about trusting Lex, but Robin assures her that it isn't in Luthor's best interest to have his home world destroyed. In any case, the heroes don't have much choice either.

The League wins their freedom.

On Rimbor, the freed Leaguers walk down a street, happy to be heading home with their names cleared. Suddenly, Vandal Savage broadcasts a message through three holographic monitors to issue a message to the citizens of Rimbor and the whole galaxy. He declares Earth off-limits to all incursion or invasion, and threatens those who breach Earth's security with retribution. Superman is skeptical that Savage can back up his threat, but Batman points to the Warworld currently passing through Rimbor.

Meanwhile, Snapper Carr coordinates all twenty squads from the Watchtower.

Atlantic Ocean
June 20, 09:32 AST

Aqualad and Lagoon Boy engage a couple of Reach drones protecting a disruptor. Aqualad orders Lagoon Boy to plant the egg while he provides cover. Still stung at Aqualad for not informing him about his deep-cover mission, Lagoon Boy sarcastically expresses surprise at being trusted now. Aqualad disagrees—after all, he trusted Lagoon Boy enough to let him take his place on the Team. Lagoon Boy accepts the explanation, and the Atlanteans begin their attack. Using his hydrokinetic powers, Aqualad creates a sea monster-like creature and smashes two drones. Lagoon Boy uses his Atlantean sorcery to inflate himself and smash another. Aqualad cuts the remaining drones with two water swords while Lagoon Boy deactivates the disruptor.

June 20, 14:34 CEST

Kid Flash is running around evading the Reach drone's attacks. Artemis tries to shoot one down but misses. The drone shoots a nearby school bus, blowing it up. Artemis is sent flying, but is caught by Kid Flash. He tells her that they'll go back to Paris someday, when they don't have a world to save. Artemis replies that they will always have a world to save, then shoots an arrow at the drones. It appears to miss, but disperses powerful magnetic pellets that attach to the drones and draw them towards each them until they short-circuit. Kid Flash deactivates the disruptor, and runs up to Artemis. Before she finishes her report, they kiss passionately, over the confused inquiries of Lucas Carr.

Dakota City
June 20, 07:35 CDT

Black Lightning offers to be Virgil's mentor.

In the sewers beneath the city, Static and Black Lightning battle two Reach drones. While Black Lightning takes care of the drones, Static deactivates the disruptor. After they finish, Black Lightning offers to be Static's mentor.

Black Canary reports to the Watchtower that she and Asami have disabled their disruptor. All twenty squads have deactivated all twenty disruptors, Snapper Carr notes jubilantly. However, the Atom points out that the Earth's magnetic field is still being disrupted. Blue Beetle contacts the Watchtower to tell them he has found a twenty-first Magnetic Field Disruptor.

June 20, 06:47 MDT

Blue Beetle informs the heroes that the twenty-first disruptor is in the North Magnetic Pole, and was previously hidden from his previous scans by Earth's magnetic field. Since there are no Zeta-Tubes in the Arctic, the Flash offers to take care of the situation.

North Magnetic Pole
June 20, 13:48 UTC

Flash and Impulse race to final MFD.

The Flash races to the final Magnetic Field Disruptor, with Impulse arriving to provide him with backup. They find it inside an ice cave, but it was too late—the device has reached its chrysalis stage. The Earth's magnetic field begins to destabilize. Flash and Impulse escape the collapsing cave, and a vortex forms around the crysalis. They are unsure of what to do, but Luthor instructs them to run. Not run away, as Flash initially assumes, but run in the direction opposite to the vortex's energy flow. It might be possible to siphon off the energy through the speedsters' speed trails, but a massive amount of kinetic energy is required. Artemis questions Wally whether it is sufficient, but he has already left in the Zeta-Tube.

As the pair of speedsters begin their run, the Atom tells them not to slow down until the chrysalis is completely neutralized. The pair begin to run in the opposite direction of the tornado. They successfully create a counter-cyclical vortex that is beginning to siphon off the chrysalis' energy. Impulse notes the plan is working, but Flash tells him that their efforts have only weakened, not stopped the chrysalis. Even at their top speed, they still can't generate enough kinetic energy.

Wally's final moments.

Fortunately, Kid Flash shows up to contribute his kinetic energy, and the three speedsters begin to add more of an impact. The Bio-Ship descends on the location, disgorging Nightwing, Superboy, Blue Beetle, Miss Martian, Aqualad, and Artemis. The heroes are starting to stabilize the Earth's magnetic field, but the scarab informs Jaime about a problem. Kid Flash's slower speed has turned him into an exit valve for the chrysalis' energy—having absorbed it, he will "cease" in 16 seconds. Flash notices the problem and tells Impulse that they have to slow down and siphon off the energy attacking Wally. Wally realizes that it is too late for him, but he is more worried about reactions of Artemis and his parents. He asks his uncle to tell them something, but fades away before completing his sentence. Shortly after, the chrysalis is neutralized, Flash and Impulse finally stop running, completely exhausted. Everyone is happy, until Artemis notices Wally's absence. Her tears start welling when Flash tells her Kid Flash wanted him to tell her he loved her, and she breaks down and cries. She is comforted by Miss Martian.

Mount Justice
June 20, 23:16 EDT

The Leaguers that were on Rimbor and all three Green Lanterns return to Earth, but are shocked by the now destroyed Mount Justice. Surveying the wreckage, Superman wonders if they are too late, but they are greeted by the Team. Aqualad reports that the crisis has passed, though at a terrible cost.

Central City
June 20, 22:16 CDT

Artemis goes to see Wally's parents. She breaks down into tears, and the three comfort each other.

At last, The Reach leave Earth.

New York
July 4, 21:15 EDT

Cat Grant reports on the Independence Day celebrations while the Green Lanterns escort the Reach ship to stand trial before the Guardians of the Universe. Inside the ship, the Scientist tells the Ambassador and the unarmored Black Beetle that she should have been allowed to complete her research into the scarab problem, but they glare her into silence. The scarab tells Jaime that it is over.

The Watchtower
July 4, 21:16 EDT

Superman, Batman, Black Canary, and Captain Atom watch G. Gordon Godfrey announce Secretary General Tseng's resignation. He promotes Lex Luthor as his replacement, then welcomes him onto the show as a surprised Superman turns off the broadcast in disgust. Captain Atom officially turns over his chairmanship of the League to Black Canary, something she takes in stride. Nightwing tells Aqualad he is taking a leave of absence after what happened to Wally and that Barbara will be there to step up if he needs help.

Bart takes on the mantle of Kid Flash to honor Wally's memory.

In the memorial garden, Artemis compliments Bart on his Kid Flash costume. When he expresses his doubts, she tells him that he's honoring Wally's memory and Wally would be proud. Bart notes that she's still in the Tigress costume and Artemis says that "Artemis" was Wally's partner, and she needs some distance.

Robin and Wonder Girl welcome Virgil, who asks them to call him Static, to the Team, and he tells them that the rest of the runaways are getting out of the game. Superboy wonders how long Tim and Cassie have been a couple. Miss Martian tells him that Cassie got the courage to kiss Tim after she realized how short life was when Wally passed away. As Miss Martian and Superboy agree that kind of courage can be hard to come by, Aqualad summons them to the mission room.

Batman tells them that the Team will now operate out of the Watchtower with the League because they earned it and they leave them to it. Aqualad then starts assigning new missions: Alpha Squad, consisting of Superboy, Miss Martian, and Beast Boy, will go to Mars to help Green Beetle; Tigress, Kid Flash, Bumblebee, and Guardian will search for proof that LexCorp is bringing out the Reach's drink under a different name as Beta Squad; and everyone else will be on Gamma Squad to follow Batgirl's lead on Vandal Savage. Watching from a distance, Nightwing remarks, "Business as usual." before leaving.

Vandal Savage rendezvous with a mysterious colleague.

July 5, 00:16 UTC

Vandal Savage reaches Apokolips aboard the Warworld. Savage exits through a boom tube to a hallway, walks past Desaad and G. Gordon Godfrey, and reaches the end to meet with Darkseid. They shake hands and Savage remarks, "Business as usual."


An "endgame" is the ending scenario of a particular game; when and how it will end, most prominently used in chess. This could refer to the Reach's plan to destroy Earth. In fact, Blue Beetle specifically refers to the Reach's plans as an "endgame."

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Cameron Bowen Robin
Tim Curry G. Gordon Godfrey
Miguel Ferrer Vandal Savage
Bruce Greenwood Batman
Kevin Grevioux Black Beetle
Bryton James Virgil Hawkins/Static
Phil LaMarr Green Beetle
Stephanie Lemelin Artemis/Tigress
Eric Lopez Blue Beetle
Yuri Lowenthal Lagoon Boy
Jason Marsden Impulse/Kid Flash
Vanessa Marshall Black Canary
Jesse McCartney Nightwing
Danica McKellar Miss Martian
Masasa Moyo Scientist
Cat Grant
Nolan North Tribune
Khary Payton Aqualad
Black Lightning
Mark Rolston Lex Luthor
Jason Spisak Kid Flash
James Arnold Taylor Flash
Tony Todd Icon
Greg Weisman Lucas Carr
Michael T. Weiss Captain Atom
Mae Whitman Wonder Girl
Non-speaking roles
Adam Strange
Asami Koizumi
Beast Boy
Blue Devil
Brain (picture)
Captain Marvel
Doctor Fate
Eduardo Dorado Jr.
Galet Dasim
Green Arrow
Guy Gardner
Hal Jordan
Jason Todd (hologram)
Jay Garrick
John Stewart
Martian Manhunter
Mary West
Monsieur Mallah (picture)
Penny Randall
Plastic Man
Ra's al Ghul (picture)
Red Arrow
Red Tornado
Rudy West
Ted Kord (hologram)
Tseng Dangun
Tula (hologram)
Tye Longshadow
Ubu (picture)
Wonder Woman
Full credits
1 Character debut
0 Speaking debut
0 Episode debut



"Endgame" garnered an average of 2.051 million viewers, making it Cartoon Network's highest rated show of the entire week and the second highest rated episode of the season after "Runaways".[2]


  • Number 16:
    • Nine timestamps show 16 minutes.
    • When the scarab notifies Jaime of Kid Flash's impending death, he has only 16 seconds to live.
  • James Arnold Taylor replaces George Eads as the voice of the Flash.
  • Nolan North replaces Miguel Ferrer as the voice of Tribune, though Ferrer does provide voice work for the episode, as Vandal Savage.
  • Due to the running time, a handful of scenes were cut or shortened for time. These include:
  • The squads that disabled the MFDs are:
    • Alpha: Captain Atom, Eduardo "Ed" Dorado, Jr.
    • Beta: Blue Beetle, Impulse
    • Gamma: Barry Allen, Plastic Man
    • Delta: Black Lightning, Virgil Hawkins
    • Epsilon: Nightwing, B'arzz O'oomm
    • Zeta: Rocket, Adam Strange
    • Eta: Aquaman, Tempest
    • Theta: Black Canary, Asami "Sam" Koizumi
    • Iota: Green Arrow, Captain Marvel
    • Kappa: Bumblebee, Guardian
    • Lambda: Red Tornado, Jay Garrick
    • Mu: Doctor Fate, Blue Devil
    • Nu: Red Arrow, Arsenal
    • Omicron: Atom, Tye Longshadow
    • Pi: Zatanna, Batgirl
    • Rho: Superboy, Wolf
    • Sigma: Aqualad, Lagoon Boy
    • Tau: Robin, Wonder Girl
    • Psi: Miss Martian, Beast Boy
    • Omega: Artemis, Kid Flash[3]
  • This episode is featured on Young Justice: Invasion – Game of Illusions: Season 2 Part 2.
    • The press release for the DVD included an alternate name for this episode; "Spin".[4]
  • A scene involving Black Canary and Green Arrow helping children off a school bus was scripted but not ultimately produced. It ended up in season 4's episode "Og Htrof Dna Reuqnoc!".[5]

Language translations

Language Line Translation
Atlantean Lagoon Boy: Poseidonos Pogon! Neptune's Beard![6]


  • When the Leaguers were on Rimbor about to hear the verdict, the lower front part of Wonder Woman's top was miscolored yellow instead of red. In the next scene, it is red, but in the following, it turns to yellow again.
  • When the Super-Cycle lands in front of the Justice League at Mount Justice, Icon is not colored.
  • In the wide shot when the Team is welcomed in the Watchtower, Virgil is depicted in his old clothes, with a blue shirt. In subsequent shots, he wears his black T-shirt with the thunderbolt.
  • When the Justice League leaves the Watchtower, Aqualad's shoulder tattoos are not colored.
  • When the forty heroes are assembled, Artemis is missing her right glove.
  • When Blue Beetle turns his head to Aqualad to tell him they lost due to Black Beetle's plan to destroy the earth, his mouth briefly remains in place, thus standing on the wrong side of his face.



Answered questions

Unanswered questions


  • Captain Atom: So how do we shut them down?
  • Blue Beetle: I don't know, because Black Beetle didn't know, there's no failsafe, this was an Endgame.
  • Kid Flash: Ah, ze Eiffel Tower and the ever romantic city of lights. We're definitely coming back here, babe, y'know, when we don't have a world to save.
  • Artemis: There will always be a world to save. Now drop me and go.
  • Static: Gotta say, playing hero… it's starting to feel pretty sweet.
  • Black Lightning: I'm not surprised. You show real potential for this gig. You ever need a mentor, Virgil, you just let me know.
  • Captain Atom: And on that note, I officially hand over my chairmanship of the League to you.
  • Black Canary: (Sarcastically) Wow, thanks so much.
  • Artemis: Artemis was Wally's partner. I need some distance. I need a change. So, let's see how Tigress does.
  • Impulse: As a hero?
  • Artemis: As a blonde.


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