Sergeant Enos Polk (1947[1]August 14, 2010) was a member of the Military Police during the Vietnam war.

Physical appearance Edit

Enos Polk was a tall Caucasian man with high cropped brown hair. During his time in the military, he wore the uniform of a Military Policeman of his rank, noticeably distinguishable from a regular uniform by a white band on his left arm with the letters MP, and a matching white band and MP on his helmet.[2]

History Edit

Early life Edit

Polk worked for Henry Yarrow's weapons smuggling ring. He killed Clement Lemar, and framed Capt. Nathaniel Adams for it.[2]

2010 Edit

Las Vegas
August 14, 00:18 PDT

Polk was killed by Henry Yarrow for his complicity in the murder.[2]

Appearances Edit

References Edit

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