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The Eye of Ekron.

The Eye of Ekron is the most powerful mystic weapon of the 31st Century. Both of its known wielders are called Emerald Empress.[1]


31st century (original timeline)

The Eye was used by the Emerald Empress, and was considered one of the most powerful mystic artifacts of that time.[1]

2020 (revised timeline)

Mobius Dimension
August 26, post-23:06 UTC

The eye was stored in Metron's Infinity Vault, where it was found by Lor-Zod, who pocketed it.[2]

North Pole
September 14, post-00:05 UTC

When Ursa Zod became enraged at her solar pod being destroyed and slowing her gain of Kryptonian superpowers, it activated the Eye, which chose her. After Lor explained what he knew of the device from his time, Dru-Zod dubbed her the new Emerald Empress. Later, the Eye sensed the approach of Bio-Ship, but it took some time to communicate this to Ursa. Ursa used the Eye to shoot down the ship with a powerful blast of energy.

September 14, post-00:16 EDT

When the Zods went to Planet Circle to proclaim Earth as theirs, the Emerald Empress used the Eye to destroy the Daily Planet statue, and then to amplify Dru's speech to the world. As Dru told the world Superboy had joined him, Ursa had the Eye change the crest on his solar suit to the House of Zod.[1]

September 14, 05:46 EDT

After Superboy refused to kill Superman, numerous heroes appeared to fight them. During the ensuing battle, the Empress faced off with Zatanna, who was outmatched by the Eye. Miss Martian then took on Ursa, creating an illusory self to be killed, allowing her to psychically attack her by surprise. Ursa fell unconscious and lost her link to the Eye. When she woke, the Eye put her in a bubble and flew away with her, against her protests.[3]

September 16, 20:36 UTC

The Emerald Empress used the Eye to travel to Daxam.[3]


Once it has chosen a user, the Eye manifests numerous powerful abilities:

  • Sensors: The Eye detected Bio-Ship approaching the Fortress of Solitude.[1]
  • Energy blasts: The Eye is capable of projecting powerful blasts of green energy.[1]
  • Amplification: As Dru-Zod claimed the Earth as his, the Eye amplfied his speech.[1]
  • Matter manipulation: Upon choosing her, the Eye changed Ursa's appearance, including the color of her eyes and hair length as well as creating new clothing. Later, Ursa used the Eye to change the crest on Superboy's solar suit from the House of El to the House of Zod.[1]
  • Elemental conjuration: The Eye is able to create green flames and electrical discharges.[3]
  • Space flight: The Eye can create a shield around the Empress to allow her to survive in the vacuum of space, and move at interstellar speeds.[3]
  • Invulnerability: The Eye is highly resistant to damage. It was unaffected by being set magically aflame by Zatanna.[3]


Background information

The Emerald Eye of Ekron was the weapon of the Emerald Empress. Originally just a floating ball, it was later revealed to be a part of a skull-shaped spacecraft, an experimental weapon created by the Guardians of the Universe for the Green Lantern Ekron to aid him in his fight against Lady Styx.


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