Fawcett City

Billy Batson's house.

Fawcett City is the current home of Captain Marvel/Billy Batson and his Uncle Dudley.[1]



Fawcett City
September 24, 22:16 CDT

Captain Marvel returned home after his mission in India, and he was quite eager to tell his uncle all about it.[1]

Fawcett City
November 5, 18:47 CDT

Shortly after defeating Ibac and Sabbac, Billy was watching the news at home. When he noticed all adults had disappeared, he scoured the streets of Fawcett City, and found many children helpless. He couldn't help, as he made his way to his Zeta-Tube. It didn't recognize him. While looking for another solution, he saw the Team's speech on television, and realized he had to get to Happy Harbor. At the local airport, he persuaded Amber Joyce to fly him there.[2]



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