Fire is a member of the Justice League.



At some point after the Reach invasion,[1] Fire joined the ranks of the Justice League.


At Nightwing's request, Fire designed a heat resistant uniform for Geo-Force.[2]


The Watchtower
February 24, 19:00 EST

Fire was part of the away team of the Justice League. She was on the Javelin when Guy Gardner attended a meeting of the League and Team to discuss their future. The party aboard the Javelin voted in unison in favor of Black Lightning as the new leader of the League.[3]


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Background information

  • Beatriz Bonilla da Costa is a Brazilian model and businesswoman who can shoot green flames. Originally going by "Green Flame", she later changed it to "Fire" after she became a duo with Ice. She originally appeared as part of the Global Guardians and later joined the Justice League International.
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