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Forager is a Bug of New Genesis exiled by his hive. He served as a member of the Team before joining the Outsiders.


Forager is a Bug, and their culture heavily influences his way of thought. He was part of a hive, and after being banished, immediately looked at his new friends as his new hive. The Bugs' culture extends to their language, especially its practically absent pronoun system. Forager refers to himself and others by their name at all times, never replacing it with personal pronouns.[5] Though Forager gradually learns not to call people by their full names, as he respects Victor Stone's wish to just be called "Vic" or Victor.[6] After learning the concept of code-names, Forager quickly adapts to only calling his friends by their real names in private; using only their code-names in the field.

As an adolescent Bug,[7] he is excitable and the unfamiliar surroundings on Earth at times confuse him.[8] Forager grows fond of the Earth holidays, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving; the former for allowing him to go around in public without his Glamour Charm, and the latter for the feast shared with his hive.[9]

Physical appearance

Forager is a Bug, a squat four-armed creature with a sheddable red exoskeleton.[8] His arms can function both in unison and independently, a trait he uses to throw off adversaries.[10] Under his shell, he has an underskin of pink "googey" mass.[8]

To attend a human high school, he was given a glamour charm that allowed him to assume the form of a Hispanic teenage boy with black hair, below average height, and somewhat overweight in appearance.


Early life

Forager is a young bug, and his function within Mantis's hive is, as his name implies, a forager of resources.[7]

August 2018

New Genesis
August 04, 00:16 UTC

Forager accompanied Mantis to a trade deal with Orion—actually Ma'alefa'ak in disguise—to trade minerals for weapons. Forager was proud of his foraging, having worked deep in the caves to extract the minerals. Orion betrayed them, sending Mantis in a fit of rage. Forager kept to himself as Mantis and his troops took on—and lost to—Giant and Blister. When Mantis was about to be dismembered by Giant, Forager attacked, but he was quickly shoved to the side. Both sides retreated, and Mantis vowed revenge. Forager was amazed at the betrayal, as he had always held Orion in high regard.

Instead of returning to the hive, he lingered around the site. He asked the Forever People for help investigating the matter. He explained everything to them, and Bear discovered the creatures had human DNA. Mantis was not happy when Bear returned with alien backup, but conceded to another trade to flush out the traitors. Miss Martian exposed Orion as her brother in disguise and a fight ensued. Mantis decided to just fight everyone. Forager watched on and did not intervene until Mantis bore down on Static and Wonder Girl. Taking out his hive leader cost him, as when the villains retreated, Mantis banished Forager from the hive. Bear and Miss Martian decided it was no longer safe for him on New Genesis, so he traveled with the Team to Earth.[7]

Happy Harbor
August 05, 21:04 EDT

Miss Martian, Conner and Artemis introduced Forager to Brion Markov and Halo, after M'gann psychically taught Forager English. It was decided that Forager and Brion would live together in the Bio-RV. After Dick arrived and some discussion of intel on the location of Brion's sister Tara, Forager, Brion and Halo went inside the RV. Forager was delighted by the accommodations, but Brion soon made it clear he intended to go to Infinity Island to find Tara against Dick's advice. Forager went along, as he saw Brion and Halo as part of his hive. They took the Super-Cycle and left unnoticed.[5]

Infinity Island
August 06, 00:41 ECT

The trio arrived and found the island surprisingly quiet. They eventually came across Sensei, who quickly subdued them, apparently killing Halo. The group was then locked in a cell and implanted with control chips. Halo then healed herself, prompting Forager to wonder if she was a New God. Soon after, they were rescued by Nightwing, Tigress, Superboy, Miss Martian and Black Lightning. On the way out they were confronted by Sensei, but the ensuing battle was interrupted by Ra's al Ghul, who allowed them to leave after informing them that neither Tara nor the League of Shadows were there.

On the way back home on the Bio-Ship, Forager, Brion and Halo made clear their desire to stick together, forming a new team under Nightwing's leadership.[5]

September 2018

Mount Justice
September 08, 11:04 EDT

Forager took part in a training session on the beach with the rest of Nightwing's team. He started sparring with Dick, who was surprised with Forager's willingness to fight dirty. The group ate and told stories around a campfire, then the new heroes chose their codenames. With no civilian identity to protect, Forager went by Forager. They then practiced team maneuvers. The older heroes then congratulated them on a good day's training, but everyone was taken aback when Halo manifested a new power.[10]

Happy Harbor
September 25, 23:43 EDT

Forager attended a briefing of Nightwing's team about an upcoming mission to get intel on the League of Shadows from Cheshire.[11]

September 26, 00:56 EDT

The team assaulted Cheshire's jet. After Geo-Force grounded it, most of the team took on Cheshire's missions while Tigress went inside. Forager, Geo-Force and Halo faced off against Shade and proved largely helpless against his powers, until Halo manifested a new ability to generate a powerful light, forcing Shade to retreat.[11]

Happy Harbor
September 29, 11:06 EDT

Forager watched an interview with Gretchen Goode on The G. Gordon Godfrey Show with Conner in his apartment, before they left for a training session.[8]

Owings Mills
September 29, 13:02 EDT

Forager took part in a training exercise with the team. Nightwing tested them with a surprise attack with a sniper rifle. Forager and Halo worked well together, getting A-grades from Dick. They were then subject to a real surprise attack from Lobo, who had a contract to kill Forager. His teammates attempted to defend him, but ultimately Forager saved himself by shedding his exo-shell and rolling it out to be "killed" by Lobo. After the bounty hunter left, Forager revealed himself to his teammates and thanked them for their efforts to save him.[8]

October 2018

Owings Mills
October 12, 08:22 EDT

Forager, Halo and Geo-Force trained with Nightwing once more, playing a "game" of tag, with Forager showing much enthusiasm.[12]

Happy Harbor
October 15, 07:19 EDT

Outside Conner and M'gann's apartment, Forager and Violet prepared to head out for their first day of school. Artemis presented him with a Glamour Charm to make him appear him, and Violet gave him a human name, Fred Bugg. Fred quickly took to his new name, though became fixated on the "two Gs".

At Happy Harbor High School, Fred and Violet were introduced to their classmates, but Fred's overenthusiasm and strange manner of speech quickly marked him as an outcast. Harper Row took a shine to the two newbies, however, and the duo happily made their first friend.

They had lunch with Harper, but Violet was feeling increasingly unwell. Harper eventually informed Fred that he did not need to say "with two Gs" whenever he said his name, to Fred's great relief. Fred noticed Violet's absence, and when he found her she opened a boom tube then went through it. Fred ran to get Megan, and not long after he brought her to the site of Violet's disappearance, another boom tube opened and Violet emerged with Vic Stone in tow.[13]

Happy Harbor
October 15, 19:21 EDT

Forager was with the rest of Nightwing's team at Conner and M'gann's house as they discussed the events at school. The group deduced that Violet was in fact the soul of a dissected Motherbox fused with the corpse of Gabrielle Daou, and learned that Vic's body was fused with a Fatherbox. Vic was soon overcome by the Fatherbox, and had to be cleansed by Violet.[14]

Happy Harbor
October 31, 17:42 EDT

Forager was excited to go to the Happy Harbor High School Halloween dance with Halo, Brion and Vic, especially as he could go as himself without the Glamour Charm. Dick arrived and cancelled their plans in favor of a mission to rescue Tara. Though Violet had to stay in case Vic needed another cleansing, the rest of the team set off in the Bio-Ship.[15]

Earth's Upper Atmosphere
October 31, 21:46 UTC

Forager assumed piloting duties from Superboy, having formed a strong bond with the Bio-Ship. En route, Dick briefed the team on the intel they had acquired which had led them to believe Tara was going to be auctioned off at a depot in Al-Qawiya.[15]

November 2018

November 01, 01:44 UTC+3

Nightwing sent a bug into the facility. After IDing the venue's security, it became clear that not only were the metas being auctioned, they were participating in a fight club. Forager stayed on the Bio-Ship, in limousine form, while a squad went in undercover to buy Tara. After Tara was safely retrieved, the team went back in to rescue the other metas. Forager, whose new exo-shell was still not at full strength, was left in the camouflaged Bio-Ship to provide back-up. When cutting the facility's generators did not provide adequate distraction, Forager had the Bio-Ship open fire. He then provided support fire for Superboy as he fought Mammoth. Eventually, the team and the liberated metas boarded the Bio-Ship and they left.[15]

Happy Harbor
November 01, 03:16 EDT

After taking the other metas to the Meta-Human Youth Center, the team returned to Conner and Megan's home with Tara.[15]

Mount Justice
November 04, 10:21 EST

At the beach, Forager and the rest of the young heroes enjoyed breakfast burritos, before Dick, Conner and Artemis talked about the possibility of them joining the Team.[16]

The Watchtower
November 06, 14:59 EST

Miss Martian welcomed Forager, Halo and Geo-Force to the Team. She was particularly happy to have Forager, another alien, joining in.[16]

Happy Harbor
November 06, 20:20 EST

In the Bio-RV, Forager and Brion told Vic about their visit to the Watchtower.[16]

The Watchtower
November 16, 21:21 EST

Forager was present for a Team briefing. Tigress was to lead a squad on a mission to investigate a suspected meta-human trafficking site in Russia.[17]

November 17, 23:23 VLAT

Forager stayed aboard the camouflaged Bio-Ship to provide back-up as the rest of the squad infiltrated the facility. After they found no illegal activity was taking place, they spotted a group of supposed convicts about to attack. The Team forced them into retreat without Forager's help, but after they regrouped and attacked again, Forager and the Bio-Ship provided cover fire to allow the Team to take back the initiative and defeat them again.[17]

Belle Reve Parish
November 17, 10:10 CST

Forager and the Team monitored from the Bio-Ship as Aquaman returned the captives to Belle Reve Penitentiary and spoke with Amanda Waller.[17]

Happy Harbor
November 22, 16:00 EST

Forager was excited to experience his first Thanksgiving dinner with Conner, M'gann, Lucas Carr and their friends, but noted Vic's depression. He attempted to cheer Vic up. Though it seemingly had little effect, Vic eventually did join the others for dinner.[9]

December 2018

The Watchtower
December 04, 19:09 EST

Forager and the rest of the Team attended a meeting called by Beast Boy to form a new public team. Forager decided to remain with the covert Team.[18]

December 04, 17:48 PST

Beast Boy took everyone to the Premiere Building which would act as headquarters for the new team, and living space for several of its members and allies, including Forager. While everyone else was delighted by the improved accommodations, Forager would miss living on the Bio-Ship and hugged her on the helipad.[18]

December 21, 04:31 PST

Helga Jace made sure Forager, Violet and Tara were ready to head off to school on the East coast.

Later, Tara and Forager returned from school for training with Tigress, but Violet had blown them off to hang out with Harper Row.[3]

January 2019

January 02, 04:16 PST

Fred went searching for Vic and found him in an alleyway. He was shocked to see Vic's implants had spread. Fred helped Vic back to the Premiere Building and called out for help. As others attended to Vic, Forager and Tara found that Violet had run away, having left a note in her room. Forager decided to stay to help Vic, while Tara and Artemis went in search of Violet. Meanwhile, Conner had gotten the help of Dreamer and a Motherbox, who recommended they seek out Metron to use his Mobius Chair to help Vic. Conner opened a boom tube to Metron, and Forager and Jeff accompanied him.[6]

The Source Wall
January 02, 13:15 UTC

The trio emerged within the nose of Gog. Forager was excited to see an Old Promethean God of legend, but Metron boom tubed away moments after they arrived, so Conner had Motherbox open a new tube to follow.[6]

Minosyss Ring
January 02, 13:20 UTC

The trio found themselves in the middle of a battle between Superman and a group of Parademons. They helped defeat the Parademons. Metron shortly after revealed himself, and Forager pleaded with him to help Vic. Metron was unmoved, but agreed to go back with them after Jeff explained the nature of Vic's emergency.

They returned to the Premiere Building, but it soon became clear that Metron had not come to help Vic, but to watch the Fatherbox take him over. Jeff and Conner realized they only needed the Mobius Chair. After they got Metron out and kept him occupied, Vic was put in the Chair, which cleansed him of the soul of the Fatherbox and replaced the tech with Mobius tech. Later, Forager and Conner looked on happily as Vic bonded with his father.[6]

January 21, 17:32 PST

Forager and Terra left the Premiere Building to join a Team mission. Helga wished them well as they left.[19]

Los Angeles
January 22, 02:24 PST

Fred had pancakes at a café with Brion, Gar, Vic and Violet to give space to Dick's family and close friends as he suffered the severe after-effects of being placed in Gretchen Goode's X-Pit.

They returned to the Premiere Building in time to hear Jeff's outburst as he figured out that Batman, Nightwing,Aquaman and others had conspired to break up the Justice League, secretly coordinate the various teams, and manipulate the Outsiders to their ends. Forager was relatively unaffected by the revelation and at one point watched the fallout with Vic while eating popcorn.

Later, Brion and Tara returned from an attempted kidnapping by Helga. They detailed how Helga had betrayed them and Gretchen Goode had captured Violet to use her to spread the Anti-Life Equation.[20]

January 25, 14:28 PST

At the Premier Building, Forager and other Outsiders and Team members lamented their failure to find Violet. They were surprised by the arrival of Vandal Savage, who provided them with Violet's location. Forager joined the Team mission to rescue her.[21]

The Orphanage
January 26, 01:17 UTC

After boom tubing to the Orphanage, Forager, Terra and Brion were sent to find Violet while the older Team members created a distraction. On the way, they hid as some Apokoliptan forces passed by. Forager was dismayed to see Mantis among them. They went forward and found the room containing Violet and Granny Goodness's Ghost Dimension device, but were prevented from taking action by mind-controlled members of the Justice League. Granny soon placed them under her control as well. They were helplessly in her thrall when the rest of the Team came and, despite Miss Martian's best efforts to brain blast everyone, were placed under Granny's control as well.[21]

The Orphanage
January 26, 02:48 UTC

Forager and the rest stood by as Granny and Gretchen merged back together, and Vic arrived to free Violet from the cerebral leash. Violet in turn freed everyone from the Anti-Life Equation, and the League destroyed Granny's device and took her minions into custody, including Mantis. Miss Martian told Forager that she had intel that her brother had returned to Mars so with Mantis now out of the way, it was safe for him Forager to return to New Genesis if he wished. Forager was torn.[22]

February 2019

Geranium City
February 14, 20:16 CST

Conner took Fred and Wolf on a trip in the Bio-RV. On the way, Fred explained the difficulty he was experiencing choosing whether or not to stay on Earth; he wanted to stay with his new friends, but he couldn't fully be himself on Earth, relying on the Glamour Charm to create Fred Bugg. Conner understood; that was why he had brought him to Geranium City.

They pulled into a gas station, where Conner introduced Fred to Mayor Dabney Donovan. After the last outsider left the town, Dabney revealed himself as the Genomorph Dubbilex, and dropped the psychic illusion to reveal all geranium City's inhabitants were Genomorphs. Conner and Dubbilex took Fred on a tour of the city, meeting Kraig on the way.

Later at Dubbilex's office, Kraig helped him explain Geranium City's history to Forager. Dubbilex then encouraged Forager to share his truth, which Forager did removing his Glamour Charm. Conner hoped that Forager could live freely in Geranium City as the Genomorphs did, but Dubbilex contested this, stating that the Genomorphs were still not truly free, having to hide from outsiders. Forager was moved by the Genomorph's plight, and resolved to join the Outsiders so he could live openly as Forager, hopefully helping the cause of those who were "different". Dubbilex was grateful for Forager's support, and was prompted to wonder if Conner would do the same.[23]

February 15, 15:34 PST

Forager, and the rest of the Beta Squad of the joint Team/Outsiders mission to respond to the coup in Markovia, prepared to go into action.[24]

February 16, post-01:35 EET

Beta Squad boom tubed into the Royal Palace. They flushed out Baron Bedlam as planned, but were pinned down by Count Vertigo. Nightwing took Vertigo down, and sent Tigress and Halo ahead to help Alpha Squad.

By the time Forager and the rest of Beta caught up with Alpha outside, Brion had killed Bedlam. Brion then claimed the throne for himself and, finding no support from his friends, banished them from Markovia.[24]

February 16, 01:24 PST

At the Premiere Building, Forager attempted to console a devastated Violet.[24]

The Watchtower
February 24, 19:00 EST

Forager was present for a meeting of the Justice League, the Team, the Outsiders and Batman's team, where Black Lightning was elected as the League's new leader, and Batman's team was folded back into the League and Team.[24]

February 25, 18:38 EST

Tod Donner announced that Forager, Terra and Superboy were joining the Outsiders.[24]

Happy Harbor
February 27, 08:08 EST

At Happy Harbor High School, Fred Bugg removed his Glamour Charm, revealing himself as Forager to his cheering classmates.[24]


Happy Harbor
February 23, 14:16 EST

Forager was at Conner and Megan's yard, where he would act as "larvae-sitter" for Lian Nguyen-Harper and Amistad Ervin while the Team year zero crew held a bon voyage party for Conner and Megan. Forager allowed the children to dump the potato salad into the punch bowl, as he thought it a valuable experiment into the displacement of liquids, much to Lucas Carr's frustration. He stayed behind with the kids while the others went off on a mission after Bowhunter Security was attacked by Task Force X.[25]

Happy Harbor
February 25, 07:38 EST

As Megan and Conner prepared to head off to Mars with Gar and Martian Manhunter, Forager said a sad farewell to Bio-Ship.[4]

April 19, 12:17 PDT

At the Premiere Building, Forager joined the other Outsiders for their mission to respond to Hurricane Amy.[26]

Happy Harbor
June 01, 15:26 EDT

M'gann introduced Baby to Forager. Forager was happy to have Baby join his hive, though he would miss Bio-Ship. Forager asked M'gann how she was doing, and if she had seen Garfield. When she said she had not, he updated her on Gar's troubling behavior and suggested she go see him. Before she did, M'gann called Perdita Vladek.

Forager went on to his graduation ceremony at Happy Harbor High School, where he was valedictorian. He gave a speech talking about the lessons he learned as Fred Bugg with two Gs and how he embraced himself as a Bug with one G. He encouraged his classmates to stand up, stand out and forage the future, to great cheers.[27]

New Genesis
August 26, 20:16 UTC

Aboard the Javelin, Forager joined Rocket and Jay Garrick in the cockpit ahead of their mission, a negotiation between the League, the New Gods and the Green Lantern Corps. Rocket asked if Forager had any last-minute advice for navigating New Genesis, but Forager admitted he had not been home in a while and had never visited Supertown. They received a comm from Orion, who welcomed them.[28]

August 26, 20:20 UTC

After setting down in Supertown, the League delegation were introduced to Lightray, Highfather, Highmother and Orion. Forager was honored to meet Highfather, who noted Forager was the first Bug to be welcomed to Supertown. They were then taken to their quarters to await the arrival of the Green Lantern's representatives the next day. En route, Orion was alerted to a theft in the secure warehouse. Rocket volunteered to join Orion, who reluctantly agreed and they boom tubed off, but were unable to apprehend the thief.

The Leaguers and the New Gods looked at security footage of the thief, who had taken a Ruction Cell, a dangerous piece of obsolete tech. Lightray wondered why a Bug was at the meeting, but Orion felt Forager could be useful. From her markings, Forager determined the thief was a female of the Mountain Hive.[28]

Mountain Hive
August 26, 21:58 UTC

Forager, Flash, Rocket, Orion and Lightray went to the hive. The Bugs initially pretended to know nothing about the Cell. Taking the thief aside, Forager was able to convince her of the danger. However, two of the hive's larvae had run off with Cell. Unable to scan for the Cell due to its Radion emissions, Forager encouraged the thief Forager to consider the trails commonly used by the larvae. They eventually found the larvae, and recovered the malfunctioning device.

Back at Supertown, Flash explained to Forager that the now dormant but still dangerous Cell would be taken to Metron's Inter-Dimensional Vault. He commended Forager on his work with the Bugs, as did Rocket.[28]

August 27, post-11:50 UTC

Forager chose to miss the conference, preferring to spend time with the female Forager. They walked around Supertown, holding hands and wiggling antennae. They were disturbed by the commotion of Razer attacking Metron. Razer's energy blasts caused considerable collateral damage to the city, and some statues above them were destroyed. The female Forager pushed Forager out of the way, but was hit herself and badly injured. This caused Razer to realize his mistake, and he ended up regaining his Blue power ring while retaining his Red one. He used the Blue ring to heal the female Forager. Forager thanked Razer, while Razer apologized for causing the injury in the first place, and thanked them for helping him to hope again, to the Foragers' confusion. Razer then repaired the statues, also creating statues of the Foragers, to their delight.

Later, the Foragers attended a small celebration for Flash's 102nd birthday and sang a Bug birthday song.[29]

August 28, post-11:43 UTC

The conference resumed, and continued to go poorly. Orion complained that the League had not taken the New Gods' request to have Halo and Cyborg stay with them seriously. The meeting was then interrupted by Bear, who wished to see his old friends Rocket and Forager, express his condolences over Superboy's death, and discuss the rumors he had heard about Forager being romantically involved with another Forager. Forager admitted he was torn between staying with his Earth hive or remaining with Forager. They were interrupted once more by the arrival of Metron, who boom tubed in with a dire warning of galactic peril.[30]

August 28, 17:19 UTC

Forager and Forager talked in front of their statues. Forager was still torn between staying with the Mountain Forager and returning to Earth, but the female Forager suggested she go to Earth with him, to his delight.[31]

August 29, 00:02 UTC

Metron called a meeting with Orion, Rocket, Flash, the Foragers, Kilowog, Tomar-Re and the Forever People. After he (finally) finished explaining the threat posed by Lor-Zod and the Phantom Zone Projector, he explained that Highfather had the Divine Guard protecting power sources on Supertown, while they would have to split up and defend the two potential sources on New Genesis's surface. The Foragers went with Orion, Rocket, Flash and Tomar-Re.[31]

Boiling Lake Crater
August 29, 00:14 UTC

They arrived and quickly found they were at the right location. They were spotted and Ma'alefa'ak brain blasted them, knocking them from the sky. Tomar-Re caught everyone with a construct, and they renewed their approach. Forager fought Mantis and showed off the fighting skill he had acquired on Earth, knocking Mantis out. Forager saw Mountain Forager had been caught by the Kaizer-Thrall and went to help, but was caught in a beam himself. The female Forager broke her hand free of the Thrall trying to reach him, and after Tomar-Re's death was selected by his ring to be a Green Lantern. She blasted the Thrall, freeing Forager. Once the battle ended, everyone gathered around Tomar-Re's body.[31]

August 30, 21:00 UTC

As the Justice League contingent prepared to leave, the two Foragers said their goodbyes. With the Mountain Forager now a probationary Green Lantern bound for training on Oa, Forager suggested they attempt a long distance relationship, and gifted her his favorite book, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.[31]

Happy Harbor
September 16, 16:16 EDT

Forager attended Conner and M'gann's wedding.[32]

Powers and abilities

  • Bug physiology: Forager can curl himself into a spheroid, folding in his ligaments to create a durable ball encased entirely in his exoskeleton. He can control the forward motion of this ball, hurtling himself at opponents at high speed.[7] He can also shed his exo-shell,[8] but is vulnerable during the several weeks it takes for his shell to grow back and harden.
    • Enhanced sense of smell: Forager possesses a superior sense of smell, enabling him to track down people by their scent. He can also smell someone approaching his vicinity.[6][21]



Background information

  • The first Forager was not a bug, but an exiled New God forced to live with them. He served primarily as a foil to the arrogant Orion. After Forager's death, a female bug was given the title.
  • This is the second animated appearance of a Forager. The original version appeared in the DCAU, first as a cameo in Superman: The Animated Series and then with a larger role in Justice League.


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