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Forager is a Bug of New Genesis exiled by his hive.


Forager is a bug, and their culture heavily influences his way of thought. He was part of a hive, and after being banished, immediately looked at his new friends as his new hive. The Bugs' culture extends to their language, especially its practically absent pronoun system. Forager refers to himself and others by their name at all times, never replacing it with personal pronouns.[1]

As an adolescent bug,[2] he is excitable and the unfamiliar surroundings on Earth at times confuse him.[3]

Physical appearance

Forager is a bug, a squat four-armed creature with a sheddable red exoskeleton.[3] His arms can function both in unison and independently, a trait he uses to throw off adversaries.[4] Under his shell, he has an underskin of pink "goodgy" mass.[3]

To attend a human high school, he was given a glamour charm that allowed him to assume the form of a Hispanic teenage boy with black hair, below average height, and somewhat overweight in appearance.



Powers and abilities

  • Bug physiology: Forager can curl himself into a spheroid, folding in his ligaments to create a durable ball encased entirely in his exoskeleton. He can control the forward motion of this ball, hurtling himself at opponents at high speed.[2] He can also shed his exoshell.


Background information

  • The first Forager was not a bug, but an exiled New God forced to live with them. He served primarily as a foil to the arrogant Orion. After Forager's death, a female bug was given the title.
  • This is the second animated appearance of a Forager. The original version appeared in the DCAU, first as a cameo in Superman: The Animated Series and then with a larger role in Justice League.


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