The Forever People are a group of New Gods from New Genesis. By merging into the Source, they can become Infinity-Man.

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2010 Edit

October 23, 17:28 EDT

The Forever People came to Earth to track down technology stolen by Desaad's forces.[1]

Eastern Seaboard
October 23, 18:04 EDT

They found their first target: the New Genesphere, just off the coast, with Superboy. After Bear and Serifan accused Superboy of stealing her, Motherbox set the record straight. They would search for other technology together.

The rescue drill was in Metropolis, with Intergang. Though their initial attack was beaten back by Apokoliptan technology, they defeated Intergang by merging into Infinity-Man. Though the villains managed to escape, Dreamer was able to extract memories from Whisper A'Daire, and they were shocked to find out Intergang had allied itself with Desaad.

The information led them to an abandoned hangar. They walked into a trap, and had to change into Infinity-Man. Desaad had counted on this, and shed his disguise to give Bruno Mannheim a Fatherbox to throw into the transformation. With it, they turned Infinity-Man evil.

Superboy and Sphere managed to regain control of Infinity-Man, and defeated Intergang. Desaad got away. The Forever People planned to return to New Genesis with the New Genesphere, after Motherbox would be done with repairs. After Superboy admitted that he bonded with her, they decided to leave her on Earth.[1]

2018 Edit

New Genesis
August 04, post-00:16 UTC

The Forever People investigated an attack on bugs supposedly carried out by Orion, even though he was off-world at the time.[2]

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