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The interior of the Fortress, sporting statues of Kal-El's parents.

The Fortress of Solitude is a structure at the North Pole owned by Superman.[1]


The interior of the Fortress is a large, crystalline cavern. As of September 2020, it included:

The Fortress also includes Kryptonian technology, including sensors that will automatically alert anyone inside to an approaching ship.[2]



North Pole
May 14, 09:55 UTC

Doctor Fate, Zatanna and her students arrived in the North Pole and found Child and Flaw. The group's best efforts failed to harm Child, and she summoned a pillar of fire and trapped Fate in a fist of ice before leaving. A Klarion-possessed school bus arrived soon after.[3]

North Pole
May 14, 10:00 UTC

Doctor Fate freed himself, and Zatanna and Klarion convinced him that they should all work together to defeat Child. The group teleported away in the bus, shortly followed by the arrival of Isis and Ice to deal with the pillar.[4]

Fortress of Solitude
September 14, 00:05 UTC

Dru-Zod, Ursa Zod, Lor-Zod, Ma'alefa'ak, Superboy and the Mother-Thrall boom tubed to the Fortress of Solitude from Trombus. Lor quickly destroyed the Zeta-Tube. The elder Zods made use of the solar pods to accelerate their power gain. An attempt to retrieve Zod's army from the Phantom Zone failed thanks to interference from Nightwing and his team. Nightwing himself came through the boom tube, and destroyed the solar pods, but was quickly dispatched by Lor. The Eye of Ekron then chose Ursa as the new Emerald Empress. When the Eye sensed Bio-Ship approaching, the group went outside to face it.[2]

North Pole
September 14, 09:41 UTC

Nightwing emerged from the Fortress to the scene of the devastated Bio-Ship. Miss Martian quickly revealed their ruse, using a psychic illusion to make the damage appear worse. After catching up, they determined to face Zod with the heroes still on their feet. Baby arrived, summoned by her mother's psychic pain, providing them transport.[5]



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