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G-Gnomes are small genomorph creatures, engineered by Cadmus to possess the power of telepathy.

Physical appearance

G-Gnomes are small, four legged white creatures with black stripes on their heads, and short horns with red eyes. The G-Gnomes possess telepathy, allowing them to communicate with each other.[1] The telepathy also allows them to mentally control people, most notably Guardian, and to teach people, as seen in the case of Superboy.


The G-Gnomes were created by Cadmus and produced in huge numbers. They acted like the surveillance system in the Cadmus facility in Washington, D.C., alerting each other when intruders were spotted. Each staff member at Cadmus kept a G-Gnome on their shoulder at all times. This allowed Mark Desmond to use the G-Gnomes' telepathy to mentally subjugate his staff, preventing them from disagreeing with him, and it also allowed for instant telepathic communication.[2] G-Gnomes were also responsible for implanting images into Superboy's mind to educate him.[3]


Telepathy: G-Gnomes have been shown to be powerful enough to control other Genomorphs, with the exception of Dubbilex. Superboy[4] and Match[5] were both able to break free of its mind control.


Background information

  • In the comics Gene-Gnome is a single individual grown by Cadmus rivals Agenda who infiltrates Cadmus by implanting false thoughts into the mind of Dubbilex and using his telepathy to get other Cadmus personnel not to notice him perched on Dubbilex's shoulder.


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