Gabrielle Daou (August 28, 2002[2]July 31, 2018) was a Quraci refugee whose dead body became the host of the spirit of a Motherbox, thus begetting Halo, an entirely new entity.

Physical appearance

Gabrielle was a slim, olive-skinned teenage girl with brown eyes and medium-length brown hair, though she wore a hijab to cover her head.[3]

Early life

Gabrielle Daou was born in Dhabar province on August 28, 2002. When she was a teenager, the neighboring rogue state Bialya invaded with full force and meta-humans like Mammoth. Gabrielle managed to get out and was admitted into Markovia, though as a refugee she was not liked by all,[2] even though the Royal Family was very kind towards all refugees.[3]

July 2018

July 29, 03:00 EEST

Gabrielle got a job as a servant in the royal palace.[2] She took a bribe to allow entry to the palace to two assassins;[4] one sped away into the palace and the other knocked the befuddled refugee out.[3]

She was taken to Bedlam's secret facility, where she was tested for the Meta-Gene. She was negative, and as she was a loose end in the murder of King Viktor and Queen Ilona, Baron Bedlam wanted her eliminated. Henchy considered shooting her, but instead, Helga Jace gave her an overdose of morphine to make for a less messy death.[5]

July 30, post-19:23 EEST

Her dead body was thrown inside a grave by Henchy, Johann Mintz, and Piotor Platz, along with other failed Tar subjects.[6]



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