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The unmodified gene bomb.

The gene-bomb was an explosive device designed to spread a virus to selectively kill G'arrunn and B'lahdenn Martians.[1] It was also secretly used by Lor-Zod in his plot to assassinate Superboy.[2]


The gene-bomb was created by Desaad for Ma'alefa'ak as payment for the latter's work on New Genesis for Apokolips. It was designed and tested to kill only G'arrunn and B'lahdenn Martians, though Desaad could not be sure about A'ashenn Martians of mixed parentage, due to lack of test subjects.[1]

Ma'alefa'ak planted the bomb under the Royal Arena and set off the timer to coincide with Prince J'emm J'axx's birthday celebration. In the interim, Lor-Zod placed a small box of Kryptonite on the bomb.[2] The sound of this alerted Superboy to presence of the bomb, and he punched through the floor to take the bomb to a lava flow beneath. Superboy shattered the canisters containing the virus, which was destroyed by the lava. The explosive itself survived however, and Superboy was apparently killed in the explosion, leaving behind a shadow of ash. Kryptonite traces were found in the air following the blast,[3] but Ma'alefa'ak was unaware of any Kryptonite in the bomb.[4]

Superboy is later revealed to have survived and was saved by Phantom Girl right before the bomb exploded, who sent them both to the Phantom Zone by accident in the process.[5] Months later, Lor-Zod is sent back in time to the day of the explosion and ends up falling victim to his own Kryptonite and dies, leaving the shadow of ash which was originally believed to belong to Superboy.[6]



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