Large Boson Collider

The Large Boson Collider.

Geneva is a city in Switzerland.

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2010 Edit

December 24, 00:37 CET

Geneva was the fifth planned stop of the Haly International Traveling Circus, and the final stage of Parasite's plan. He hoped to create a black hole with the Large Boson Collider, but was stopped by the Team and arrested by King Faraday.

The circus's show in Geneva featured the last appearance of the Daring Dangers, who gave one last show at the behest of Jack Haly.[1]

2014 Edit

November 30, 22:22 CET

After hitting LexCorp facilities in Singapore, Santa Prisca, Germany, and Switzerland, Red Arrow and Cheshire rested in a safehouse in Geneva. He took the time to update his journal.[2]

November 30, 22:30 CET

In his room, Roy watched the news about an attack by an alien on Metropolis.[2]

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