Genomorphs are genetically engineered lifeforms created by Project Cadmus. Cadmus successfully created at least six different types of genomorph apparently from scratch. The clones of Superman (Superboy and Match) and Roy Harper (Red Arrow and Guardian) are also genomorphs.

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  • In Jack Kirby's original DNA Project stories (the origin of Cadmus), Guardian is a clone of the original Jim Harper who was killed in action—a creation of "The Project". Also in Kirby's original story, all genomorphs (or DNAliens, as they were then known in the story) were genetically altered human clones.
  • All Genomorph sub-species (except for the Kryptonian and human clones) are named after mythical creatures. Dwarves, elves, goblins, gnomes, sprites and trolls all appear in Germanic myths and Western fairy tales based on them.

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