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Brion Markov is the current King of Markovia and the second son of King Viktor Markov and Queen Ilona DeLamb-Markov. He became a meta-human and joined the Team before joining Beast Boy's group of Outsiders, under the moniker Geo-Force. He later left that team after killing his criminal uncle and overthrowing his brother, in an act that earned the acclaim of his people and resulted in his investiture as King. In addition to his royal duties, Geo-Force leads the Infinitors.


Brion is a hot-headed, conflicted young man. Despite the risk, he volunteered to activate his Meta-Gene in order to be Markovia's self-proclaimed savior, only to wind up banished instead. Brion is deeply obsessive, in regards to his country and his long-lost sister, whom he often fights with Nightwing in terms of the best method of finding and saving her. He develops a good bond with Forager and Violet.

In his time with the Outsiders and the Team, he has come to be more patient and gain control of his anger. Brion even told his brother to be patient.


Early history

Brion was born 16 minutes after his fraternal twin brother, Gregor Markov, heir to the crown of Markovia.[1] Gregor, Brion and their younger sister Tara would often play as superheroes.[6]

On July 28, 2016, Brion was studying[1] in England, and invited his little sister to London. Instead of spending time with her, he went clubbing. While he was gone, Tara was abducted by meta-human traffickers.[7]

July 2018

July 28, 08:59 EEST

Dr. Helga Jace confirms Brion's suspicions: he has a Meta-Gene.

On the second anniversary of his sister's disappearance, Brion was interviewed by Cat Grant. Having just returned from his studies abroad, he told Cat that after Tara was taken, he felt the need to go away and expand his knowledge of the world and bring it back to serve his country. Cat asked him how he felt about being only 16 minutes away from the crown, but before he could answer, the royal press conference began.

While the King and Queen were addressing the media, Brion met with Dr. Helga Jace who told him about his test results, confirming that he had a Meta-Gene and that his sister probably did too. Brion surmised that this was the reason for her abduction, but Jace tried to convince him that he was helpless to fight these meta-human traffickers without his very own meta-powers. Brion then inquired whether Markovia had the means to activate the Meta-Gene and the doctor promised to look into it.[1]

July 29, post-03:00 EEST

Brion doesn't trust his uncle and shares his concerns with his brother.

After hearing the commotion outside the Royal Chambers, Brion ran inside to find his parents murdered.

Not long after that, Baron DeLamb imposed martial law and Brion told his brother that he didn't trust their uncle and urged him to postpone the coronation. Gregor dismissed his younger brother's concerns and stated that Markovia needed a king. As Gregor walked away, Brion muttered to himself that Markovia indeed needed a king, but also a hero, and called Dr. Jace on the phone.[1]

July 30, post-19:23 EEST

At Gregor's pre-coronation reception, Brion pleaded to his brother not allow their uncle to become regent, as he would undoubtedly cause much damage until Gregor took the crown. The latter insisted they had no choice and should have patience. Brion then approached Dr. Jace, who tried to dissuade him from activating his Meta-Gene and advised him to have faith in his brother and uncle instead. However, Brion was desperate and, with his parents dead and sister missing, he felt that something daring needed to be done to save his country. Begrudgingly, Jace told him to seek Simon Ecks and so he did.

Brion begs for help while being tarred.

Ecks took Brion to Markovburg Children's Hospital and walked him into the secret underground lab, where he told Brion about the Tar protocol. Brion realized Ecks was trafficking and murdering children and when he started lashing out, he was subdued by Count Vertigo and sedated. Later, Brion woke up to find himself inside a pod, being slowly submerged in Tar by Dr. Jace, who tried to calm him down, saying that it was "all for the best".[8]

July 31, 00:02 EEST

Brion desperately begged Dr. Jace for help, until he was completely submerged in Tar. A few moments later, Jace drained the substance away and checked on Brion's vitals, who had passed out. Shortly after, Brion was rescued by Nightwing and his Alpha Squad.

July 31, 00:44 EEST

When he came to, Brion started manifesting his powers–manipulation of geologic forces–and started panicking. With Superboy's help, he managed to calm himself down. However, as soon as he saw his uncle on the news accusing him of being involved in the meta-human trafficking in Markovia, his sister's disappearance and even his parents' assassination, Brion lashed out and dashed towards the palace for a reckoning.

He burst into the palace from underneath the ground, now completely engulfed in lava, and lunged at DeLamb, who knocked him away with a single punch, revealing himself as a meta too. The two engaged in battle, but Brion was overpowered by an experienced DeLamb. Gregor put an end to the skirmish by placing DeLamb under arrest for treason, but also banished Brion from Markovia, as he felt it was better to sever ties with all meta-human connections. Brion fell to his knees in despair and was carried away by Superboy.[2]

August 2018

Happy Harbor
August 01, 10:37 EDT

Staying at Miss Martian and Superboy's home, Brion watched the televised coronation of his brother.

Later, he helped Conner fix a motorcycle, though questioned how Conner could bother with such simple vehicles when he had the Super-Cycle.[9]

Happy Harbor
August 04, 12:25 EDT

Brion Markov spoke with his brother Gregor on the phone, wondering when he will be allowed to return to Markovia. Gregor told him that the Markovian Parliament has proposed a ban on meta-humans and the deportation of Quracis. Brion was not pleased when Gregor told him that he needs to be patient. Brion watched as Bear arrives through a boom tube and says there is trouble on New Genesis. When Bear mentioned the presence of meta-humans, Brion asked if any were female, but they weren't.

After the Team left to help Bear, Dick, Artemis, Jeff and Halo arrived. While the older heroes talked inside, Halo told Brion she felt the need to help fix him. Brion began to experiment with his powers, which attracted the others from inside to help. Brion tried some target practice, but came far short, enraging him and leading to a lava eruption that burned all his clothes. Halo then tested her powers, unlocking a new energy blast ability that caused her to injure herself. Brion wished "Violet" the best as she healed herself, but decided to leave, until Dick offered to help him find his missing sister.[10]

Happy Harbor
August 05, 21:04 EDT

After giving a hungry Halo an apple, the pair were introduced to Forager by M'gann, Conner and Artemis. Forager and Brion bonded over the shared exile status, and M'gann arranged for both to stay in the Bio-RV. Jeff then arrived and used his phone to allow Helga to speak with Brion. Brion was angry with her and demanded answers about what she knew about Tara. After she explained that she did not know what meta powers she had, but theorized it was a geo-force power like Brion and DeLamb. Dick arrived and admitted he had had the same thought. Dick shared intel about the assassination of Jaqqar Marlo by the League of Shadows; Marlo was killed by a giant boulder. Brion wanted to go after her immediately, but the others cautioned him on the danger of facing the Shadows without preparation and the possibility Tara was not involved. Brion seemingly acquiesced, but once he, Forager and Halo went inside the Bio-RV, he began plotting a rescue effort. Halo used her bond with Sphere to provide transportation, and they set off for Infinity Island.[11]

Infinity Island
August 06, 00:41 ECT

The group wandered into the palace unchallenged, seeing no-one until they encountered Sensei. Brion questioned the man, and grew angry with his dismissive responses. Brion provoked a fight, but Sensei easily held off the group and killed Halo. Ubu and a Red Hooded Ninja then reinforced Sensei and easily took down Brion and the others.

The group, including Halo's corpse were locked in a cell, but Halo soon healed herself to Brion's shock and relief. The group were then rescued by Nightwing and the others, but they were confronted by Sensei and his subordinates on the way out. The battle ended with the arrival of Ra's al Ghul, who informed them he did not have Tara and was no longer in charge of the Shadows nor a member of the Light. Brion disbelieved him, but Dick insisted Ra's was no liar. al Ghul then let the squad leave.

On the Bio-Ship, Brion apologized for his actions and admitted he needed Nightwing's help. Halo and Forager decided to stick with Brion rather than join the Team, creating a new team under Nightwing's leadership.[11]

September 2018

Mount Justice
September 08, 11:04 EDT

Nightwing's team had a training session on the beach. At the start, Dick provided Brion and Halo with supersuits. Though Brion lamented the form-fitting nature of the suit, it was designed by Fire not to burn up. Brion practiced his aim with Superboy. his control had improved but he could only hit Superboy by accident.

Later the group talked and ate around a campfire, with Brion talking about how he and his siblings used to play as superheroes growing up. After that, the young heroes were asked to pick their codenames. Brion jokingly suggested a "descriptive" name, Hot Lava, before going with Geo-Force. They then practiced team maneuvers.[6]

Happy Harbor
September 25, 23:43 EDT

Nightwing's team met in Conner's garage for a briefing; they had a lead on possible intel source on the League of Shadows, former member Cheshire. She was holed up in Detroit.[12]

September 26, 00:56 EDT

The team moved in on the hanger containing Cheshire's jet. Geo-Force created a lava patch on the ground to melt the jet's front wheel, grounding it. As Tigress went in to see Cheshire, the rest faced Cheshire's squad. Geo-Force, Forager and Halo took on Shade but were confounded by his powers. Geo-Force was trapped in a shadow dimension until Halo used a bright light to force Shade's retreat, releasing Brion.[12]

Happy Harbor
September 29, 11:06 EDT

Brion watched a press conference held by King Gregor about the refugee situation in Markovia, until he was interrupted by Conner to leave for training.[13]

Owings Mills
September 29, 13:02 EDT

While waiting for Nightwing, Jeff brought Helga to see everyone. She apologized to Brion, and he admitted that she had been a victim of Bedlam too. They were interrupted by a bullet narrowly missing Brion. He was startled, though Halo and Forager quickly surmised they were being tested and reacted to protect each other and fire back. The test ended with Brion being shot with a rubber bullet. Brion and Helga were both furious, but Nightwing explained they needed to train fro surprise attacks. Halo and Forager passed, Geo-Force did not. The group then came under a real surprise attack from Lobo, who was contracted to kill Forager. They tried their best to hold Lobo off. At one point Nightwing saved Geo-Force from Lobo's harpoon. In the end, Forager shed his exo-shell and threw it out to fool Lobo. Lobo left after smashing the shell. The squad briefly mourned Forager before he revealed himself. His "googey", shell-less form was off-putting, but Brion hugged him regardless.[13]

October 2018

Owings Mills
October 12, 08:22 EDT

At another training session, Geo-Force, Halo and Forager played tag with Nightwing. Geo-Force complimented Halo, causing her to fall from the air. When he helped her up, Brion accidentally burned her, but she quickly healed herself, and they smiled at each other.

The training ended with Brion unable to tag Nightwing. Brion was angry and demanded to know when they would stop playing games and go follow up on the intel from Cheshire. Dick told him he was still not ready to face the Shadows, and suggested others may be acting on that intel. Brion was angry not to have been kept in the loop, but Dick said he needed to trust him.[14]

Happy Harbor
October 15, 07:19 EDT

Brion saw Violet and Forager off for their first day of school.

Later, when Brion was left along, he accessed the computer system in the garage, searching for information on Tara and Santa Prisca. The system locked him out, and Dick arrived soon after. Brion was incensed when Dick told him Tara was no longer on Santa Prisca, and attacked him when he turned his back. Dick easily deflected the attack. Brion ranted at being told to be patient, and Dick realized Brion was angry at being exiled from Markovia, not about Tara. He asked Brion if he was always going to look back at what he lost, or look forward to what he might become.[3]

Mount Justice
October 15, 19:07 EDT

Brion sat on the beach. He ignored an alert on his phone. Dick found him and asked if they were okay, Brion affirmed and, when asked if he was okay, said he thought he would be.[3]

Happy Harbor
October 15, 19:21 EDT

Nightwing's team met to talk about Violet's unusual school day and the arrival of Vic Stone. The group decided Violet was the product of the soul of a dissected Motherbox merging with Gabrielle Daou's dead body. Brion was not put off by this, noting that Violet was all he had known. Later, he and Violet kissed by the apple trees.[15]

Happy Harbor
October 31, 17:42 EDT

Brion, Halo, Forager and Vic prepared to go to the Happy Harbor High School Halloween dance, with Brion having a skull painted on his face. They were stopped by the arrival of Dick, who told them they had intel of Tara's location and needed to move immediately. Brion went to say goodbye to Violet, who was staying behind to watch over Vic, but was called away by Nightwing.[16]

Earth’s Upper Atmosphere
October 31, 21:46 UTC

En route in the Bio-Ship, Nightwing explained the intel they had; after discovering Goode Goggles were being used to test for and brainwash metas, they got a list of depots the metas were sent to. They found listing on the dark web for meta-human auctions and found a listing for an auction in Greater Bialya for a 15-year-old girl with geokinetic powers. Brion immediately recognized the description of Tara.[16]

November 2018

November 01, 01:44 UTC+3

Upon arrival, Dick sent in a mini-drone to scope out the site. They found that the auction was also a fight club, with Tara one of the first combatants. They also saw the security, Onslaught, and Dick and Conner warned Brion of the importance of controlling his emotions with Psimon around.

Brion, Artemis and Jeff infiltrated the auction with hacked invites and appropriate costume. Brion became angry at seeing Tara hit in the fight, but Jeff discreetly shocked Psimon to knock him out. They bought Tara ta the auction, and took her away in a "limousine"-the Bio-Ship. Tara soon embraced Brion when he unmasked himself, and they removed her control chip.

The rest of the team then prepared to shut down the facility and rescue the other metas. Brion and Tara stayed behind at first, but Tara wanted to save the others who were like her. They went in and combined their powers to block the Terror Twins behind a rock wall. Everyone then evacuated to the Bio-Ship.[16]

Happy Harbor
November 01, 03:16 EDT

After taking the rescued metas to the Meta-Human Youth Center, they returned to the Carr house. Brion was proud to see Tara forgive Helga, and introduced his sister to Violet, calling her his girlfriend, to Violet's elation.[16]

Mount Justice
November 04, 10:21 EST

Nightwing's team held a breakfast meeting on the beach, where Dick, Conner and Artemis offered Brion, Violet, Forager and Tara the chance to join the Team.[17]

The Watchtower
November 06, 14:59 EST

Miss Martian welcomed Geo-Force, Halo, Forager and Terra to the Team. When Tigress commented on the new girls joining the Team, Halo said that, given her unusual origin, she was not sure she was a girl. She looked to Brion for approval, and he accepted her as is.[17]

Happy Harbor
November 06, 20:20 EST

In the Bio-RV, Brion told Vic about the Watchtower and suggested he come next time. Then, as predicted by Vic, Brion received a text from Violet and responded.[17]

The Watchtower
November 16, 21:21 EST

Aquaman briefed the Team on their next mission to investigate a suspected meta-trafficking site in Russia. Geo-Force displayed immediate hostility, but Aquaman told him to put his distrust of Russia from Markovia's days in the Soviet Union aside, since the site could just as easily be an equivalent to the Meta-Human Youth Center.[18]

November 17, 23:23 VLAT

Geo-Force created a tunnel underground to allow the Team to infiltrate the Russian base. Inside, they found military volunteers being fused with powered armor. With no illegal activity going on, Tigress opted to leave, though Brion was upset at the notion of a Russian Justice League. The Team then caught sight of a trio of supposed convicts preparing to attack the base. The Team intercepted the attack, and forced the attackers into retreat though Halo was injured. The Team was then confronted by the Rocket Red Brigade, but the Brigade was soon taken down by the regrouped Task Force X. The Team defeated the Task Force, and Tigress convinced the Brigade to let them go.[18]

Belle Reve Parish
November 17, 10:10 CST

The Team monitored from the Bio-Ship as Aquaman took the captives back to Belle Reve Penitentiary and spoke with Amanda Waller.[18]

Star City
November 17, 16:16 PST

Brion had coffee with Violet at the Harper house. He noted that Violet seemed distant, and told her to rest when he went to help Will Harper in the kitchen.[18]

Star City
November 22, 13:01 PST

Though they had originally planned to go to the harvest festival at the Meta-Human Youth Center, Brion and Tara spent Thanksgiving at the Harper house, so Brion could be with Violet.[19]

Beast Boy asked Geo-Force to join a new, public team of young heroes, and Geo-Force accepted.[20]

December 2018

The Watchtower
December 04, 19:09 EST

Beast Boy called a meeting of the Team and Aquaman to put forward his idea of a new team. When Aquaman objected, Beast Boy told him he did not need permission, and the five other members he had already recruited, Geo-Force included, stepped forward. Aquaman acquiesced on the condition the new group reported to Miss Martian.[20]

December 04, 17:48 PST

Gar took everyone to the headquarters he had arranged for the new group in the penthouse of the Premiere Building. Brion was particularly thrilled with the new, larger living quarters.[20]

December 07, 19:37 PST

Geo-Force was with the others at the Premiere Building when M'gann pointed out a news story about an apparent Reach attack in Brooklyn, Maine. Aquaman was responding but having little success, and the new team headed off to help.[20]

December 07, post-22:35 EST

Geo-Force and the others worked to disable the three War Bugs. Static lured one of the ships into some spikes created by Geo-Force. Once the three ships were disabled, Beast Boy addressed the girls who were streaming events on their phones. He introduced the squad, before the pilots of the War Bugs were unmasked and identified as Intergang members.

Mayor Thomas Tompkins arrived on the scene and ordered Sheriff Patrick Maguire to arrest the group in accordance with the town's anti-vigilante laws. Maguire reluctantly cuffed the young heroes, but the town soon came under attack from the War Bugs' mothership, which has been summoned by an automated distress signal. The Mayor refused to let the squad deal with the situation, having called in the United States Air Force, but the squad broke free and boarded the warship. They steered it to the park so they could crash it safely before manned fighters arrived. They succeeded and all emerged from the crashed ship safely. Mayor Tompkins ordered the squad arrested once more, but this time the Sheriff refused, citing a Good Samaritan law. Beast Boy addressed the "newsgirl legion" again, and ended up naming the new team the Outsiders.[20]

December 21, 04:31 PST

Beast Boy quickly briefed Geo-Force on a suspected meta-trafficking lab in Cuba. They Zeta'ed to Happy Harbor to meet up with the rest of the squad and Bio-Ship.[4]

Santiago de Cuba
December 21, 10:13 CST

The Outsiders used a mini-drone to scope out the suspected meta-trafficking site, but the drone was quickly destroyed by some monstrous form. While the rest of the squad went in, Geo-Force stayed outside to prevent the Cuban military getting in. After the squad dealt with Klarion and his Flash Monster, with some discreet help from Zatanna, they told Brion to let the MPs in. As one MP streamed events on his phone, it became clear the MPs' leader wanted to arrest the Outsiders. They left, taking the non-Cuban metas with them.[4]

December 21, 16:51 MST

The Outsiders brought the metas to the Meta-Human Youth Center. Ed announced his intention to join the squad.[4]

January 2019

January 01, 14:24 PST

Brion approached Violet, asking why she had been so distant, with her having ignored many texts from Brion. Violet said she may not be a good girlfriend and dashed off to her room. Brion spoke with Helga, who suggested that first loves rarely lasted. Brion barged into Violet's room, believing their relationship was worth more. Violet told him she had kissed another girl. Brion asked is she had feelings for he, and when she denied it, said he could forgive her. Violet then called Tara in and told the siblings how Gabrielle had been bribed to let their parents' killer into the Royal Palace. Brion stormed off to his room, when Helga rushed to see what was wrong.[21]

January 02, 04:16 PST

Brion was awakened when Forager brought Vic back, who was being taken over by the Fatherbox fused with him. Shortly after, Forager realized Violet had run away. Though Conner, Jeff and Forager went to find Metron to help Vic, Brion stayed behind. Later, Helga tried to cheer him up, telling him that his parents would be proud of him and that his work with the Outsiders had made him many fans in Markovia.

Later, after the squad returned with Metron, but the New God proved unwilling to help, Brion helped Vic into Metron's Mobius Chair while Jeff kept him busy. Vic was cleansed of the Fatherbox's soul.

Later, Violet returned with Artemis and Tara, though Brion was still distant.[22]

January 21, 17:32 PST

Beast Boy and Geo-Force returned to the Premiere Building after responding to a call for help at a restaurant. Brion took some delight in telling everyone about their fight against the Condiment King. Violet congratulated him, but he was non-committal and wandered off.

Later, he spoke with Helga on the balcony. He realized he was wrong to be so distant from Violet and suggested approaching her, but Helga convinced him to wait for Violet to approach him again.

Later, Brion saw news about Infinity, Inc. on his phone, but was interrupted from asking about it when Vic and Violet sensed a Motherbox in distress and opened a boom tube to it. Brion and Gar followed, and found themselves in the house of Gretchen Goode, where the Motherbox was being shot with a laser, and Kaldur and Wyynde were being attacked by a mind-controlled Dick and Jeff. After Vic destroyed the laser and Violet healed the Motherbox and cleansed Dick and Jeff, the group retreated back to the Premiere Building. There Brion apologized to Violet and hugged her.[23]

Los Angeles
January 22, 02:24 PST

Brion, Gar, Violet, Fred and Vic had pancakes at a café to give space to the family and friends of Dick, who was suffering the severe after-effects of exposure to the X-Pit. Brion was angry that Infinity Inc. was poaching on the Outsiders' turf, but Gar told him to take it as a compliment.

They returned to the Premiere Building in time to hear Jeff's outburst after he realized that Batman and others were secretly coordinating and manipulating their teams. During the fallout, Helga was able to slip a control chip onto Brion and Tara, and took them and Violet to her lab in Dakota City.

There, Helga handed Violet over to Ultra-Humanite and Gretchen Goode. Helga had expected to leave with Brion and Tara but was tempted to stay to find out what Gretchen had in store for Violet. Gretchen took them all to an X-Pit, within the safety of a red cube, and explained her theory that Halo was the key to the Anti-Life Equation. She tested the theory by pushing Helga out of the cube with Violet. Violet tried to heal Helga, exposing her to Anti-Life. Now under Gretchen's control, Helga was ordered to reveal her secrets, including that she saw Brion and Tara as her children since she created them as meta-humans, that she had manipulated Brion into wanting to become a meta, and that she had manipulated Violet to get her away from Brion. Goode then returned them to the lab, but Tara freed Brion from his control chip, herself having only been playing along as she had an antidote chip. Before Brion and Tara could do any more, everyone else boom tubed out. They returned to the Premiere Building and told everyone what had happened.[7]

January 25, 14:28 PST

After the Team gained the coordinates of Violet from Vandal Savage, Brion insisted on joining them. They boom tubed to the Orphanage.[24]

The Orphanage
January 26, 01:17 UTC

Geo-Force was given command of Beta Squad and sent to find Violet while Alpha created a distraction. After dodging some Apokoliptan forces, they found Violet with Granny Goodness. Granny goaded Brion and he played along, pretending to be angry as a distraction, but Martian Manhunter, under Granny's control, cut the psychic link before he could explain the plan to his squad. Granny used Violet to place the Team under the Anti-Life Equation.[24]

The Orphanage
January 26, 02:48 UTC

Geo-Force and the other thralls stood by as Gretchen appeared by Granny and the two merged. Vic then boom tubed in, and freed Violet from her cerebral leash, who then cleansed everyone else of Anti-Life. They destroyed Granny's Ghost Dimension device and force Granny into retreat. Brion then rushed to kiss Violet.

The squad returned to the Premiere Building where Vic was inducted into the Outsiders. Though Brion suggested Hot Lava, Vic chose the name Cyborg.[25]

February 2019

New York City
February 13, 20:52 EST

Geo-Force recorded an interview with Tod Donner, which was broadcast the next day on GBS.[26]

Beverly Hills
February 14, 18:34 PST

Brion and Tara met with Gregor Markov at the Luthor Grande Hotel. After watching Brion's interview, Gregor said that it was exactly the kind of positive press he could use to bring Brion and Tara home, eventually.

Later, the trio were horrified to see news reports of Baron Bedlam staging a coup in Markovia. Brion realized that the Outsiders were best placed to respond to the crisis.[26]

February 16, post-01:33 EET

Geo-Force was on Alpha Squad of the joint Outsiders/Team response to the coup. Alpha boom tubed to the Palace after Beta flushed out Bedlam. Bedlam taunted Brion and Tara about their parents, and in his rage Brion pushed Bedlam and himself through a window. They continued to fight outside, where a GBS cameraman recorded them. Brion was able to trap Bedlam in rock, and began pummeling him. Bedlam surrendered, but Brion wanted to keep going. Beast Boy stopped him, telling Brion that the Outsiders don't deal out punishment. Terra then levitated a rock over Beast Boy, apparently about to kill him. Tigress and Halo then arrived, and Tigress told Tara she did not have to follow Deathstroke's orders. Tigress explained that they had known about her working for Deathstroke since before she was rescued, but wanted to give her the chance to change her path. Tara sent the rock to one side, threw away her comm to Deathstroke and rushed into Tigress's arms. Brion was incensed that this had been kept from him. Zviad Baazovi and a group of Markovians then arrived on the scene. Then Bedlam broke free and made a run for it. Brion captured him again and killed him. Though his teammates were shocked, the Markovians cheered for Brion. Brion justified himself when the heroes chastised him, and Baazovi came to his defense, calling him a king and suggesting he had the military's support. Brion then spoke to the crowd, taking the crown for himself. He called on Tara for her support, but she refused. Brion then asked Violet to join him as his queen, but she turned away. Brion then angrily ordered them all out of his country.[27]

February 21, 17:37 EET

King Brion sat on the throne at the Palace. Zviad convinced a reluctant Brion to see Helga, who wished to serve him and make up for past mistakes.[27]

February 27, 15:09 EET

Infinity, Inc. knelt before Brion, as he was lost in thought.[27]

Geo-Force would go on to join the rebranded Infinitors as their leader, making them a group dedicated to protecting meta-humans.[28]


Brion made Markovia a haven for meta-humans from around the world. This caused panic among the regular population, creating a refugee crisis as people fled to neighboring countries such as Vlatava.[29] Brion refused parley with Queen Perdita Vladek.[30]

Brion refused to speak with Tara or Violet.[31]

On March 24, the damage caused by brain blasts he had sustained, coupled with his unresolved trauma, caused Beast Boy to hallucinate that Brion was with him on Mars and trying to kill Superboy.[32]

On April 19, Brion released the latest in a series of statements on social media; a video of him inviting metas from around the world to Markovia.[29]

September 09, 21:21 EEST

Geo-Force and the Infinitors defended Lizard Johnny after he came under attack by anti-meta thugs. Though Johnny was saved, Brion was angry the mob's leader, Wilhelm Vittings, escaped, unaware it was in fact a disguised Everyman. Zviad Baazovi arrived and suggested he consider the bigger picture, calming Brion. Brion addressed the gathered press, reiterating that Markovia was a safe-haven for metas despite a few malcontents, and promised Johnny his protection.[28]

September 10, 02:48 EEST

Brion and the Infinitors returned to the Royal Palace with Johnny, who Brion remembered rescuing from Project Rutabaga in Cuba. When Brion promised to protect Johnny, Johnny asked if he planned to do to the thugs what he did to his uncle, disturbing Brion. Johnny apologized and said he didn't want to fight, just to be left alone, which Brion agreed he had every right to. Brion was then approached by Minister Josef Mueller with concerns that Markovia's new meta visa policy might be interpreted as an attempt to poach metas from the Justice League's Meta-Human Youth Center. Brion initially agreed with him, but both men changed their minds following the intervention of Baazovi. Brion then wondered where Johnny had gone, as Zviad had ushered him away while he was talking to Mueller.

Later, Brion and Fury went to the Markov Family Meta-Human Youth Center, where he found Johnny. Johnny told Brion he wanted to become an Infinity Cadet and then an Infinitor. Helga Jace remarked on Brion's influence as she took Johny away, leaving Brion confused given Johnny's earlier statement and the fact he could have become a hero with the League's groups in Taos if he had wanted. Zviad arrived, eager to discuss matters with Brion. He sent Fury away, but Fury checked with Brion first, who agreed with Zviad.

Later, Brion sat alone on the throne, considering responding to a text from Violet, before putting his phone away. A boom tube then opened and Halo emerged. Brion was happy to see them, but Violet asked why he cut himself off. Brion had wanted to prove he made the right choice, and to build something important, though he admitted he had regrets about what happened a year ago. Violet told him he need not do that alone, but the tender moment was interrupted by the arrival of Zviad, who appeared overjoyed to see the girl Brion had asked to be his queen return. Violet and Brion both grew quickly hostile, and Violet boom tubed away. Zviad tried to offer some words of comfort to the king, but Brion sent him away.

Later, Brion pondered the statues in the palace garden. Fury approached him, saying he looked like he could use a friend, and admitted she could too. She told Brion she was disturbed by some of what was going on with the Infinitors and Baazovi. Brion asked to hear more.[28]

November 10, 04:08 EET

Brion held a conference call with Black Lightning, Wonder Girl and Tigress where he barred their teams from entering Markovia to find the abducted Perdita Vladek, but assured them he would find her and Count Vertigo, who had escaped Markovian National Penitentiary.

Later, at the Royal Palace, Geo-Force and the Infinitors prepared to act on Fury's intel on Vertigo's whereabouts. Baazovi was surprised they knew where to look, and took a moment to urge Brion to put aside his desire for revenge on Vertigo until Perdita was safe.

They went to some woodland cabins where the armored attackers that freed Vertigo and took Perdita were spotted. It was a trap however, and they soon came under attack. Trajectory was able to find Perdita, and Brion took her back to the Palace at Perdita's request.[33]

Powers and abilities

Brion's lava exoskeleton.

  • Geokinesis: Brion can manipulate the earth in various ways:
    • Thermokinesis: He can raise his body temperature to a point where he burns through the ground.[2] He can also heat objects he touches, such as melting a gun.[18]
    • Lava manipulation: He can turn earth into lava and manipulate it in a way that allows him to completely—or partially—cover himself in it, thus creating a makeshift lava armor. He can also create a wave of lava to ride on and use it as a form of transportation.[2] Brion can throw globs of lava as projectiles,[9] and create pools of lava on the ground.[12] He can jump into those pools and move between them.[26]
      • Increased strength: When encased in lava, Brion displays increased strength.[2]
      • Enhanced durability: When covered in lava armor, Brion can survive blows from beings like Baron Bedlam. His armor can also block shurikens.[2][11]


  • Darkwear[18]
  • Heat resistant suit: Provided by Fire, Brion was gifted with a suit resistant to heat, so his clothes wouldn't melt on each occasion he uses his powers.[6]
  • Polar stealth[18]


Background information

  • This is his second animated appearance; he appeared first on Batman: The Brave and the Bold.


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