The Golem was an amalgamation of four Appellaxian husks, brought about using Apokoliptan technology to amplify the residual psychic essences of the Appelaxians.

Personality Edit

The Golem had a nihilistic personality and wanted to be returned into nothingness due to the pain caused by its components being given life and forced to move.[1]

Physical appearance Edit

The Golem was a mix of four Appellaxian husks. It was an elemental creature composed of metal, wood, crystal, and rock, and is taller than a human.[1]

History Edit

2016 Edit

Washington, D.C.
February 13, post-21:51 EST

Bruno Mannheim intended for the golem to serve as Intergang's enforcer, so he could expand the group's reach exponentially. He used an Apokoliptan device to combine the residual traces of Appellaxian energy still dormant within the four husks on display at the Hall of Justice. The device allowed Mannheim to take control of the golem. Superboy, Blue Beetle, the Super-cycle, and Wolf tried to stop them, but they were easily defeated by the golem. It flew off with its masters.[1]

February 13, 22:45 EST

Sphere tracked the Golem to Arlington, and destroyed Mannheim's remote control with a burst of energy. Freed from Mannheim's control, the Golem rampaged into a nearby nuclear power plant, with the intention of using a reactor meltdown to destroy itself. Blue Beetle initiated a conversation with the Golem, with Superboy attempting to convince it to back down. Before the Golem could respond, a powerful sonic blast from Black Beetle destroyed the gestalt creature to cut their losses.[1]

Abilities and Equipment Edit

The Golem had all the abilities of its constituent parts. The crystal element could absorb and redirect Blue Beetle's sonic blast although not a similar blast from Black Beetle. It could also sprout wings and fly, despite its immense weight.

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