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Goode Goggles

Goode Goggles seen in its loading screen.

The Goode Goggles is a portable virtual reality experience marketed by Goode World Studios. It offers a wide variety of GWS shows and movies, as well as virtual reality games with an interactive environment.


According to Goode World Studios' founder, Gretchen Goode, the Goode Goggles were created to further the company's initial goal: to nourish the imagination. They were released sometime in 2018 and by late September they were a popular Christmas shopping list item.[1]

The high-demand of the product made them very valuable in the black market. Because of that, Brick tried to steal a shipment of Goggles but was foiled by Will Harper, Dick Grayson, Roy and Jim Harper.

Goode Goggles game interface

Henry Fyff playing "Gem Chaser".

The realism provided by the Goggles seemed to be uncanny, seeing as so many people have been shown to lose track of their surroundings while using them. Henry Fyff was so immersed in playing "Gem Chaser" on a park that he tripped over and fell down right in front of Artemis and Violet. Likewise, Leroy was walking outside wearing a pair of Goggles, all the while vociferating about the realistic recreation of the bridge of the starship Engager.[2]

Even Barbara admitted that "Funny Monkeys" was fun, despite knowing it was silly.[3]



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