Gotham Academy

Gotham Academy

The Gotham Academy, also known as the Gotham City Academy,[nb 1] is a prestigious school located in Gotham City. Dick Grayson attended 9th grade, and Artemis Crock in 10th during the 2010-2011 school year[1]


Early history

The academy has high scholastic standards and a wide range of extracurriculars.[2] It offers classes in grades 7 through 12.[1] The Academy's Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid is Philip Wilcox.[3]


Gotham City
August 3, 21:21 EDT

Superboy fought Amazo in the halls of Gotham Academy, causing some damage to the school. The trophy case featuring Dick Grayson's photo was destroyed, as were a number of lockers, and the fight also caused damage to a science lab and parts of the basketball court. In the basketball court, Amazo fought Superboy, Robin and Kid Flash. Amazo would have crushed Kid Flash in particular, but was forced to become intangible to avoid an arrow aimed at his head,[4] shot by Artemis.[5] Amazo was subsequently defeated.[4]

Gotham City
September 22, 07:56 EDT

Artemis was offered a full Wayne Foundation scholarship to the school.[3] On her first day of school, she had to get used to her uniform. She was welcomed by Bette Kane and, in a way, by Dick Grayson.[6][7]

Gotham City
November 5, 22:07 EDT

When a spell from Klarion divided the world into an adult and a child dimension, Gotham Academy's gym was turned into a shelter for younger children in the child dimension. Bette Kane and Barbara Gordon helped care for them.[8]




  1. In its first appearance, in "Schooled", the school's name was written on screen as both the Gotham City Academy (on Robin's computer) and the Gotham Academy (on the photo of Dick Grayson). In "Downtime", it was referred to in dialogue as the Gotham Academy, and Artemis's letter also featured the name Gotham Academy on the letterhead.


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