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Granny Goodness is a high ranking official in Darkseid's empire, running the Orphanage and commanding the Furies. As the main ally to the Light, she poses on Earth as Gretchen Goode, the founder of Goode World Studios.


Gretchen Goode, popularly known as Granny Goodness, gives off the impression of a warm and matronly businesswoman who sees her products as a means to inspire children, encourage creativity, and maintains this notion even when she is being disparaged on live television by G. Gordon Godfrey, never raising her voice or appearing to take umbrage from his less-than-flattering commentary.[3] She appears kind and generous, such as when she complimented Garfield Logan's acting skills and telling him his mother would be proud.[4] But underneath this grandmotherly facade is a sinister woman with an agenda that endangers and exploits children, evident by her affiliation with the Light, serving as one of its leaders.[3]

As her true self, Granny Goodness is cruel, ruthless, and devoted to serving the will of her master Darkseid, though she is not afraid of deviating from his orders or interests in order to overcome her adversaries. She lords over her underlings and peers, such as Big Barda and Desaad respectively, often inflicting pain upon the former for any transgressions, calling it discipline, and cowing the latter into compliance. Yet she is truly a sadist, delighting in the excruciating pain she inflicts on others and has no qualms with harming her subordinates if it means killing her enemies.[5]

Physical appearance

Gretchen Goode

Granny Goodness as her human persona, Gretchen Goode.

Gretchen Goode takes the appearance of a short, slightly overweight, Caucasian elderly woman with brown eyes and gray hair arranged in a bouffant. She has a square face with wrinkles on her brow and under her eyes.[3]

As Granny Goodness, she wears a dark blue suit beneath golden armor, a red cape, and a headdress that frames her face and holds her hair back, with the Omega symbol above her forehead.[5]


New York
September 29, 11:07 EDT

Gretchen was an invited guest on a live GBS interview with G. Gordon Godfrey about her latest product: the Goode Goggles. Despite Godfrey's claims that the device was harmful, especially for the youth, Gretchen proclaimed to take pride in her product and in its goal: to spark the imagination. She quickly changed subject and announced a partnership between the Goode World Studios and the Wayne Foundation to help meta-trafficking victims. She went on to say that both companies have made donations to the new Meta-Human Youth Center in Taos and other charities.[3]

Greater Bialya
September 30, 01:01 UTC+3

Gretchen met with her fellow members of the Light and assuaged Vandal Savage's concerns, claiming that a plan was in place to take care of Nightwing's team.[3]

October 15, 16:16 PDT

After watching the dailies for Space Trek 3016, Gretchen complimented Paul Sloane and Garfield Logan for their performances. She declared that she had made a good call in casting them together for the show, in an attempt to "recapture that Hello, Megan! magic". She went on to reassure Garfield that both his mother and godmother would be proud of him. At that point, Steve Dayton approached Gretchen for a word. She politely asked him for a moment, pulled Paul aside and slipped away.[4]

New York
November 04, 20:07 EST

In a live interview with G. Gordon Godfrey, Gretchen responded to Aquaman's public accusations against her company in their involvement in meta-human trafficking via the Goode Goggles. All the while assuming responsibility for the incident, Gretchen placed the blame on Jaqqar Marlo, director of research and development, who found dead months ago. Despite not being able to bring Marlo to justice, Gretchen reassured that "true justice" would be served up by herself. She had already recalled all her faulty devices and would offer new ones in return, thus promising to "make everything right as rain".[5]

November 06, 11:11 PST

Gretchen summoned Garfield Logan to her office to commend him for stopping a burglary, a deed that was trending on social media. Garfield, who already knew she was up to no good, called her out on her façade. Gretchen menacingly warned him to be careful and Garfield challenged her.[5]

The Orphanage
November 07, 01:20 UTC

Granny Goodness was perplexed to find out that five Leaguers had tracked their headquarters via an ion trail, when they had a clear policy of boom tubing back and forth from raid sites. Big Barda explained that she did it deliberately to lay a trap and confront them head on. Granny chastised Barda for going against protocol and over her head, declaring that she would decide the time for conflict.

Moments later, Granny ordered Barda to open fire on the Leaguers, but Superman, Wonder Woman and Hawkwoman managed to beak into the base amidst the confusion. Granny saw through their ruse and ordered Barda to summon the Furies to waylay the interlopers. Despite Desaad's protests and fearing that the ensuing skirmish would destroy Darkseid's device, Granny decided to activate it and kill everyone in its radius, including the Furies. In spite of the device's potency, Superman managed to extricate himself and the others from its energy bubble. When the three Leaguers hurtled at Granny, she boom tubed them into outer space and then boom tubed the Orphanage.

At some point during this day, Gretchen, in association with LexCorp, donated 16 million dollars to the Meta-Human Youth Center.[5]

November 16, 16:16 PST

On the set of Space Trek 3016, Gretchen exuded a great deal of sadistic relish by forcing Garfield to film multiple takes of the same scene.[6]


January 21, 17:32 PST
Western Mongolia
January 22, 17:20 ICT
The Orphanage
January 22, 16:16 UTC


Background information

  • In the comics, Granny Goodness is one of Darkseid's elite, in charge of training most armies. She is the leader of the Female Furies.
  • This is her seventh animated appearance. She appeared in Superman: The Animated Series, Legion of Super-Heroes, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, Justice League: Gods and Monsters, DC Super Hero Girls and Justice League Action


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