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Granny Goodness is a high-ranking official in Darkseid's empire, running the Orphanage and commanding the Furies. Her doppelganger Gretchen Goode operated on Earth as the founder of Goode World Studios and a member of the the Light.


Granny Goodness is cruel, ruthless, and devoted to serving the will of her master Darkseid, though she is not afraid of deviating from his orders or interests in order to overcome her adversaries. She lords over her underlings and peers, such as Big Barda and Desaad respectively, often inflicting pain upon the former for any transgressions, calling it discipline, and cowing the latter into compliance. Yet she is truly a sadist, delighting in the excruciating pain she inflicts on others and has no qualms with harming her subordinates if it means killing her enemies.[1]

Physical appearance

Granny Goodness wears a dark blue suit beneath golden armor, a red cape, and a headdress that frames her face and holds her hair back, with the Omega symbol above her forehead.[1]


Early history

At some point Granny used a device to create a duplicate of herself to act on Earth as Gretchen Goode, alongside a duplicate Overlord.[2]


The Orphanage
November 07, 01:20 UTC

Granny Goodness was perplexed to find out that five Leaguers had tracked their headquarters via an ion trail, when they had a clear policy of boom tubing back and forth from raid sites. Big Barda explained that she did it deliberately to lay a trap and confront them head on. Granny chastised Barda for going against protocol and over her head, declaring that she would decide the time for conflict.

Moments later, Granny ordered Barda to open fire on the Leaguers, but Superman, Wonder Woman and Hawkwoman managed to beak into the base amidst the confusion. Granny saw through their ruse and ordered Barda to summon the Furies to waylay the interlopers. Despite Desaad's protests and fearing that the ensuing skirmish would destroy Darkseid's Ghost Dimension device, Granny decided to activate it and use it on everyone in its radius, including the Furies. In spite of the device's potency, Superman managed to extricate himself and the others from its energy bubble. When the three Leaguers hurtled at Granny, she boom tubed them into outer space and then boom tubed the Orphanage away.[1]


The Orphanage
January 22, 16:16 UTC

Gretchen Goode handed a controlled Halo over to Granny.[3]

The Orphanage
January 25, 22:25 UTC

As members of the Justice League launched an attack on the Orphanage, Granny activated her Ghost Dimension device and used Halo to spread the Anti-Life Equation to the Leaguers.[4]

The Orphanage
January 26, 01:17 UTC

A squad of the Team infiltrated the Orphanage and found Granny at the device's controls. After taunting Geo-Force, Granny had the Leaguers under her control subdue the squad, and then placed them under her control. A second squad arrived, with Miss Martian brain blasting Granny and her thralls, but Overlord activated the device, disrupting Miss Martian's efforts enough for Granny to push Halo out into the field and take control of the second squad. With no opposition left, Granny gloated as the Anti-Life field spread further into space.[4]

The Orphanage
January 26, 02:48 UTC

After the device on Earth allowing Granny and Gretchen to maintain separate bodies was destroyed, Gretchen merged back with Granny. Victor Stone followed Gretchen to the Orphanage and freed Halo from Granny's control. Halo was then able to undo the effect of the Anti-Life Equation on the Team and League. Granny attempted to punish Halo, but she easily held Granny in a force field. After the Ghost Dimension device was destroyed, an enraged Granny broke free, but Halo blasted her. Superboy informed her that Vandal Savage had given them Halo's location, before Granny used a Fatherbox to boom tube away.[2]

January 26, 04:31 UTC

Granny groveled on her knees before Darkseid, and blamed Vandal Savage for her failure.[2]

February 14, 18:03 PST

Tod Donner reported on a video released by Cyborg showing Gretchen Goode and Granny Goodness merging back together. Goode World Studios claimed the video was faked with special effects.[5]

At some point in February, Vandal Savage traveled to Apokolips and met with Darkseid. As they hashed out their disagreements, they found common ground as Desaad tortured Granny for her failure.[6]


Fawcett City
May 15, 00:16 CDT

Granny Goodness spoke to a devastated Mary Bromfield as she wept, tempting her to disregard her friend's advice and use her powers. Mary said "Shazam".[7]

Granny took Mary into the Furies as Black Mary. She recruited another new member, Supergirl, who was taken from the Phantom Zone by the Light.[8]

September 17, 00:00 UTC

Granny presented Black Mary and Supergirl to Darkseid.[8]


  • Rod: Granny carries a rod capable of delivering shocks and energy blasts which she uses to discipline those she deems naughty.[1][2]
  • Fatherbox[2]
  • Cerebral leash: A mind control device. Gretchen and Granny used one to control Halo while they were using her to spread the Anti-Life Equation.[4]

Former equipment


Background information

  • In the comics, Granny Goodness is one of Darkseid's elite, in charge of training most armies. She is the leader of the Female Furies.
  • This is her seventh animated appearance. She appeared in Superman: The Animated Series (voiced by Edward Asner), Legion of Super-Heroes, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, Justice League: Gods and Monsters, DC Super Hero Girls and Justice League Action


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