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Forager is a Bug from New Genesis and a member of the Mountain Hive. She "foraged" a Ruction Cell from Supertown.[1] After the death of Tomar-Re, his Green power ring chose Forager as his successor, turning her into a probative member of the Green Lantern Corps.[2]



August 26, 20:20 UTC

Forager snuck into the secure warehouse by hiding in a shipment of spent crystals. She looked around and found a device that caused some spent crystals to glow. As she tried to sneak out of the warehouse, she bumped into Captain Celestia, but managed to avoid her and rolled off of the landing dock into a lake on New Genesis's surface.[1]

Mountain Hive
August 26, 21:58 UTC

Forager showed off her prize to her hive, who were delighted by her find. When the New Gods arrived to retrieve the device, she left the cell in with a pair of larvae while she and the other adults went outside to meet them. She was initially unimpressed by Orion and Rocket's warnings about the device, but Forager was able to convince her the device was a real threat to her hive, and she agreed to return it. However, the larvae had run away with it. Forager was able to guess where the larvae went. By the time they got to the larvae, the device was malfunctioning and began to discharge bolts of energy uncontrollably. One bolt hit Orion, sending him into a rage. Forager was shocked when Orion attacked the larvae. Eventually, the cell expended itself, with the worst of the blast contained by Rocket's force-bubble.[1]

August 27, post-11:50 UTC

The male Forest Forager chose to miss the conference, preferring to spend time with Forager. They walked around Supertown, holding hands and wiggling antennae. They were disturbed by the commotion of Razer attacking Metron. Razer's energy blasts caused considerable collateral damage to the city, and some statues above them were destroyed. The female Forager pushed the male Forager out of the way, but was hit herself and badly injured. This caused Razer to realize his mistake, and he ended up regaining his Blue power ring while retaining his Red one. He used to the Blue ring to heal the female Forager. The male Forager thanked Razer, so Razer apologized for causing the injury in the first place, and thanked them for helping him to hope again, to the Foragers' confusion. Razer then repaired the statues, also creating statues of the Foragers, to their delight.

Later, the Foragers attended a small celebration for Flash's 102nd birthday and sang a Bug birthday song.[3]

August 28, 17:19 UTC

Forager and Forager talked in front of their statues. Forager was still torn between staying her and returning to Earth, but the female Forager suggested she go to Earth with him, to his delight.[2]

August 29, 00:02 UTC

Metron called a meeting with Orion, Rocket, Flash, the Foragers, Kilowog, Tomar-Re and the Forever People. After he (finally) finished explaining the threat posed by Lor-Zod and the Phantom Zone Projector, he explained that Highfather had the Divine Guard protecting power sources on Supertown, while they would have to split up and defend the two potential sources on New Genesis's surface. The Foragers went with Orion, Rocket, Flash and Tomar-Re.[2]

Boiling Lake Crater
August 29, 00:14 UTC

They arrived and quickly found they were at the right location. They were spotted and Ma'alefa'ak brain blasted them, knocking them from the sky. Tomar-Re caught everyone with a construct, and they renewed their approach. Forager attacked the Kaizer-Thrall, freeing Flash from it, but was then caught by it herself. The male Forager saw and came to help, but was also caught in a beam. The female Forager broke her hand free of the Thrall trying to reach him, and after Tomar-Re's death, she was selected by his ring to be a Green Lantern. After reciting the Green Lantern Corps' oath, she blasted the Thrall, freeing Forager. She then took Mantis and the Thrall into custody in a bubble construct. Once the battle ended, everyone gathered around Tomar-Re's body.[2]

August 30, 21:00 UTC

As the Justice League contingent prepared to leave, the two Foragers said their goodbyes. With the Mountain Forager now a probationary Green Lantern bound for training on Oa, Forager suggested they attempt a long-distance relationship, and gifted her his favorite book, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.[2]

In early September, Green Lanterns Soranik Natu and Forager studied the Kaizer-Thrall on Oa.[4] After determining the Thrall was really a human, it was released and sent back to Earth with Forager.[5]

The Watchtower
September 13, 17:38 EDT

Forager was present when Miss Martian arrived to make psychic contact with the Kaizer-Thrall, who she soon discovered was a trafficked meta-human boy named Danny Chase. Soon after, J'emm J'axx contacted M'gann to tell her he had reason to believe Superboy was still alive. After some false starts, a plan was hatched to rescue Superboy from the Phantom Zone by opening a boom tube using the Kaizer-Thrall and a Motherbox on Trombus. Forager was happy to join the mission to help a friend of Forager's.[5]

September 13, 23:45 UTC

The group boom tubed to Trombus, and Danny and the Motherbox opened a boom tube to the Zone. M'gann reached out to Conner psychically, but he refused to come out. She went to lead the group into the Zone to get him, but Ma'alefa'ak took control of the Kaizer-Thrall and used it to subdue Forager and the others. She was helpless as Conner and three other Kryptonians exited the boom tube, and Conner collapsed due to his injuries.[5]

September 14, 00:01 UTC

Forager and the others remained pinned as Lor-Zod introduced himself to his parents. Forager was able to overcome the Thrall and make a brief attack, before being taken down by Ma'alefa'ak. Even the brain blast was not enough to keep her down for long, so the Zods retreated via boom tube, taking Conner and the Thrall with them.

Forager and the others eventually recovered. They need to get to Earth, the most likely place the Zods had gone. Orion wondered if Forager could take them through subspace, when Kid Flash appeared with Bio-Ship.[6]

September 14, 01:19 UTC

Forager flew outside Bio-Ship, creating a warp field around herself and the ship. This combined with the Cosmic Treadmill allowed them to fly at incredible speed.[6]

September 14, 04:08 UTC

They arrived at their destination, and Forager boarded the Bio-Ship. The group quickly detected boom tube activity at the Fortress of Solitude. Ursa Zod, now empowered by the Eye of Ekron, detected them and blasted them out of the sky as they approached. Saturn Girl was able to get off a warning, which allowed Superman and Orion to take the brunt of the blast. Bio-Ship crashed to the ground, and M'gann and Saturn Girl created a psychic illusion to make it appear everyone but Superman had died. Forager was among those who were really knocked unconscious by the crash. The Zods eventually left with Superman as their captive.[6][7]

North Pole
September 14, 09:41 UTC

Forager and the other wounded were tended by J'emm J'axx.[7]

Happy Harbor
September 16, post-16:16 EDT

A recovered Forager attended Conner and M'gann's wedding. Before the ceremony, she listened approvingly as a plan was hatched to release the Phantom Zone prisoners on Trombus under the watch of the Justice League, New Genesis and the Green Lantern Corps.[7]

Powers and abilities

  • Bug physiology: Forager can curl herself into a ball, folding in her extremities to become encased entirely in her thick dorsal exoskeleton. She can control the forward motion of this ball, hurtling herself at opponents at high speed. This form allowed her to survive the fall from Supertown into a lake on the surface of New Genesis. Orion was impressed with her ability to properly time the jump to hit the lake.[1]


  • Green power ring: The power ring is capable of creating whatever the user thinks through pure will. All Green Lanterns cover themselves in a green aura which gives them the ability of flight and life support in space.[2]


Background information

  • Following the death of the first Forager, a female bug was designated his replacement. She partnered with Orion to defeat Mantis—and Orion's prejudice against Bugs. During the Countdown to Final Crisis, she teamed up with Jimmy Olsen.


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