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Gregor Markov is the exiled former King of Markovia.


Ealry life

Gregor is the eldest son of King Viktor and Queen Ilona, 16 minutes older than his twin brother Brion.[2] As a child, he often played as superheroes with his brother and sister.[3]


July 29, post-03:00 EEST

After hearing commotion outside the Royal Chambers, Gregor and Brion ran to find his parents murdered. With his father dead, Gregor was the new king, but as he was a minor, his uncle Baron DeLamb would act as regent until he became 18.

Neither Gregor nor his brother liked or trusted their uncle, whose first actions as the regent were imposing martial law and reversing some of King Viktor's decrees. Brion voiced his distrust to his brother and suggested delaying the coronation, but Gregor felt that Markovia needed a king. Their uncle would only be regent for a year; Gregor dismissed Brion's concerns that a lot of damage could be done in that time.[2]

July 30, post-19:23 EEST
July 31, 00:44 EEST


Beverly Hills
February 14, 18:34 PST
Beverly Hills
February 15, 18:59 PST



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