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Halo is a gifted individual created as a result of the fusion of Gabrielle Daou, a deceased Quraci girl, with the spirit of a Motherbox.[5] Imbued with numerous aura powers, Halo doesn't view themself as Gabrielle anymore. Instead, they have chosen to go by Violet Harper as a civilian and Halo as a hero.[6] They were a member of Nightwing's team before they joined the Team,[7] and were romantically involved with Brion Markov for a time.[5][8]


After their resurrection, their original personality was wiped and they had no recollection of their past. As a result, they were extremely timid and meek, often acting afraid and uncertain of how to interact with their surroundings, sometimes exhibiting childlike behavior. Despite remembering English, they had great difficulty in communicating with others, usually resorting to one-word responses or gestures.[9] Over time, they have improved their communication skills and grew more self-confident, largely due to their interactions with Nightwing's team and as they got a better handle of their powers and became able to manifest new abilities.

Much like Forager, Violet bonds with outsiders like themself rather quickly and seeks to help them the best way they can.[10][11]

Physical appearance

Halo's full costume.

Violet is a slim, olive-skinned teenager with brown eyes and medium-length brown hair, though they wear a hijab to cover their head.[12]

As Halo, they wear a form-fitting, black and gray unitard that covers their entire body, except for their face and fingers. It also has a hood with a violet stripe on its hem. Their arms are also adorned with colored stripes with an angular design: blue ones around their upper arms, red ones around their forearms and yellow ones around their hands. When they use their powers, the stripes and the gray patch on their uniform, as well as their irises, turn to the color of their invoked aura, while their pupils and sclera swap colors.[13]


July 2018

July 30, post-19:23 EEST

The dead body comes back to life.

Gabrielle Daou's dead body was thrown inside a grave by Henchy, Johann Mintz, and Piotor Platz, along with other failed Tar subjects. But as they were being covered up, a violet aura beamed from them and they sprang back to life. They tried to climb out of the grave, but Henchy and his men attempted to bury them alive. Fortunately, Tigress intervened and fought Johann and Piotor. When Henchy tried to use an energy whip against the two, they unwittingly generated a red force-field, causing his whip to bounce back and knock Henchy out. They ran off with Artemis.

The revived corpse was largely discombobulated and had no memory of what had happened before the grave incident, including having no memory of their name. They could speak English, albeit with some difficulty.[1]

July 31, post-00:01 EEST

Artemis instructed them to stay with Sphere while they rescued Superboy. As they watched Artemis and Jefferson Pierce walking towards the cliff, they uttered one word: "kill".

They followed them inside with Sphere, and when Plasmus was about to strike a deadly blow against Artemis, Violet shielded them with their red-aura power, firmly stating "no kill". Artemis was happy they didn't stay behind, despite her instructions, and dubbed them "Halo-Girl".

"Halo-Girl" manifests an orange aura which allows them to fly.

They made an escape with the Team, but Count Vertigo was able to track them down. In the ensuing skirmish, Halo-Girl manifested another aura—an orange one that allowed flight—when Plasmus grabbed them and burned half of their face off, though they didn't die and was able to heal themself back to normal with their violet aura.[12]

After Plasmus—now released from Vertigo's control—was shot dead, Halo-Girl tried to heal him, but he was dead and could not be resurrected.[12] That night, Artemis decided to take care of Halo-Girl and brought them to her place.[12]

August 2018

Star City
August 01, 07:16 PDT

As Halo-Girl was sleeping two feet above their couch, Will Harper and Artemis discussed what to do with them.

Later, they walked with Artemis through a park and thanked her for letting them stay in. They spontaneously started levitating and Artemis told them to be more careful. Halo-Girl was remembering more English, but still couldn't remember their past life, except for the fact that wearing a hijab somehow "felt right".

Artemis told them that Dick was running a background check to find out who they were and return them back to their family. They proceeded to slip under a willow tree where they met Doctor Fate and Artemis asked if he could help with Halo-Girl's memories. Fate observed them and sensed an "old soul inside this young body", but Zatanna arrived before he could be asked to elaborate.

While Zatara and Zatanna conversed, Halo-Girl wondered what they and Artemis were doing there. Artemis explained they were not there for that part and asked her if Fate's words meant anything and if they had regained any memories. Halo-Girl remembered being buried, then being strapped to a gurney and hooked to an IV bag, then being abducted in Markovburg and finally hiding from Bialyan invaders. However, they simply told Artemis all she could remember was "darkness."

Later, when Artemis was comforting a grieving Zatanna after her father is repossessed by Nabu, Halo-Girl realized they were there for that part.[9]

Happy Harbor
August 04, post-12:33 EDT

Halo arrived alongside Dick, Artemis, Jefferson via a Zeta-Tube hidden in Conner's garage. They spotted a computer screen with their picture and asked if that was them. Dick then started running a search in hopes of finding more about their background.

They went outside with Brion and told him he "seemed broken" and they felt the need to fix him. Brion started testing his powers, while Halo observed, impressed. The others arrived and encouraged Brion to test his powers. He ended up losing control and burned all his clothes away. Halo reassured Brion that he was nicely shaped and it was not his form that was broken. They told him to rest while they took their turn to test their powers.

Halo's new aura knocks them out with the recoil.

Jefferson instructed them to switch between their auras to protect themself, while Artemis attacked them. Halo fended off and evaded her blows with their red and orange auras when suddenly they manifested a new yellow aura. They cautiously tested it and fired an energy blast that knocked them backward, crashing into a car. While Halo healed their injuries with their violet aura, Brion said goodbye to them, calling them "Violet" and saying he couldn't stay. Halo asked him to stay, which he did after Dick promised to help him find his sister.[2]

Happy Harbor
August 05, 21:04 EDT

Halo was walking with Brion outside Conner's house when they suddenly got hungry, so Brion offered them an apple. Halo was delighted to try it, apparently for the first time in their life. Conner, M'gann, and Artemis approached and introduce them to Forager. Halo was eager to share apples with him, and as soon as someone mentioned his home planet, New Genesis, Halo inexplicably started spouting information about it, without knowing where it all came from.

Halo, Brion, and Forager then stepped inside the Bio-Ship, which M'gann had repurposed to be their new living quarters. When Brion announced his intentions to go after his sister on Infinity Island, Halo and Forager both offered to help, because according to Forager's reasoning, by sharing food between themselves, they belonged to the same "hive". Halo convinced Sphere to take them there, claiming they had a special relationship.

Infinity Island
August 06, 00:41 ECT

Held hostage by Sensei, Halo tries to defend themself only to get their neck broken.

The trio arrived at their destination and as they made their way inside the island, Halo told Brion they wanted to have a civilian name, like Artemis did, and wanted it to be "Violet" because it was what Brion had called them the day before. However, Brion was too preoccupied with his quest to give them the approval and attention they were seeking. Suddenly, they encountered Sensei and Brion demanded him to reveal the whereabouts of Tara, but Sensei was not forthcoming and a fight ensued. Sensei snatched Halo and held them hostage. When Halo tried to use their powers, Sensei snapped their neck. Their body was thrown inside a prison cell, in front of a captured Brion, when suddenly they came back to life with their violet aura.

Halo, Brion, Forager, and Sphere were then extricated by Nightwing, Tigress, Superboy and Black Lighting. On their way back home, Halo declared that they wanted to stay with Brion and Forager, rather than joining the Team, thus forming a new team. Tigress then informed Halo that they had learned their real name: Gabrielle Daou, which jogged Halo's memories about their arrival in Markovia and the harsh treatment they received. This prompted them to put their past behind and assert themself a new identity: "Violet".[14]

September 2018

Mount Justice
September 08, 11:04 EDT

Halo was enjoying some time at the beach with Conner, Artemis, Brion and Forager, when Dick arrived with brand new uniforms for them and Brion.

Halo's green aura spawns holographic copies of themself.

Soon after, they started training and Halo displayed a better grasp in controlling and switching between their auras. At night, Halo had some s'mores, while the others congregated around a fire. When it was time for them to choose their code names, Halo had already settled on "Halo" and they resumed their training.

Later on, Dick, Conner, and Artemis congratulated the new recruits and treated them to complimentary s'mores. Halo was so happy that they manifested a new green aura, spawning holographic copies of themself around the others. This prompted Dick to start their training over.[13]

Happy Harbor
September 25, 23:43 EDT

Dick briefed Violet, Jefferson, Artemis, Brion and Forager on a possible lead to Tara Markov: Cheshire, and set off after her.

September 26, 00:56 EDT

Distressed by the disappearance of Geo-Force, Halo manifests another aura.

The six tracked Cheshire down to a hanger and fought off her accomplices. Halo, Geo-Force, and Forager sparred with Shade, but he was able to redirect their attacks to each other with his shadow portals. Halo got knocked to the ground by a redirected Forager and Geo-Force charged towards Shade, who in turn opened a portal that swallowed Brion whole. Halo demanded Shade to return him, but he refused and teased them, saying he would keep Geo-Force forever gone. Enraged, Halo manifested a new blue aura that emanated a bright light, which overpowered Shade, forcing him to retreat and return Geo-Force. They ran over to hug him with relief.[10]

Owings Mills
September 29, 13:02 EDT

As soon as Superboy arrived with Geo-Force and Forager in the Super-Cycle, Halo, who was already at the site with Tigress, greeted him with great enthusiasm. They were then greeted by Dr. Jace and apprised them of their new identify: Violet/Halo. Without warning, Nightwing unleashed a surprise attack on them. Halo instinctively dashed to shield Geo-Force and started to fight back once they and Forager realized it was a test. Nightwing eventually ceased the test and complimented Halo and Forager for their thinking and reacting fast.

While Nightwing and Geo-Force were having a row, Lobo crash landed and proceeded to attack Forager, claiming to have a contract to kill him. By Nightwing's command, Halo tried to extricate Forager out of the site, but Lobo skewered them with his hook gun and pulled them back. After healing themself, Halo generated holograms of Forager to confuse Lobo and shielded themself and Jace from his attacks. He then shot a couple of energy blasts, managing to sever Lobo's little finger. Lobo became enraged and tried to attack them and flung Black Lighting at them. Then they watched in horror as Lobo punched Forager to mush. Thankfully, it turned out it was just his exo-shell that he had shed to fool the assassin. Halo halted themself from hugging him though, because of his "googey" naked look.[11]

October 2018

Owings Mills
October 12, 08:22 EDT

Halo trained with the team. They proudly noted they were getting better at not falling, but fell from the sky after Brion complimented them. They were unharmed. Brion accidentally burned them while helping them up, but they quickly healed themself.[6]

Star City
October 12, 19:49 PDT

Violet ate ice cream with the Harper household. Artemis told them should needed to enroll in school and would need a name. Having already chosen Violet as their first name, they eventually selected Harper at Will's suggestion.[6]

Happy Harbor
October 15, 07:19 EDT

Violet arrived at the Carr home excited for their first day of school. The informed Forager that they had chosen a human name for him, Fred Bugg, and Artemis gave him a Glamour Charm, before they headed off with M'gann and Lucas.

At Happy Harbor High School, the two new students were introduced to their classmates. Violet was feeling somewhat ill and the two made a poor impression on their classmates, but found a friend in fellow outcast Harper Row.

After eating lunch with Harper on the bleachers, Violet continued to feel unwell. They wandered off and began to manifest an indigo aura, which resulted in them opening a boom tube. They went through, leaving Forager behind.[15]

October 15, post-07:16 EDT

They emerged in STAR Labs, where they found a Fatherbox-controlled Victor Stone on a rampage. The Fatherbox took note of Violet, calling them an abomination, then attacked them. Violet successfully defended themself, then used their healing aura to cleanse Vic. Vic pleaded with them to remove the cybernetic prosthetics, but they could not. As they went to leave by boom tube, Vic asked to accompany them, which they allowed. They returned to Happy Harbor High, where Forager and M'gann were waiting for Violet.[15]

Happy Harbor
October 15, 19:21 EDT

At the Carr home, Violet and the rest of Nightwing's team gathered to discuss the unusual day at school. The group deduced that Violet was in fact the result of the soul of a Motherbox dissected by Simon Ecks fusing with the corpse of Gabrielle Daou, creating a new being with only scattered memories of their previous lives. When Vic was taken over by the Fatherbox again, Violet cleansed him once more. Dick recommended Violet and Vic stay close together until they could find a more permanent solution for Vic. When Artemis asked about the strange words Violet said while cleansing Vic, they remembered nothing.

Later, Brion and Violet kissed among the apple trees.[5]

Happy Harbor
October 31, 17:42 EDT

Violet was excited to attend the Happy Harbor High School Halloween dance, having painted a skull on their face, but the plan was cancelled when Dick arrived with intel on Tara's location requiring an immediate response. While the rest of the team left, Violet stayed behind with Vic and Helga.

Violet was overcome with panic when Brion left without them. Struggling to handle strong new emotions, Helga tried to soothe Violet by brushing their hair. Sensing Violet's vulnerability, the Fatherbox took over Vic once more. Violet was unable to use their powers due to their emotional turmoil and fled from "Vic". They ran to the bathroom, but he soon found them. Vic was able to fight off Fatherbox's control for a few moments, buying time for Violet to flee again, but seeing Vic suffering gave Violet the clarity to stand their ground and use their emotions as a source of strength. They cleansed Vic again, and this time both they and Vic could sense that it was permanent.

The rest of the team returned from a successful mission with Tara in tow. After telling them about cleansing Vic, Brion introduced Violet to Tara as his girlfriend, to Violet's delight.[16]

November 2018

Mount Justice
November 04, 10:21 EST

Nightwing's team gathered for a breakfast meeting on the beach. Dick, Artemis and Conner told them that they thought they were ready for the Team if they wanted to join, but also laid out the risks involved and that there was no pressure to join.[7]

The Watchtower
November 06, 14:59 EST

Miss Martian welcomed Halo, Geo-Force, Forager and Terra to the Team. When Artemis noted the addition of two girls to the Team, it prompted Halo to speak about their uncertainty about their gender. Though Gabrielle had been a girl, a Motherbox, despite the name, had no gender in a human sense. As a new entity, Halo had yet to figure out what they were, except themself. They found acceptance from their teammates, including Brion.[7]

Star City
November 06, 17:21 PST

Violet texted Brion amid the everyday chaos of the Harper home. Artemis called for their help after Lian spilled her juice.[7]

The Watchtower
November 16, 21:21 EST

Halo attended a Team briefing. The squad, under Tigress's command, was assigned to investigate a suspected meta-human trafficking operation in Russia.[17]

November 17, 23:23 VLAT

Halo was part of the squad sent into the facility. They used their holographic power to camouflage them as they snuck in. After seeing that nothing illegal was happening, they began to leave but Beast Boy spotted some supposed convicts preparing to attack the facility. The Team intervened. During the ensuing battle, Violet was stunned when Captain Boomerang used a certain phrase, "have I got a proposition for you", triggering one of Gabrille's memories. Halo was an easy target and took a boomerang to the chest. The Team succeeded in driving the criminals into retreat, but were then confronted by the Rocket Red Brigade. With Violet still healing themself and unable to boom tube them away, Tigress began to reason with the Brigade, but they soon came under attack from the regrouped Task Force X. Halo was able to create a shield to protect the Team until Forager on the Bio-Ship provided the cover fire for them to go on the offensive. The Team and the Brigade defeated Task Force X, and Tigress was able to convince the Brigade to let them go.[17]

Belle Reve Parish
November 17, 10:10 CST

Halo and the rest of the Team monitored from the Bio-Ship as Aquaman returned the captives to Belle Reve Penitentiary and met with Amanda Waller, who explained the nature of Task Force X and made it clear that if the Justice League attempted to make her group public knowledge, she would out the Team.[17]

Star City
November 17, 16:16 PST

Violet had coffee with Brion and Tara at the Harper home. Brion noticed Violet was distant, but they said they were okay. After Brion was called away to help Will, Violet remembered the memory triggered earlier by Boomerang, of Gabrielle accepting a bribe from Henchy to open a secure door at the Royal Palace, which let in the assassin that killed Brion and Tara's parents. They were determined that Brion and Tara never find out.[17]

Star City
November 22, 13:01 PST

Violet had Thanksgiving dinner with the Harper household and their guests. They had expected Brion and Tara to go to the festival at the Meta-Human Youth Center, but Artemis told them Brion wanted to be with them. Violet was distracted throughout, and became distraught when Artemis talked about "bribing" Brucely with food and ran outside. Helga went out to check on them, and Violet told her about Gabrielle taking the bribe. Helga assured them that they were not responsible for Gabrielle's actions, but Violet remained convinced Brion and Tara could never know. Helga promised to keep their secret and sent them back in.[18]

December 2018

The Watchtower
December 04, 19:09 EST

Halo attended a meeting of the Team and Aquaman called by Beast Boy, where Gar announced his intention to form a new public team of young heroes to inspire young people and promote meta-human rights. After Aquaman objected, Gar insisted and other Team members who had agreed to join came forward. Halo stayed with those not joining the new group, saying they were not ready yet.[19]

December 04, 17:48 PST

After gaining Aquaman's approval, Gar brought everyone to the Premiere Building penthouse, which he had set up as headquarters for the new group, as well as living space for those without homes of their own, including Team members like Violet.[19]

Star City
December 07, 19:49 PST

Violet, Tara and Artemis watched reports on the Outsiders's first mission from the Harper kitchen. Artemis admitted that she would miss having the girls living with them, and they decided to have an ice cream sleepover for their last night together. The sleepover was interrupted by a thunderstorm, which disturbed both Lian and Violet. Artemis comforted Violet.[19]

December 21, 04:31 PST

As Violet, Tara and Forager got up to go to school, Helga took Violet aside and told them that she had run tests on some hair samples she had taken and found that they were dying. Helga explained that whenever Violet used their healing aura it came at a cost to their overall health. Helga suggested to keep this a secret from the others while she worked with her mentor on a solution, hoping that they would have better news soon. Violet agreed.[20]

Mount Justice
December 21, 13:56 EST

Violet decided not to return to the Premiere Building with Tara and Forager, and instead went to hang out with Harper Row at the beach. They drank alcohol and shot off a gun. After Violet ignored a text from Brion, Harper kissed them. Violet protested that they had a boyfriend, but Harper dismissed it, saying she had one too, and kissed them again before giving them the gun. Violet shot some bottles with great accuracy, until a police officer arrived and demanded they drop the gun. Violet hesitated for a long time, before finally dropping it and raising their hands.[20]

Happy Harbor
December 21, 17:18 EST

M'gann picked Violet up from the police station. She asked Violet what happened, but they remained silent.[20]

December 31, 09:00 CAT

Halo took part in a joint Team/Outsiders mission to prevent a terrorist attack at a UN climate summit in Bwundasa. Halo and Terra were assigned to protect Ambassador Troia, who came under attack by a masked Lady Shiva. When Shiva slashed her sword toward Terra, Halo leaped in the path, and their throat was cut. Terra and Troia forced Shiva's retreat.

On the Bio-Ship afterward, Halo and Beast Boy discussed how the mission felt like a set-up.[21]

December 31, 07:15 MST

The squad took a meta-teen rescued in Bwunda to the Meta-Human Youth Center. After ignoring another text from Brion, Miss Martian confronted Halo about the extreme risk they took on the mission. When Halo refused to explain themself, M'gann neched them from the Team. After El Dorado had an argument with his father, he told Halo to boom tube them out, which they did, with the rest of the Outsiders following in solidarity.[21]

January 2019

January 01, 14:24 PST

At the Premiere Building, Helga told Violet that she had had no luck with a treatment, but she was still working on it. Brion then took Halo aside and asked why they had been so distant. Halo simply said they might not be a good girlfriend and ran off to their room. Soon after, Brion barged in demanding answers. Violet confessed to kissing Harper, but after confirming Violet had no feelings for Harper, Brion forgave them. Violet then called Tara in and told the siblings about Gabrielle's role in their parents' deaths. Brion stormed out and Tara wandered off in shock.

Later, Violet sat at their desk and wrote[21] a goodbye note.[22]

January 02, 15:17 UTC+2

Violet went to Gabrielle's mother's home, where they posed as Gabrielle for her mother Madia and cousin Samad. To give them closure, they told them they were dying and had come to say goodbye. As they pressed for more details about what was wrong with them and how they could help, Violet realized their plan was not working, and the family realized they were acting strangely. Violet reluctantly told them the truth about Gabrielle's death and Violet's creation. Samad reacted angrily, calling them a demon, but Madia hushed him and thanked Violet for telling them the truth and giving them closure.

As Violet left, Artemis and Tara arrived on the Super-Cycle. Tara and Violet hugged, and Violet boom tubed them all to the Premiere Building.[22]

January 21, 17:32 PST

Violet noticed Brion remaining distant from them. They suggest telling him about their condition to Helga, but Helga dissuades them.

Later, Violet and Vic sensed a Motherbox in distress. Vic opened a boom tube, and they, Gar and Brion went through to Gretchen Goode's mansion. They found a Motherbox under attack by a laser, while mind controlled Dick and Jeff attacked Kaldur and Wyynde. After Vic disabled the laser, Violet healed the Motherbox and cleansed Dick and Jeff of mind control, but Gretchen noticed their incantation in the Tongue of the Old Gods. The group then retreated back through Vic's boom tube.

Later, Brion apologized to Violet for being distant and they hugged.[23]

January 22, 02:21 PST

Halo had pancakes with Brion, Gar, Vic and Forager to give space at the Premiere Building to Dick's family and close friends while he suffered the severe after-effects of exposure to Gretchen's X-Pit. Violet was dismayed that they were unable to help Dick.

The group later returned to the Premier Building, in time to hear Jeff's outrage after he figured out Batman and other team leaders had secretly conspired to split the Justice League, coordinate their teams and manipulate the Outsiders. As others argued, Helga took Violet aside and told them she had a treatment for their condition. As they went to the car outside, Violet was shocked to see Brion and Tara in the car. Helga told them that she had told the two about their condition and they had come to support her. In reality, Helga had control chips on them.

Helga took them to her lab in Dakota, expecting to turn Violet over to Ultra-Humanite and leave with the Markovs. She was surprised when Humanite arrived with Gretchen Goode. Before Violet could do anything, Goode had Overlord restrain them with a cerebral leash, placing Violet under Goode's control. Goode tempted Helga to learn what she had planned for Violet, and so they were all boom tubed into the X-Pit, inside the safety of a red cube. Goode pushed Violet out so they were exposed to the Ghost Dimension. This caused Violet to activate their healing aura, though it did not help. Goode then pushed Helga out, and Violet attempted to cleanse them, but as Goode had hypothesized, this subjected Helga to the Anti-Life Equation. As Goode explained it, Violet was a Motherbox without the technological safeguards Metron had built into inorganic Mother and Fatherboxes. Because of this, the Ghost Dimension repolarized Violet's connection to the Source of All Life, making their healing aura spread Anti-Life. To test the removal of free will, Goode ordered Helga to reveal her secrets, which she did, including that she had killed Gabrielle with morphine, that she had believed all the metas she created to be her children, that she had thought Halo was her daughter until finding out about their true origin, and that she had then been disgusted that they were dating her "son" and so lied about them dying in order to manipulate them.

After her successful test, Goode had them all returned to the lab, but Tara was not really under control thanks to an antidote chip. Tara freed Brion, but the others fled, with Violet boom tubing Goode and themself away on Goode's order.[24]

The Orphanage
January 22, 16:16 UTC

Gretchen turned Violet over to Granny Goodness.[24]

The Orphanage
January 25, 22:25 UTC

Granny used Violet to subject a squad of the Justice League attacking the Orphanage to Anti-Life.[25]

The Orphanage
January 26, post-01:17 UTC

Granny used Violet to enthrall Geo-Force, Terra and Forager after they attempted to rescue them. Later, when the rest of the Team came, Granny used Violet again, despite the best efforts of Miss Martian to brain blast her. With all opposition subdued, Granny had the Anti-Life field spread out far into space.[25]

The Orphanage
January 26, 02:48 UTC

Gretchen was sent back to the Orphanage and merged with Granny. Vic boom tubed in and removed the cerebral leash from Violet. Violet remembered what had happened and figured out a way to help. They were able to access all their auras at once, creating a rainbow aura, and used it to destroy the Ghost Dimension and cleanse everyone of Anti-Life. Granny attacked them, but Violet imprisoned her in a force field. They then led Cyborg and the League in destroying Granny's Ghost Dimension device. Granny escaped, but Violet blasted her, and Granny retreated with a Fatherbox. Brion ran up to Violet and kissed them.

Later, Vic and Violet returned the Team to the Premiere Building with boom tubes. Violet praised Vic for saving the day and they and Brion encouraged him to pick a hero name after he decided to join the Outsiders.[26]

February 2019

February 14, 18:03 PST

Violet babysat Lian at the Premiere Building, while Vic and Gar watched TV. They were surprised by the arrival of Metron, who boom tubed away with Violet, Vic and Lian.[27]

Mobius Dimension
-------- --, --:-- ---

In a dimension outside regular time and space, Violet and Vic found themselves unable to talk except in the pings of a Mother and Fatherbox, respectively. Metron could understand them, and explained that he viewed them as his grandchildren and was curious to see how they would continue to develop, assuming Darkseid did not kill them as they represented an obstacle to his plans. The warning delivered, Metron returned them to the Premiere Building.

Later that night, Violet took Lian home. They told Will they had had an average night, before putting Lian to bed.[27]

February 15, 15:34 PST

Halo prepared for action with the Beta Squad of the joint Team/Outsiders mission to respond to Baron Bedlam's coup in Markovia.[8]

February 16, 01:33 EET

Halo boom tubed Beta into the Royal Palace, where they successfully flushed Bedlam out into Alpha's path. They were pinned down by Count Vertigo for a while, but Nightwing took him down and sent Tigress and Halo on to support Alpha.

When they reached Alpha, the fight had spilled outside. Bedlam was captured, but Terra was about to kill Beast Boy. Tigress convinced Terra not to follow Deathstroke's orders, explaining they had known all along she was working for him, but that they wanted to give her the chance to chose another path, which Terra did, running into Tigress's arms. Brion was incensed that this was kept secret from him, and when Bedlam escaped, Brion caught him again and killed him. With the support of Zviad Baazovi and a crowd of cheering Markovians, Brion was emboldened to take the throne himself, but Tara refused to support him. Brion turned to a horrified Violet and pleaded with them to join him as his queen, but they wordlessly turned to Tigress. Brion ordered them all to leave his country.[8]

February 16, 01:24 PST

As everyone at the Premiere Building reeled from the events in Markovia, Halo sobbed in Forager's arms.[8]

The Watchtower
February 24, 19:00 EST

Halo was present for a meeting of the Justice League, The Team, the Outsiders and Batman's team, where Black Lightning was elected as the League's new leader.[8]

Happy Harbor
February 27, 08:08 EST

At Happy Harbor High, Fred Bugg revealed his true identity as Forager to his classmates. Everyone cheered, except a distracted Violet.[8]

Violet sought help from Secretary-General Troia to get Madia and Samad Daou visas to live in the US.[4]


Happy Harbor
February 25, 07:38 EST

Violet arrived at the Carr home with Tara and Forager for school and to see off M'gann and Conner on their wedding trip to Mars. Violet was greeted with enthusiasm by Harper Row, who was now living with the Carrs.

Sometime later, Violet had a therapy session with Dinah Lance, as part of a mental health program instituted by Black Lightning. Violet admitted they still struggled to understand Brion's decisions a year on, and it caused them to question some decisions of their own. Particularly, they considered their relationship with Islam, noting that it was important to Gabrielle, so much so that they felt they had to continue wearing a hijab even now, and wondering if Islam might hold value for them.[28]

On March 26, Halo took part in a mission alongside Tigress and Mist, where they fought some Manta Troopers.[29]

Star City
April 20, 06:00 PDT

Halo Zeta'ed to the Vault to begin their shift guarding Onyx and Cassandra Savage, but found the Vault deserted and covered in Black Spider's webs.[30]

Happy Harbor
April 21, 07:55 EDT

Violet visited Madia Daou. Though their greeting was somewhat awkward, Madia was happy to see Violet and welcomed them inside. After catching up on how Madia and Samad had settled into life in the US, Violet told Madia they wanted to learn more about Islam and whether it could hold meaning for them as it did for Gabrielle. Madia was happy to help. Violet helped Madia prepare dinner as they discussed the significance of the hijab, with Madia revealing she was aware of Violet's other life as Halo. When Madia burned her hand, Violet healed her. Later, they discussed the basic tenets of Islam and the nature of godhood, with Violet recalling their traumatic experience with Granny Goodness. Madia told them that she had been proud when she saw Violet reject Brion Markov's offer to become his queen, and that she felt Violet was on a good path.

Later that night, Violet met up with Harper Row. After they talked about Violet's meeting with Madia, Violet also revealed they had been considering their gender and wanted to decide on their preferred pronouns. After some deliberation, Violet decided that "they" and "them" best suited their non-binary identity.[4]

Violet graduated from Happy Harbor High School on June 1. They sat next to Harper at the ceremony and cheered when Forager finished his valedictorian's speech.[31]

Ivy Town
September 09, 14:25 EDT

Violet moved into their dorm at Ivy University with help from Harper. Harper was distant, partly because she feared her friendship with Violet was at risk since Violet was going to college and Harper wasn't. Though Violet reassured her they would always be friends, Harper also confessed that she wanted to be more than friends, especially now they were both single. Harper left Violet to think about it.[32]

September 09, 19:08 MDT

Violet went to a monthly group therapy session led by Dinah, also attended by Lia, Tara, Leslie, Andie, Vic and Gar. Violet spoke first, sharing their happiness at starting their new life at Ivy. They also expressed difficulty handling the possibility of a new romantic relationship due to their unresolved feelings for Brion. Tara encouraged them to move on with their own life, as Brion had made his own choices. Vic suggested contacting Brion to get closure. Violet sent Brion a text during the meeting, but got no response.

Halo boom tubed to the Royal Palace to meet with Brion. He was happy to see them, and they talked about how things had changed for both of them since they parted. Though it would be difficult, both wanted to move forward together, until Zviad Baazovi arrived. Following his intervention, Halo and Brion quickly became hostile, and Halo boom tubed out.

Later, Violet called Harper and asked to meet up.[32]

Happy Harbor
September 16, 16:16 EDT

Violet attended Conner and M'gann's wedding. They held hands with Harper before and during the ceremony.[33]

Powers and abilities


  • Aura generation: Ever since their resurrection, Halo has shown the ability to generate multiple colored auras, each with a different power. All of their auras had manifested for the first time in moments of extreme distress or happiness. For a long time, they could only use one aura at once, but could switch between them at will.
    • Red: Force fields.[1]
    • Orange: Flight[12] and telekinesis, though it is harder for Halo to lift other objects than themself.[34]
    • Yellow: Energy blasts. The discharges have a recoil.[2]
    • Green: Holograms. As well as creating decoys of themself[13] and others,[11] they can create camouflage fields around them simulating fake walls or objects,[6][21] or mimicking the background to hide themself and those nearby.[17] The holograms are not solid and are easily disrupted.[11]
    • Blue: Light. Halo emits a powerful bright light, sufficient to harm Shade,[10] and hurt the eyes of anyone looking directly at them.[21]
    • Indigo: Boom tubes. Halo's boom tubes are indigo rather than the usual yellow-orange.[15]
    • Violet: Healing,[12] including the ability to cleanse others of mind control.[15][23] They have shown the ability to heal themself, seemingly to the point of resurrection,[12] and has healed a Motherbox,[23] but was initially unsuccessful with healing other organic beings; they failed to heal Plasmus after he was shot dead[12] and was unable to help Dick after he was exposed to the Ghost Dimension.[24] Eventually, they began mastering this ability, as seen with Madia Daou, but admits that healing others is still harder than healing themself.[35] Halo has successfully cleansed the influence of an implanted Fatherbox,[15] brainwashing from an X-Pit,[23] and the Anti-Life Equation.[26]

Halo using all their auras at once.

  • "Rainbow Power": After being repolarized by an X-Pit,[24] Halo managed to unlock all of their auras, emanating an aura with cascading colors from red to violet, giving an appearance of a rainbow. This allows them to use multiple powers simultaneously. They are able to compensate for the recoil of their energy blasts, at least while in flight. This also gives them the ability to destroy the Ghost Dimension.[26]


  • Multilingualism: Halo can speak English[1] and Arabic.[22] They have also repeatedly used an Old God incantation but retains no memory of it.[5][23]



Background information

  • In the comics, Halo was an original member of the Outsiders with photokinetic powers. Violet Harper was a runaway who lived a life of crime, until an altercation with Tobias Whale and Syonide killed her. Her essence was merged with an alien Aurakle, essentially resurrecting her. Plagued with memory loss, she started using the name "Gabrielle Doe". Her original body was later revived by Kobra as Spectra.
  • This is Halo's second animated appearance. She appeared, with no lines, in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.


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