Haly's Circus

The circus tents.

The Haly International Traveling Circus is a traveling circus.

History Edit

Early history Edit

Owned and run by Jack Haly, the circus's star attraction were the Flying Graysons. Mob boss Zucco attempted to extort money from the circus, and when he failed, he murdered most of the Flying Graysons in a staged trapeze accident[1] on April 1st, 2006,[2]

2010 Edit

December 22, 20:08 CET

The fourth stop of the European tour proved just as troublesome as the others. He had a flu keeping a lot of his performers down, and because of a string of burglaries that coincided with the Circus's shows, Interpol agent King Faraday was nosing around the circus. Haly replaced the ill Carlo and his brother with the Daring Dangers, and the new group proved popular.[3]

December 24, 00:37 CET

Before the show in Switzerland, the Dangers made it clear that they wanted to part ways with the circus, now that the real culprit behind the robberies was gone and everyone at the circus was in shape again. Haly knew full well that the youngest member, Dan Danger, was actually his old star Dick Grayson, and convinced him to do one last act.[3]

2015 Edit

Gotham City
February 17, 20:20 EST

The Light used Haly's Circus material to smuggle their captive, Helena Sandsmark, into the country. Riddler and Psimon kept her in the circus ring to ambush the Team.[4]

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