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Harper Row is the foster child of Lucas Carr, and a friend of Violet Harper and Forager.


Harper has a good heart, but hides it through her tough exterior; she takes most of the beatings from her father, to protect her brother. She avoids talking to "normal" kids, believing that they couldn't understand her; this allows her to respect and bond with stranger people like Violet and Fred. She believes that being a "freak" is nothing to be ashamed of, and that it makes a person unique. At her core, Harper fears becoming like her father; she even started drinking under age to escape her horrible life. Ultimately, Harper makes the right call and tells her counselor Megan Morse the truth about her home, getting herself and her brother put in the same home for children abused by their parents. Harper claims to have a boyfriend, but she seems to be attracted to Violet.

Physical appearance

Harper is a Caucasian teenage girl with gray eyes and short hair dyed blue with the sides shaven. She wears black ear piercings and lipstick. Her outfit consists of a black leather jacket, a brown top underneath, black leggings and boots. By 2020, Harper's hair has grown longer and is kept in a ponytail.


Early life

Harper and her brother Cullen grew up in an unsafe environment. Their father was alcoholic and abusive, and she would often go to school with bruises. Harper cared for her younger brother, but feared being separated from him if they went into foster care. So they would lie, saying that all injuries were the result of play fighting between the siblings. They'd rather endure the constant abuse together than be separated.[3]


Happy Harbor
October 15, 07:19 EDT

Harper arrived late to class at Happy Harbor High School to find that two new students had joined in her absence. Harper sensed the two were fellow outcasts and quickly befriended Violet and Fred.

She shared lunch with her new friends on the bleachers, and gave Fred a little advice on his obsession with his name-"Fred Bugg with two Gs"—before heading to class.[4]

Mount Justice
December 21, 13:56 EST

Harper and Violet went to the beach after school. They drank alcohol and shot a gun. Harper kissed Violet, and when Violet protested that she had a boyfriend, Harper simply replied that she had one too and kissed her again. Violet took a turn with the gun when a police officer arrived.[5]

Happy Harbor
December 21, 17:18 EST

Unable to contact her father, the police were forced to leave Harper in a cell while they tried to find him.[5]


Happy Harbor
January 02, 08:16 EST

Megan Morse talked to Harper in her office, having noticed bruises on her and, unusually, Cullen. Harper refused to say anything other than the siblings had been roughhousing in explanation. Megan pressed her on the fact that Cullen did not usually get bruised, and posited that it might be because Harper usually protected him but she had been in jail. She asked Harper if she was really protecting her brother or her father with her silence. Finally, Harper admitted that her father beat them.

Later, Megan took Harper and Cullen to Happy Harbor Child Protective Services.[3]

Happy Harbor
February 27, 08:08 EST

Harper cheered along with the rest of her class when Fred Bugg revealed he was really Forager.[6]

Harper and Cullen were taken in as foster children[2] by Lucas Carr and Bethany Lee Carr, and they were told about[7] the secret lives of Megan, Violet and others.[8]


Happy Harbor
February 25, 07:38 EST

As she got ready to leave for school, Harper was excited to see Violet had arrived and greeted her enthusiastically, initially ignoring everyone else. As Cullen remarked on how unusual their life was now, Harper checked with him that he hadn't told anyone. The group then bid goodbye to Megan and Conner as they left for their wedding on Mars.[8]

The evening of April 21, Harper talked with Violet. She asked them about their visit to Madia Daou. Violet then discussed their gender, and after some deliberation decided they/them pronouns were best suited. Harper happily reintroduced Violet to the world.[9]

Happy Harbor
June 01, post-15:26 EDT

Harper graduated from Happy Harbor High School. She sat next to Violet at the ceremony and cheered after Forager gave his valedictorian's speech.[10]

Harper got a job at the H.H.D.W.P. and dumped her boyfriend, Jack.[11]

Ivy Town
September 09, 14:25 EDT

Harper helped Violet move into her dorm at Ivy University. Harper was distant, partly because she feared her friendship with Violet was at risk since Violet was going to college and Harper wasn't. Though Violet reassured her they would always be friends, Harper also confessed that she wanted to be more than friends, especially now they were both single. Harper left Violet to think about it.

Later, Harper received a call from Violet asking to meet up.[11]

Happy Harbor
September 16, 16:16 EDT

Harper attended Conner and M'gann's wedding. She held hands with Violet before and during the ceremony.[12]</ref>


Background information

  • Harper Row is a young genius introduced in the New 52, who later took the name Bluebird as a member of the Bat family.
  • This is her first animated appearance.


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