Hart is a guard at Belle Reve Penitentiary.

Physical appearance

Hart is a Caucasian woman of average build. She has shoulder length brown hair, and typically wore the uniform of a Belle Reve guard. This consisted of a khaki colored button up shirt with a golden colored badge on one side, and her name on the other. She also wore brown pants.[2]



Belle Reve Parish
September 16, 21:55 CDT

Hart escorted "Tuppence Terror" to her cell with Ripley.[2]

Belle Reve
September 17, post-06:00 CDT

When the inmates broke out, she was quickly subdued. Killer Frost was ready to execute her, ignoring Hart's pleas for her life. "Tuppence" interfered, which lead to the villains fighting her instead of Hart.[2]


Background information

The guards at Belle Reve were designed by Jerome Moore, who decided to give all of them a different personality and a nametag.[3]


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