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Dr. Helena Sandsmark is an archeologist and Wonder Girl's mother.

Physical appearance Edit

Helena Sandsmark has a slender figure and shoulder-length dark brown hair. She also wears glasses.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Helena is an archeologist and teacher. She raised her daughter on her own. Her work on Greek architecture was of interest to Aquaman and Wonder Woman. She was abducted from a dig site in Olympia in February 2015, after she had uncovered a strange Babylonian artifact that she felt was out of place.[1]

2015 Edit

February 17, 07:15 EET

The Team was sent to investigate, and discovered Sandsmark had left behind a tablet device. She had saved a message on it, detailing what little she had discovered of her abductors.[1]

Gotham City
February 17, 20:20 EST

After locating all the fragments for the Light, she discovered she was to be taken to Gotham City. She left another message on her device, hoping it would lead to her release.

She was held by Riddler in an empty circus tent. Nightwing and his squad eventually found her and released her. Sandsmark was pleased, as she had feared her messages would not be heard.

Following her release, she continued to work with the Team. She discovered that Riddler had set her up to find the original artifact, and had been closely monitoring her. She also discovered the third artifact they got was a fake.[2]

2019 Edit

January 1, 2019, 14:24 PST

Appearances Edit

Background information Edit

  • Helena Sandsmark is the mother of Cassandra Sandsmark, whose father is Zeus. Helena was granted with the power to short out her daughter's powers, but has never used it.

References Edit

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