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Helga Jace is the former chief physician of the Markovian royal family. She now works at the Markov Family Meta-Human Youth Center, activating and taking care of new meta-humans.


Helga is a cunning, deceptive, delusional, manipulative and ruthless person who hides her insanity behind a kindhearted and soft-spoken façade.

She willingly participated in the heinous operations of the Bedlam Syndicate,[3] despite later professing to being coerced and trying to look out for the children's well-being.[4] Over time, she came to see the meta-humans she created as her own children; most notably Tara, Brion and, during some time, Violet. Her delusion was so entrenched that she toppled the entire Syndicate merely because Baron Bedlam separated her from Tara, her perceived daughter.[3]

As a testament to her manipulative skills, Helga cajoled Brion to get tested for the Meta-Gene[3] and become meta-active, in order to take on the Markovian meta-human trafficking scourge. She did so by subtly implying that he wouldn't be able to fight meta-human traffickers without meta-human powers, all the while making it look like it was his idea.[5] Furthermore, she seduced Jefferson Pierce to use him as a means to reunite her "children" and wheedled him into setting up a laboratory for her.[6]

Helga also displays characteristics of antisocial personality disorder, as she had no qualms or empathy in euthanizing Gabrielle Daou, once she tested negative for the Meta-Gene. Her action was not one of mercy, but because Henchy wanted to shoot Gabrielle in her lab, which would make a mess. Moreover, her warped notion of motherly love is exclusively reserved for the meta-humans of her design. When she thought she was accidentally responsible for Violet's powers, she treated them as lovingly as she did for Brion. However, as soon as she found out that Violet was Gabrielle's corpse resurrected by the soul of a Motherbox, she came to despise Violet and regarded them as a "thing" and a "sick joke". She then coaxed Violet to get them away from her perceived son. Once the opportunity rose to be rid of them, Helga didn't hesitate in trading Violet up to the Light for an opportunity to be with her "family" and expand it.

When Helga was forcibly compelled to confess all of her fiendish doings, she expressed no regrets or remorse whatsoever.[3]

Physical appearance

Helga Jace is a slender woman in her mid-30s with green eyes and brown hair, usually tied in a ponytail. She wears glasses with oval lenses and a thin frame.[5]


Early history

Helga Jace was a German[7] scientist mentored by Ultra-Humanite[8] and worked for the Bedlam Syndicate. The syndicate used Tar to activate the Meta-Gene in test subject; usually children taken from the Markovburg Children's Hospital. Baron Bedlam had her test his niece Tara for the Geo-Force connection that was in the family. It was positive, and Tara was put through the Tar treatment. Jace took pride in her work, and felt Tara was now her child: the human was killed in the Tar, and the meta-human that came out of it was put on the Earth by Jace. Baron Bedlam separated the two, at which she swore to take revenge on him.[3]

For that, she needed a new soldier, and picked Tara's brother Brion. He was easy to manipulate, and with suggestions and gentle nudges got him to submit for Meta-Gene testing. In the meantime, she hid her true feelings from everyone, and continued working for Bedlam.[3]

July 2018

July 4, post-22:16 EEST

Jace and Count Vertigo observed while Simon Ecks submerged Ana von Furth in Tar to activate her Meta-Gene.

July 28, 08:59 EEST

Helga Jace confirms Brion Markov's suspicions: he has the Meta-Gene.

While the King and Queen were giving a press conference during the second anniversary of their daughter's disappearance, Jace told Brion about his test results, confirming that he had the Meta-Gene. Jace suggested that Tara probably had it too, which was made her the target for abduction. Brion was helpless to fight these meta-human traffickers without his very own meta-powers. So, he inquired whether Markovia had the means to activate the Meta-Gene,[5] falling completely for Jace's manipulation.[3]

July 29, post-03:00 EEST

Henchy brought in Gabrielle Daou, a servant girl who was complicit in the assassination of the King and Queen. Jace tested her, but as she was negative, it was decided she would be disposed of. Jace did it herself, overdosing the girl with morphine.[3]

July 30, post-19:23 EEST

At Gregor's pre-Coronation reception, Jace tried to dissuade Brion from activating his Meta-Gene and advised him to have faith in his brother and uncle instead. However, after some insistence, Jace told him to seek Simon Ecks, whom she had already told about the prince's intentions.

Brion begs for help while being tarred.

Later on, when Ecks and Vertigo had Brion podded in the underground lab, Jace walked in and, despite Ecks's protest, initiated the Tar protocol, submerging Brion in Tar. When he woke up and begged for help, Jace tried to calm him down, saying that it was "all for the best".[9]

July 31, 00:02 EEST

Jace calmly watched as Brion was completely submerged in Tar. A few moments later, she drained the substance away and checked on Brion's vitals, who had passed out. Count Vertigo arrived and said that Bedlam had not sanctioned the podding and tarring of Brion. Helga said that she lied because their leader was out of control and he needed to be stopped. Vertigo stunned her for going rogue, and then the Baron arrived. Baron ordered for Helga to be killed since she was a threat. At that point, Nightwing and his Alpha Squad broke into the lab and offered to rescue them. Jace released Brion from his pod and told Nightwing how to rig the lab to explode, destroying every ounce of Tar with it.

July 31, 00:44 EEST

After they were in the clear, Brion woke up and started manifesting his powers. Jace tried to calm him down, explaining that his Meta-Gene was activated and he was manipulating geologic forces.[10] She also noted the servant girl she had killed was somehow alive once more and had powers, leading Helga to assume the test had been a false negative and that Halo was one of her "children".[3]

After Brion ran off to confront DeLamb a the Palace, and the group came under attack from Count Vertigo and his henchmen, Helga tried her best to protect Halo, who protected her in turn, and was horrified when Plasmus burned them seemingly to death, only for Halo to rise once more and heal themself. Once Vertigo was forced into retreat,[10] responsibility for Helga passed to Black Lightning, who took her back to Metropolis and put her up at the Luthor Grande Hotel.[4]

August 2018

August 01, 10:38 EDT

Helga met up with Jeff outside the hotel and shared a hotdog while they discussed her sense of responsibility for the Markovian children, something Jeff related to as a parent.[4] This was the beginning of Helga's plan to seduce Jeff to keep close to Brion and Halo.[3]

August 05, 21:04 EDT

Helga video called Jeff who was in Happy Harbor visiting Brion and Halo. She tried to talk with them, but an angry Brion was only interesting in finding out about Tara. Helga told him she was still alive when last she saw her, and that she never saw her meta-powers but assumed it was a geo-power like Brion and DeLamb's. Brion and Helga were eager to find Tara, wanting to follow up on Dick's theory that she was with the League of Shadows, but Dick warned them the League was too big a threat to go up against without more intel. Shortly after, Brion rang Helga from inside the Bio-RV and told her he was going after Tara and to be ready to help her if needed.[11]

September 2018

September 08, 18:21 EDT

Helga was getting ready for her dinner with Jeff when he texted her to say he had arrived.

They had dinner at a restaurant, where Helga thanked him for his efforts to involve her with the children, though she wished she could do more. Jeff assured her he wasn't done trying.

Later, Jeff escorted Helga back to her hotel room. Both were drunk and struggled with the key card. Helga pulled Jeff inside with her.[1]

September 25, 23:18 EDT

Helga and Jeff were in bed together as Jeff discussed his regrets for leaving the Justice League at a difficult moment, and his dissatisfaction with the politicization of the League. Helga teased him for the choice of pillow talk, when he received a call from Dick for a mission.[12]

Owings Mills
September 29, 13:02 EDT

Jeff brought Helga to a training session. Forager greeted her enthusiastically, but Halo had to remind her that they were no longer Gabrielle but Violet. Helga started by apologizing to Brion, but he admitted that she had been Bedlam's victim too. Helga asked what was being done to find Tara, and Brion grudgingly relayed Nightwing's advice to be patient. They were interrupted by a gunshot. Helga wanted to know what was happening, but Jeff nonchalantly pulled her away, telling her to let them deal with it. It turned out Nightwing was the sniper, and it was all a test of their response to a surprise attack. Helga was incensed Brion had been shot, albeit with a rubber bullet. The group then came under attack by Lobo who had been contracted to kill Forager. Jeff tried to get Helga to safety, but she insisted he save "her" kids. As the battle went on, Helga once stepped forward to shield Halo, though it ended up being Halo who protected Helga. Lobo left after Forager tricked him into believing he was dead by shedding his shell.[13]

October 2018

Owings Mills
October 12, 08:22 EDT

Jeff and Helga observed another training session of Nightwing's team, where Helga noted Brion and Halo were becoming close. Jeff asked Helga about her previous comment about "her" children, and she admitted she had come to feel responsible for Brion and Tara and wanted what was best for them.[14]

Happy Harbor
October 15, 19:21 EDT

Helga joined a meeting of Nightwing's team to discuss Halo's new power and the arrival of Vic Stone. The group deduced Halo was in fact the result of the soul of a dissected Motherbox fusing with Gabrielle Daou's corpse.[15] Helga held out hope Violet was really her meta-human "daughter" but needed to find out for sure.[3]

Happy Harbor
October 31, 17:42 EDT

Helga took a photo as the kids got ready to go to the Happy Harbor High School Halloween dance. Plans changed when Nightwing arrived with urgent intel on Tara's presence. Violet stayed behind to keep watch on Vic, with Helga looking after them both. Violet had a panic attack because Brion was going on a dangerous mission without them. Helga attempted to calm them, and brushed their hair as she had once done for her "own" little girl. Helga talked about how Violet was having difficulty processing their new emotions and hormones, and the Fatherbox fused with Vic sensed vulnerability and took control. Vic attacked and Helga was soon knocked out by an energy blast. Violet was able to overcome their emotional difficulties and permanently cleansed Vic of Fatherbox's control.[16]

November 2018

Happy Harbor
November 01, 03:16 EDT

Helga recovered from the blast, and was delighted when the team returned with Tara. She apologized to Tara for her role in her capture, but Tara noted Helga was the only one to show her kindness and that she must be able to forgive if she is to be forgiven of her sins. Later, Helga returned to the apartment to discreetly retrieve the hairbrush she used on Violet.[16]

Star City
November 06, 17:21 PST

Helga had coffee with Jeff and Will Harper at Will's house. She envied Will's family life and admitted she wished she could do more to help everyone. She was sure she could do something for Vic, but would need a lab.[6]

Dakota City
November 17, 11:11 CST

Hardware escorted Helga into a lab set up for her use, to her delight.

Later, while alone in the lab, Helga took a hair from the brush she used on Violet and began to examine it under a microscope.[17]

Dakota City
November 22, 15:02 CST

Helga continued her testing on Violet's hair sample, and was displeased.[18] She had tested for the Meta-Gene again, and confirmed the first negative test result was accurate; Violet was not one of Helga's "children".[3]

Star City
November 22, post-13:02 PST

Helga joined Will, Artemis and their guests for her first American Thanksgiving. During dinner, she mentioned Artemis's work with the Team and as Tigress, angering Paula Crock, who did not know Artemis had returned to the heroic life.

Later, and upset Violet bolted from the dinner table. Helga followed them outside, where Violet admitted they knew Gabrielle had allowed the assassin that killed Brion and Tara's parents into the Palace. Helga assured them they were no longer Gabrielle, but Violet made her promise not to tell anyone. After sending Violet back inside, Helga phoned her old mentor[3] for help.[18]

December 2018

December 04, 17:48 PST

Beast Boy had announced his intention to form a new public team of young heroes and showed everyone around its headquarters, the Premiere Building. It would also serve as living space for members of that group and the Team without homes of their own, including Brion, Tara and Violet. Miss Martian expressed concern at a group of teenagers living together unsupervised, and Helga volunteered to move in as den mother.[19]

December 07, 19:37 PST

Helga was at the Premier Building when the new team went on its first mission to Brooklyn, Maine. She watched news coverage as local teens streamed the events on social media.[19]

December 21, 04:31 PST

Helga ensured Violet, Tara and Forager were ready to leave for school. She took Violet aside and told them that she had been running tests on their hair since finding out they were really part Motherbox, and discovered that they were dying as their healing aura had a cost to their overall health. She said she was working on a solution with her mentor, and suggested Violet not tell anyone until they had more information.[20] This was all a lie designed to help make Violet reliant on Helga, so that she could force a wedge between Violet and her "son" Brion, and position Violet to be exchanged to Ultra-Humanite for help in leaving with her "children".[3]


January 01, 14:24 PST

Helga approached Violet and told them that she had no news on a cure for their "condition", but that she and her mentor were still working on it. Brion then asked to speak to Violet alone. The conversation ended quickly with Violet rushing away. Helga went up to Brion and told him that though first loves were special, they rarely lasted.

Later, Brion tried to talk to Violet once more. Helga noticed him storm out of Violet's room and into his own, and she went to his door.

At some point, Helga posted a video on social media supporting the Outsiders, which was included in a montage on The G. Gordon Godfrey Show on January 1.[21]

January 02, 04:16 PST

Helga was awoken when Forager came in with Vic, calling for help. She pulled down Vic's hood to see that the Fatherbox tech had spread.

In the medbay, Helga was able to assess that Vic was stable. Superboy and Dreamer arrived, with Dreamer stating that they needed to find Metron and use his Mobius Chair to cure Vic. Hearing a commotion outside, Helga stepped out to find that Forager and Tara had found that Halo had run away and left a note. Helga wanted to go after them, but Artemis insisted she stay and help Vic.

Vic's father, Silas Stone, arrived, much to Vic's dismay, the stress causing the Fatherbox to spread even more. Eventually, Silas convinced Vic to go into a medically induced coma. Helga went to administer the sedative, but Silas insisted on doing it. With Vic stable and Silas there, Helga stepped out to take an urgent call.

Once Helga finished her call, she saw Brion on the balcony and went to join him. She tried to cheer him up by telling him that his parents would be proud of what he had accomplished, and that his work with the Outsiders was winning him many fans in Markovia.

Later, Conner, Jeff and Forager returned with Metron. Though Metron was unwilling to help, Jeff and Conner kept him busy while Brion, Helga and Silas put Vic in the Mobius Chair, which cleansed him of Fatherbox's soul.

Later, Violet returned with Tara and Artemis, and Helga hugged them.[22]

January 21, 17:32 PST

Helga saw Tara and Forager off as they left for a mission with the Team. Geo-Force and Beast Boy returned from a mission of their own. It had been a success, though Gar had hurt his wrist after slipping while fighting Condiment King. Helga sent him to the medbay, but stopped to talk to Violet first. Violet is clearly hurt that Brion is avoiding them, and contemplates telling him about their condition. Helga urges them to wait until she had spoken with her mentor again, hoping for good news.

Helga later spoke to Brion on the rooftop. Brion admits he had been avoiding Violet, and considers going to them, but Helga persuades him to wait until they approach him again. She points out the Outsiders' success on social media, and suggests he contacts his Markovian fans.

Later, Helga was reading The Mysteries of Udolpho, when Vic and Halo sensed a Motherbox in distress and boom tubed away with Gar and Brion.

When everyone returned, Brion apologized to Violet and they hugged. Upset at their reconciliation, Helga texted Ultra-Humanite and asked for extraction.[8]

January 22, post-02:21 PST

Helga took care of Dick, who was suffering severe after-effects of his exposure to the X-Pit. She called for ice to bring his temperature down. Once Dick was stable, Bruce suggested she take a break. She stepped outside and admitted to Jeff that she was out of her depth, but he assured her she was up to it. At this time Jeff saw Bruce move to talk with M'gann, Kaldur, Barbara and Tim, which was the final piece he needed to realize they had all been secretly coordinating their teams. As an enraged Jeff began loudly berating them as he put more and more of the puzzle together, Helga used the distraction to put a control chip on first Tara, and later Brion. After getting them outside in the car, she brought out Violet, telling her that she had a cure for her, and that she had told Brion and Tara so they could come and support her.

They went to Helga's lab, where they were met by Ultra-Humanite and Gretchen Goode. Goode quickly had Violet restrained. Helga was ready to depart with her kids as agreed, but Ultra-Humanite said they would wait until they were ready, and Goode offered to tell Helga what she had planned for Violet. Goode took them all into the X-Pit, protected by a red cube, and explained that she believed Halo was the key to solving the Anti-Life Equation, since she had the Motherbox's connection to the Source without the technological safeguards. She pushed Violet out of the cube, where she was exposed to the Ghost Dimension which repolarized her connection to the Source. Goode then pushed Helga out to act as a test subject. When Violet attempted to heal her from the effect of the Ghost Dimension, Helga was subjected to the Anti-Life Equation, robbing her of free will. As proof, Goode had Helga spill her secrets, and Helga told Brion and Tara about how she believed Tara was her daughter since she had rebirthed her as a meta-human; how she had manipulated Brion into becoming another of her children so she could get Tara back; how she had killed Gabrielle and believed her "return" meant she was another of her children, how she had seduced Jeff to keep close to them; how she had found that Violet was not really her meta "daughter", and how she had subsequently manipulated Violet to split them from Brion. Satisfied, Goode had them returned to the lab. When Tara revealed she was not under control and freed Brion, Ultra-Humanite used a Fatherbox to boom tube Helga and himself away.[3]

February 21, 17:37 EET

The newly crowned King Brion reluctantly agreed to see Helga at Zviad Baazovi's urging. Helga wanted to make amends for past mistakes.[23]

February 27, 15:09 EET

Helga stood at Brion's side as Infinity, Inc. knelt before him.[23]


With some nudges from Zviad Baazovi, King Brion Markov had made Markovia a sanctuary for meta-humans and opened a program for volunteers to become metas. Helga and Ultra-Humanite ran the program, with Helga caring for the subjects like a mother.[24]

Helga worked at the rebranded Markov Family Meta-Human Youth Center, and helped produce a promotional film, advocating the virtues of T.R. 2.0, the Infinity Cadets and the Infinitors.[25]

September 10, post-02:48 EEST

At the Markov Family Center, Helga took Lizard Johnny into her care after he watched their promotional film and decided to become an Infinity Cadet. She noted King Brion's positive influence.[25]


Background information

  • Helga Jace was a major supporting character for the Outsiders, until she murdered Gregor and framed Brion for the crime. Much like in the show, she hoped that by giving Brion powers, Markovia could defend itself.
  • This is her first animated appearance.


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