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Hello, Megan! was a television comedy series that aired during the 1979-1980 television season[1] for 22 episodes.[2] It was cancelled after one season due to mediocre ratings.[3]


The main character of Hello, Megan! is Megan Wheeler (played by Marie Logan), a popular cheerleader.[4] She had all kinds of adventures with her best friend Rita Lee (played by Rita Farr),[5] parents (Jonathan Lord and Sandra Stanyon),[4] and her crush, Conner Manley (Paul Sloane).[5] It was produced by Greg Vietti and Brandon Weisman.[4]

The series ran for one season, with 22 episodes,[2] and was released on VHS.[4] The Comedy Classic Network would also run reruns as late as 2010.[6]

It eventually faded to obscurity on Earth, and leading actress Marie Logan considered it a part of her past. But to Miss Martian, the series was everything. She identified with the main character, mainly because of the similarity of their names, and because all her problems would be over in 22 minutes. When she came to Earth, she based her human form on Megan Wheeler, and would still regularly rewatch episodes.[4] After Marie's death, her son Garfield also watched episodes of the series on occasion.[7]



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