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Henchy is a henchman of Count Vertigo.



November 11, 17:08 PST

When Kid Flash arrived at Seattle Medical Center with a transplant heart for Queen Perdita of Vlatava, Henchy (disguised as a doctor) met Kid Flash outside the main entrance and claimed that Perdita had already died. Henchy took the heart, saying that he would try to find another recipient, but actually, he set off towards the parking lot in the basement to give it to Count Vertigo.

When Kid Flash learned that Perdita was still alive from Pieter Cross, he realized that he had been fooled and chased Henchy. Kid Flash snatched the heart from Henchy's hands. Henchy quickly drew a gun and fired at Kid Flash, along with Vertigo's other associates, only holding back when Vertigo himself stepped in. When Kid Flash knocked Vertigo down briefly, Henchy tried to shoot Kid Flash again, only to be kicked to the ground by Kid Flash.[2]



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