Holling Longshadow is Tye Longshadow's paternal[2] grandfather.

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Holling Longshadow is an elderly Mescalero Apache with white hair and gray eyes. He has a square face with a small chin, and a large flat nose. His hair is upper-back length, draped on his back, with the exception of two locks at each ear. He is slender, but has a small belly.

He wears simple gray pants and a blue shirt, with a sleeveless brown vest with fur lapels over it. He wears some Native jewelry, including a studded armband and a green slide for his bolo tie.[3]

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2016 Edit

El Paso
February 19, post-15:12 MST

Jaime visited Mr. Longshadow in his search for Tye, after his mother told Jaime Tye often spent time with his grandfather. Though Holling had not seen Tye in a few weeks, he was sure he was all right. He believed Tye had gone on a journey of awakening that would connect him to his heritage. He also offered advice to Jaime, not to seek answers, as the answers would find him, and he would be at peace with the one inside him. The Scarab did not like that last remark, and Jaime left to restrain the Scarab.[3]

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