Infinity-Man is the large gestalt form the Forever People take when they combine with the Source.

Physical appearance Edit

Infinity-Man is a 10-foot creature. He has a shining yellow hide, with blue plating on the chest, shoulders, wrists, lower legs and hips. He wears a helmet that hides his eyes. When possessed by a fatherbox, it took on a red and black color scheme.

History Edit

2010 Edit

October 23, post-18:04 EDT

When the Forever People were outmatched by Intergang and their alien technology, they fused together to form Infinity-Man and trounced their opponents.


The Forever People merge into Infinity-Man.

When they attacked Intergang at their base, Bruno Mannheim threw a Fatherbox at Infinity-Man during the transformation sequence, putting Infinity-Man under Desaad's control. With help from the New Genesphere, Superboy managed to regain control of Infinity-Man and rid it of its Apokoliptan control.[2]

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