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Infinity Island

Infinity Island is a sovereign[1] island located somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. It is home to Ra's al Ghul and his family, and the former headquarters of the League of Shadows. Ra's has a vast fortress complex on the island, with modern security and numerous guards. It also has a Lazarus Pit.



Infinity Island
February 28, 22:07 ECT

Matt Hagen convinced Talia al Ghul to give him access to the Lazarus Pit. However, because he had deceived her, she locked him inside.[2]

Infinity Island
July 8, 22:18 ECT

Sensei briefed his assassins on their next target, Selena Gonzalez.[3]

Infinity Island
August 7, 23:49 ECT

Dr. Serling Roquette was held prisoner on Infinity Island after her kidnapping, and forced to create the Fog. Red Arrow infiltrated the island and rescued Roquette.[4]

Infinity Island
August 25, 23:16 ECT

After being killed on a mission at Cape Canaveral, Ra's al Ghul's body was revived in the Lazarus Pit.[5] Moments after he left, Hagen rose from the pit, and attacked them until he was put into an inert state by Ra's.[2]


Infinity Island
March 8, 00:00 ECT

Red Arrow, under cover in the League, rested on the island with his partner Cheshire. He began to see some good in her.[6]

Infinity Island
May 26, pre-03:16 ECT

After his cover was blown, Red Arrow was able to escape the island with Cheshire. They fled to Fort-de-France.[6]


Ra's al Ghul decided to leave the Light and hand over control of the League of Shadows to them.[7] The Shadows moved to a new headquarters in Santa Prisca under Deathstroke's leadership.[8] Only Ra's's family and closest followers remained: Talia al Ghul, Damian, Sensei, Ubu and the Red Hooded Ninja.[9]


Infinity Island
August 06, 00:41 ECT

Brion Markov, Halo, Forager and Sphere infiltrated the island, believing the Shadows had Brion's sister. They were quickly dispatched and imprisoned by Sensei. They were soon rescued by Nightwing and others. a brief battle ensued as they attempted to escape, before Ra's al Ghul stopped it, informed the heroes that Tara was not there and that he was no longer part of the Light or Shadows, and let them leave.[9]


Infinity Island
April 18, 21:09 ECT

Cheshire snuck onto the island seeking to end the contract on her life, one way or another. She was easily taken down by Sensei, who questioned why she would make such a foolish move. Cheshire argued with Talia al Ghul, until she received an emergency alert and fled.[10]

Infinity Island
April 22, 01:25 ECT

Cheshire returned to confront Sensei again, seemingly on a suicide mission. Tigress intervened, and Cheshire admitted she was running from her family because she felt she was too much like her father and did not want her daughter to grow up like her. Sensei admitted that he had created a sense of family among the Shadows to manipulate people like Cheshire and Onyx into loyalty. Now that they were no longer part of the Shadows, Sensei and Ra's al Ghul offered Cheshire and Onyx the chance to stay there and work through their experiences with the Shadows, which both accepted.

Later, Sensei led a meditation session with Cheshire, Onyx and the Red Hooded Ninja.[11]



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