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Infinity Island

Infinity Island

Infinity Island is an island headquarters of the League of Shadows, located somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. The League has a vast fortress complex on the island, with modern security and numerous guards. It also has a Lazarus Pit.

History Edit

2010 Edit

Infinity Island
February 28, 22:07 ECT

Matt Hagen convinced Talia al Ghul to give him access to the Lazarus Pit. However, because he had deceived her, she locked him inside.[1]

Infinity Island
July 8, 22:18 ECT

Sensei briefed his assassins on their next target, Selena Gonzalez.[2]

Infinity Island
August 7, 23:49 ECT

Dr. Serling Roquette was held prisoner on Infinity Island after her kidnapping, and forced to create the Fog. Red Arrow infiltrated the island and rescued Roquette.[3]

Infinity Island
August 25, 23:16 ECT

After being killed on a mission at Cape Canaveral, Ra's al Ghul's body was revived in the Lazarus Pit.[4] Moments after he left, Hagen rose from the pit, and attacked them until he was put into an inert state by Ra's.[1]

2014 Edit

Infinity Island
March 8, 00:00 ECT

Red Arrow, under cover in the League, rested on the island with his partner Cheshire. He began to see some good in her.[5]

Infinity Island
May 26, pre-03:16 ECT

After his cover was blown, Red Arrow was able to escape the island with Cheshire. They fled to Fort-de-France.[5]

2018 Edit

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References Edit

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