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"Inhospitable" is the first episode of the fourth season of Young Justice, and the 74th of the overall series. It debuted on October 16, 2021 on HBO Max, along with the second episode, "Needful".


Miss Martian, Superboy, Beast Boy, and Martian Manhunter take a little vacation... to somewhat unfriendly climes.


Happy Harbor
February 25, 18:38 EST

M'gann and Conner are watching the news as it is announced that Superboy, Terra, and Forager are joining the Outsiders. M'gann turns the TV off and she and Conner communicate, telepathically. She gives her engagement ring back to him saying that there is no point in going through with the marriage if he doesn't trust her. Conner admits that he is the one that screwed up and asks for M'gann's forgiveness. M'gann responds by kissing him.

Happy Harbor
February 25, 07:38 EST
One year later...

After reinstating their desire to marry one another, a year later, Conner and M'gann are in good spirits as they prepare to journey to Mars for the wedding ceremony.

M'gann and Conner are preparing to leave for M'arzz where they plan to hold a religious wedding ceremony with M'gann's family. M'gann promises that they will return to Earth for the civil ceremony in three months.

Forager, Tara, and Violet arrive via Zeta-Tube ready to head off to school. Tara and Violet are in conversation about Brion. Harper Row and Cullen Row exit the house to join the group of school kids. They are followed by Lucas Carr and his new wife, Bethany Lee Carr. Soon, Garfield arrives through the Zeta-Tube talking with Cassie to make sure she has everything under control with the Outsiders while he's off planet for the wedding. M'gann asks Gar if he is truly okay with the month-long journey to Mars. Gar assures her that he could use the break from the Outsiders and Perdita. M'gann and Conner can tell that something is bothering him.

A mysterious figure keeps a watchful eye as the wedding party departs for Mars.

Martian Manhunter exits Bio-Ship to inform them that everything is ready for the trip. Gar jumps into the drivers seat. The kids and the Carrs watch as Bio-Ship takes off into the sky. Off in the distance, a mysterious girl is watching the ship take off, as well. She is wearing a ring with an L-shaped insignia.

March 22, 16:16 UTC

M'gann gets excited as M'arzz draws closer. Gar is getting cranky and is anxious to get out of the ship. Martian Manhunter is in the driver's seat and notices that Bio-Ship wants to take them the rest of the way on her own. M'gann acknowledges that Bio-Ship is just as excited to be home as she is. She asks Bio-Ship to take them to Ma'aleca'andra.

March 22, 16:22 UTC

M'gann's sister, Em'ree, takes on a human guise.

Bio-Ship drops the group off on the docking platform of the Science Center. Gar transforms into a Ma'arzuu Beast so that he can adapt more easily to M'arzz's atmosphere. M'gann warns Conner and Gar to watch their thoughts while staying here. Upon exiting the ship, they are welcomed by M'gann's sister, Em'ree J'onzz. Em'ree explains that she is the Head Scientist in charge of the Zeta-project that will connect M'arzz to Earth. She changes form to make the Earthlings more comfortable. She takes on the form of Megan Wheeler from Hello, Megan!, but after M'gann and Gar's objections, she settles with the form of Megan's best friend, Rita Lee. After Martian Manhunter unloads Bio-Ship, M'gann gives the ship permission to go. Bio-Ship excitedly takes off into the air.

M'gann and Conner take a stroll around Ma'aleca'andra with Gar, though onlookers do not appreciate the couple's presence.

Em'ree offers transportation back to their house while she works on the Zeta-Tube with Martian Manhunter. M'gann, Conner, and Gar turn down the offer, saying that they want to explore the city. While walking around, they notice that a lot of people have taken the forms of humans. M'gann explains that Martian Manhunter has been sending Earth television signals to M'arzz since the 1960s. Gar notices that a group have taken form of the Outsiders. The "Outsider" group notices Gar and are excited to meet him. Suddenly, Conner and Gar's are attacked by the hostile thoughts of nearby G'arrunns. M'gann uses her powers to disperse the attackers. Once Conner and Gar have recovered, M'gann suggests heading straight for her parents' house. As they leave, they are watched by a Green Martian wearing another ring with an L-shaped insignia.

March 22, 17:38 UTC

Bio-Ship arrives home and communicates with others of her species.

J'ann brushes formality aside as she embraces her future son-in-law.

M'gann, Conner, and Gar arrive home where they are greeted by M'gann's parents M'aatt M'orzz and J'ann M'orzz who warmly welcome Conner into their family. They sadly explain that M'gann's other siblings will not be attending the wedding.

Martian Manhunter and Em'ree are busy working on the Zeta-Tube when they are interrupted by Consul-General R'ess E'dda who demands that they terminate the project. Apparently, R'ess E'dda strongly opposes growing Earther influence on Mars that make even the G'arrunns question their traditions and castes. He further crosses the line by insulting M'gann for her being an A'ashenn, prompting J'onn to stand up to him, declaring he doesn't regret passing on Earth culture to his people. As a stunned R'ess E'dda nervously vows to stop them, Em'ree refuses, explaining that Queen J'arlia J'axx has given the project her blessing, so he departs to deal with the matter.

After dispersing some G'arrunn agitators, M'gann discovers that they've tagged her family's homestead with racial epithets.

At the M'orzz house, Conner expresses his concern to M'gann that her parents are acting strange and the people seem more on edge than the last time they visited. In the shadows, a shady figure with an L-shaped insignia ring watches them. M'gann and Conner are suddenly interrupted when a group of citizen Martians gather outside the house demanding that the Earthlings go home. Gar turns into a Ma'alefa'ak which provokes the Martians and causes them to mentally attack him. M'gann stops the Martians, causing them to flee. As the three of them head back inside the house they notice racial graffiti marked on the house's outer walls.

In the Bio-Cavern, Bio-Ship forms into liquid and merges with the rest of her liquidated species.

Unable to hide it any long, Ma'att and J'ann divulge that Martian race relations have deteriorated in the wake of the king's murder.

At the M'orzz house, M'gann finally demands that her parents tell them the truth about how the hostilities have escalated since the last time they visited. They explain that King S'turnn J'axx was a believer in unifying the races and establishing a peaceful relationship with Earth. Even launching a M'arzz-Earth Communications Satellite into orbit. But then, last month, the King was murdered and the culprit is still unknown. The different Martian races began blaming each other for the King's death. Sadly, Queen J'arlia has pulled back on all of her late husband's reforms, except for the Zeta-Tube project. Conner knows what M'gann is thinking: Did M'comm kill the King?

In a psychic communique to his apostles, M'Comm galvanizes them to take action against the G'arrunns and B'lahdenns.

In a deep cavern, M'comm telepathically communicates with other radical A'ashenns, stating that his name is now Ma'alefa'ak, and encourages his Martian brethren to rise up against the G'arrunns and their Earthling allies to get what they're owed.

In the Bio-Cavern, Bio-Ship rises from the liquid and splits in two, creating another Bio-Ship. The two begin to chase each other, around the planet, playfully.

Finally, the Zeta-Tube project is complete and ready for testing.

At the Royal Palace, Queen J'arlia is sitting in the throne room when R'ess E'dda storms in and telepathically attacks her with a mind-link of one thousand G'arrunns, demanding that the Zeta-Tube project be stopped immediately. M'gann, Conner, and Gar feel the mind-link attack as well.

After M'gann discovers him snooping, M'Comm is forcefully subdued by royal guards.

Martian Manhunter contacts Superman to let him know that they are ready to test the Zeta-Tube. Superman confirms that they are ready as well. Martian Manhunter volunteers to test the Zeta-Tube himself.

Queen J'arlia telepathically talks with her people. She explains them that they need Earth's help for the real coming threat: Apokolips.

As the Zeta-Tube prepares to be tested, M'gann senses Ma'alefa'ak camouflaged in a corner of the room. She telepathically attacks him, pinning him to the wall. Martian guards surround him.

Within a mind-link of angry Martians, Martian Manhunter works to dispel the fears of the mob by reinforcing that unity between humanity and their people would only make Mars stronger.

Martian Manhunter mentally joins the argument between Queen J'arlia and their people. He assures them that Earth will fight to protect their way of life. Queen J'arlia acknowledges that Martian Manhunter is a living example that Martians and Earthlings can work together. The G'arrunns are convinced and leave, weakening R'ess E'dda's mind-link.

M'gann explains to Manhunter that Ma'alefa'ak just arrived, so he didn't have enough time to sabotage the Zeta-Tube. So testing the Tube should still be safe. Martian Manhunter walks into the Zeta-Tube. Just as he disappears, the Tube explodes. Conner finds M'gann after the smoke clears. M'gann explains that she can no longer feel Martian Manhunter's mind-touch.

Watching unseen, a lone being watches the destruction of the Zeta-Tube.

End credits scene: As Wolf sleeps by the Carr house's patio table, Black Canary explains to Violet that Black Lightning has asked her to talk to members of the Justice League, the Outsiders and the Team as part of a new focus on mental health. Violet discusses her confused feelings regarding Geo-Force and her desire to explore whether Gabrielle Daou's religious beliefs also hold meaning for her.


The title refers both to Mars's environment and to the hostility doled out to outsiders and White Martians.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Troy Baker Tod Donner
R'ess E'dda  
K'omm B'lanxx  
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Ben Diskin Ma'alefa'ak
Cullen Row  
Zehra Fazal Violet Harper
Harper Row
J'arlia J'axx  
Stephanie Lemelin Justice League Computer
Carl Lumbly M'aatt M'orzz  
Vanessa Marshall Dinah Lance
Danica McKellar Megan Morse/Miss Martian
Nolan North Conner Kent/Superboy
R'ohh K'arr  
Kevin Michael Richardson Martian Manhunter
Tara Strong Bethany Lee Carr
Tara Markov
Kari Wahlgren J'ann M'orzz  
Hynden Walch Em'ree J'onzz  
Greg Weisman Lucas Carr
Non-speaking roles
Baron Bedlam (flashback)
Blue Beetle (picture on monitor)
Chameleon Boy
Geo-Force (picture on monitor)
Kid Flash (picture on monitor)
Phantom Girl  
Sardath (picture on monitor)
Saturn Girl
Static (picture on monitor)
S'turnn J'axx (flashback)
Wonder Girl (picture on monitor)
10 Character debut
1 Speaking debut
0 Episode debut


  • The opening scene repeats one of the last scenes from "Nevermore" featuring an exchange between Megan and Conner in their living room.
  • The events of this season begin two days after "The Prize". Miss Martian, Superboy, Martian Manhunter and Beast Boy depart on the trip to Mars mentioned in the AudioPlay.
  • Brion still isn't on speaking terms with Tara and Violet, since his betrayal in "Nevermore".
  • Lucas Carr and Bethany Lee married each other since "Early Warning". Bethany had hinted interest in Lucas in that episode.
  • Em'ree J'onzz takes the form of Megan Wheeler and Rita Lee, two characters from Hello, Megan!. In "Image", it was revealed that this particular show had a big impact in M'gann's growing up, as it helped her getting through the hardship she endured as a White Martian. This is why she lashes out at Em'ree when she doesn't get a tiny physical detail of Megan right.
  • Likewise, Beast Boy's reaction stems from the fact that Megan Wheeler was played by his mother, and Rita Lee was played by his godmother. Both of whom died prematurely.
  • The three observers spying on Miss Martian, Superboy and Beast Boy are wearing the same ring with an L-shaped insignia as the blonde waitress from the end of "Nevermore".
  • Beast Boy teases Miss Martian for not asking Lex Luthor for his blessing to marry Superboy. Lex Luthor's parentage of Superboy became public knowledge in "Nevermore".
  • Beast Boy mentions having met M'comm in his last trip to Mars, which happened off-screen sometime after he, Superboy and Miss Martian were sent there on a mission at the end of "Endgame".
  • When the group of Martians attack Beast Boy outside the M'orzz's house, he gets flashbacks of Geo-Force killing Baron Bedlam in "Nevermore".
  • Superman temporarily moved the Watchtower above Sardath's Zeta-Shield, which has been operational since "Salvage".
  • Miss Martian shows off her engagement ring to her parents which Superboy had given to her when he proposed in "Princes All".



  • Em'ree's last name is misspelled "J'onnz" in the credits.

Cultural references


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Answered questions


  • Bethany Lee Carr: But if you and all these kids plan to make it to school on time, we'll need that spaceship moved to get our cars out.
  • Lucas Carr: Bet that's something you never thought you'd say before you married me.
  • (Telepathically)
  • Em'ree J'onzz: (as Megan Wheeler) I believe this is an Earth favorite.
  • Miss Martian: She has six freckles, not four! You know that!
  • Superboy: It isn't necessary to change your form for us.
  • Beast Boy: Especially if you're gonna creep me out by looking like my mom!
  • Em'ree J'onzz: I'm sorry. That wasn't my intent.
  • Beast Boy: And I meant that to be a private thought. Sorry.
  • Em'ree J'onzz: Not a problem. I always preferred, Hello, Megan!'s Rita character anyway.
  • Beast Boy: Oh, yeah. That's much better...
  • J'ann M'orzz: Garfield, you look adorable!
  • Beast Boy: Exactly what I was going for.