Intergang is an organized crime group led by "Ugly" Mannheim.


Early history

Intergang was previously led by Ugly's father. In order for it to grow, Ugly formed a pact with Desaad.[1]


October 23, post-18:04 EDT

Ugly and Whisper A'Daire robbed the Metropolis Federal Reserve with the rescue drill and other New God technology. Superboy and the Forever People stopped the heist, but all except Whisper got away. They reconvened on an airport, where they were defeated by Infinity-Man.[1]

Later on, Intergang hired the Parasite to steal technology and build a device to generate a black hole in Geneva. The reason and purpose behind this remains unknown.[2]


Washington, D.C.
February 13, post-21:51 EST

After years of hiding, Mannheim made another move. With a special Apokoliptan device, he revived the four husks of the Appellaxians in the Hall of Justice. He planned to use the golem as his personal enforcer.[3]

February 13, 22:45 EST

After a fight with Blue Beetle and Superboy, the golem was destroyed by the Black Beetle. Sportsmaster attacked Mannheim and A'Daire, leaving them drooling and non-responsive. Sportsmaster told the Partner that what he did to Mannheim and A'Daire would serve as a living warning for anyone who would stray from the Light.[3]



Whisper and Ugly.



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