(Word by word translations: from Greg's translations, Lobo's actual name in Interlac appears to be Hahn Sho Lobo, i.e. The Main Man.)
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| die, kill
| die, kill
| Hahn sho
| Hahn Sho Lobo
| The Main Man
| The Main Man

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Interlac is an intergalactic alien language. Lobo speaks it, as well as the Krolotean impersonating Tseng,[1] Orb-One and the Collector of Worlds.[2]

Word by word translations

Interlac[3] English equivalent
fem girl
frag die, kill
Hahn Sho Lobo The Main Man
ka you, your
keezy little[nb 1]
Krolo Krolotean
lok contract
plee-ay surrender
ree serious
rok planet, world
seh just
skahvey smell
skahveyt stinking
suh or
tor of
toy complete
vlash shut up

Background in other media

  • Interlac is a language created for the Legion of Super-Heroes, and in the comics, nothing more than a different writing system for English, with all letters corresponding to the Latin alphabet.


  1. The actual meaning in Interlac has a considerably more pejorative connotation than "little". This was toned down by the show creators.


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