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"Into the Breach" is the 24th episode of the third season of Young Justice, and the 70th of the overall series. It debuted on August 27, 2019 on DC Universe, along with the 25th and 26th episodes, "Overwhelmed" and "Nevermore".


The Outsiders make one last attempt to save Halo... and the galaxy!


January 25, 17:16 PST

Beast Boy receives a text message from Miss Martian, saying that they have a lead on the whereabouts of Halo and to wish them luck in rescuing her. Beast Boy texts back "Luck". Victor Stone criticizes him for his response and Beast Boy is surprised that Victor knew what he wrote but then immediately figures out why. He informs the rest of the Outsiders, in the Bio-Ship, that while the Team is following their lead, they will follow a lead of their own and asks Victor to explain. Victor says that, for a while, he has been trying to figure out the extent of his cybernetic powers. He explains that he has, unintentionally, intercepted text messages. But after he was placed in Metron's Chair, he was able to have better control over his abilities and could reach his mind out to anywhere on the web or anything electronic. He explains that that was how he first found out that Motherbox was in danger when Gretchen Goode attacked Nightwing, Black Lightning, and Aquaman at her house. Since then, he has been searching for anything related to Gretchen. Victor then brings up a hologram to show the Outsiders what he has found. Victor informs them that he had noticed no network connectivity in Building 16 of Goode World Studios. As he looked closer, he had found signs of an Apokoliptan signature. He senses no heat signatures in the building, so if they are to make their move, it needs to be now.

Inside the studio, Overlord drones. Gretchen strokes Overlord's box, saying that she senses the Outsiders coming as well.

Victor opens a boom tube for the Outsiders to sneak into the studio. Kid Flash sweeps over the building and finds it all clear. Victor senses that something definitely feels weird. Using his powers, he is able to turn off a hologram of the building to reveal a strange machine. Scarab informs Blue Beetle that the machine is Apokoliptan tech. Victor prepares to study the machine when a portal suddenly opens up from beneath the group, dropping them into the X-Pit. They all start screaming.

January 25, 20:21 EST

Lex Luthor is looking at trending polls in his office. Infinity, Inc. is slowly catching up to the Outsiders in terms of popularity. He makes a phone call.

Back in Burbank, El Dorado is sitting inside the Bio-Ship when he hears the rest of the Outsiders suffering. He teleports into the X-Pit to get them out. Scarab automatically retracts Blue Beetle's armor, saying that the area is not compatible. Fully exposing Jaime to the Ghost Dimension causes him to suffer more. Kid Flash tells El Dorado to extract Jaime first. El Dorado grabs Jaime and teleports out, only to appear in a different spot of the X-Pit. He tries several more times but it's no use.

A red cube suddenly ensnares Beast Boy, causing his pain to stop. Gretchen approaches him through another cube. Beast Boy demands her to let the rest of the team go. Gretchen denies the request, saying that it's his fault they're in this mess. She makes a counteroffer, saying that if Beast Boy beats her in a fight, she will release them. Beast Boy accepts the challenge. Their cubes merge to form a battle arena for them. Beast Boy turns into a rhino and charges at Gretchen, but she stops him in his tracks with her bare hands and pins him to the ground.

Using his new powers, Victor transfers his mind into Overlord's. He finds himself to be fully human again. An embodiment of Overlord suddenly appears to take him down.

Beast Boy turns into an ape and punches Gretchen with all his might, but without leaving a mark. She hits him back, sending him flying. Beast Boy shifts his head until it mimics Gretchen's. Taking advantage of her sudden surprise, he rapidly hits her with everything he's got, this time leaving an impact. But Gretchen regains control and hits back, sending Beast Boy across the arena. Bleeding heavily, Beast Boy tries to rise.

In Metropolis, Luthor is riding a helicopter over the city. He is looking at images on his tablet. The images show Infinity Inc. fighting against Killer Frost. Luthor checks the polls again to see that the group is now tied with the Outsiders in terms of popularity.

Meanwhile, in the X-Pit, the Outsiders continue to suffer in the Ghost Dimension as Gretchen continues beating up Beast Boy in their arena. Beast Boy turns into a snake, wrapping himself around Gretchen. She grabs him and brings him down like a whip.

In cyberspace, Victor is running from Overlord who creates a digital spear and tosses it at Victor. The spear goes through Victor's chest.

Gretchen beats Beast Boy to the ground. Satisfied with her work, Gretchen declares the match finished, but Beast Boy rises again.

Victor discovers that he's not dead. He realizes that nothing in cyberspace is real. Believing that Overlord is the source of Gretchen's power, Victor calls back his cybernetic form. He uses his arm-cannon to blast Overlord to the ground. He then smashes his arms through Overlord's body, causing him to disintegrate.

Gretchen continues to beat up Beast Boy when suddenly, the X-Pit is gone and they are all standing back inside the studio. Wonder Girl wraps Gretchen up in her lasso, and hands it over to Kid Flash, to tie Gretchen up quickly. El Dorado checks on Jaime and Victor, who have passed out. Scarab recovers and reactivates Blue Beetle's armor. Victor gets up and walks over to the mysterious machine. Blue Beetle joins him as they fire their arm-cannons at the machine, destroying it. Gretchen screams in rage as she and Overlord are suddenly transported elsewhere. Victor senses this and locks on to Overlord's location as he creates another boom tube to follow. El Dorado tells him to wait for back up but Victor is already gone, knowing that Overlord will lead him to Halo.

The Orphanage
January 26, 02:48 UTC

Victor arrives just in time to see Gretchen and Granny Goodness merging back together, screaming in pain. Once they are one, Granny falls to her knees. Vic looks around to see the whole Team and Justice League under the control of the Anti-Life Equation. Seeing that Halo is the key, Vic fires his arm-cannon at her, knocking the cerebral leash off of her face and cutting off Granny's control.

Halo is conscious again and notices her surroundings. Knowing that she had been repolarized and using her healing powers would only trigger the Anti-Life Equation again, she manages to tap into all her auras and begins to glow like a rainbow. With all her powers working in concert, she is able to negate the Anti-Life's control. The Team and League come out of their trances. Enraged, Granny lunges at Halo. Halo is able to imprison Granny in a red sphere. She then asks Victor to help her destroy the Anti-Life machine. Captain Atom and Superman assist them. The machine explodes, but Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan, and John Stewart are able to contain the blast with their Green power rings. Overlord shuts down completely. Briefly mourning the loss of her Overlord, Granny tries to sweet-talk Halo but she coldly declares her words to be poison. An enraged Granny breaks free of her captor, but Halo sends her flying across the room. Halo warns her not to rebuild the machine, for she now knows how to destroy it. Superboy also informs Granny that Vandal Savage wanted them to inform her it was him who ratted her out. Granny uses her Fatherbox to escape.

Geo-Force and Halo rush towards each other and kiss. Superboy and Miss Martian turn to each other. Miss Martian asks where they are in their relationship. Superboy admits that he doesn't know. Superman suggests that they check on the meta-teen prisoners. As the Green Lanterns escort Overlord, Lashina, Gilotina, and Mantis away, Miss Martian stands by Forager. She mentions that with Mantis captured and her brother back on Mars, it's probably safe for him to return to New Genesis. But if he doesn't want to, he's always welcome of Earth. Forager is silent.

January 26, 04:31 UTC

Granny kneels before Darkseid. She explains to him that Vandal Savage sabotaged their plans.

January 26, 06:54 PST

The Outsiders are siting in the Hub. Beast Boy is beating himself up for getting them all into this mess and losing Victor. Suddenly, two boom tubes open. Victor and Halo walk through, with the rest of the Team. Miss Martian informs them that the Justice League will soon be home with the meta-human prisoners. When Beast Boy asks about Granny, Victor explains that he has proof that Granny Goodness and Gretchen were the same person. He shows them a hologram recording of both of them merging into a single being. Beast Boy is beyond ecstatic. Halo reveals that none of this would have been possible if it wasn't for Victor. Beast Boy calls for a vote to see if Victor should become an Outsider. The Outsiders all vote yes, but Superboy interrupts the party by saying that they should let Victor decide. Victor thinks it over and agrees to be part of the team. Geo-Force advises him to come up with a codename, informing him that the name "Hot Lava" is still available. Victor chooses "Cyborg".

January 26, 09:57 EST

Bystanders are gathered around Infinity Inc. asking for autographs as the authorities take Killer Frost away. There is a control chip on her neck as they place a collar around it.

Later, Infinity Inc. steps into a limo. They check the trending polls again. They are now more popular than the Outsiders. Trajectory asks her boss if he is happy. Lex Luthor just smiles.

End credits scene: Lobo's severed little finger lies on the grounds of Owings Mills, now further deformed. Flies can be heard buzzing nearby.


"Into the breach" is a paraphrase of a piece of dialogue from William Shakespeare's Henry V. In the play, King Henry tells his soldiers "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more," encouraging them to attack the enemy city through a breach in their walls. The phrase has come to mean "try again" and could refer to the Outsiders checking Goode World Studios once more after the Team checked it, as well as Vic making a second attempt to defeat Granny Goodness after the Team failed in "Terminus".

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Troy Baker Geo-Force
Green Lantern
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Zehra Fazal Violet Harper
Eric Lopez Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes
Jason Marsden Kid Flash
Danica McKellar Miss Martian
Nolan North Superboy
Zeno Robinson Victor Stone/Cyborg
Freddy Rodriguez El Dorado
Deborah Strang Gretchen Goode/Granny Goodness
Mae Whitman Wonder Girl
Non-speaking roles
Captain Atom
Elongated Man
Guy Gardner
Hal Jordan
John Stewart
Killer Frost
Lex Luthor
Martian Manhunter
Wonder Woman
0 Character debut
0 Speaking debut
0 Episode debut



Language translations

Language Line Literal Translation Figurative Translation
Tongue of the Old Gods Halo: ENIERSTOHNN, KAHHD-ZOHNN-TORRCH-HIERROH! Source, one straight light come! I call on the Source to return us to our true, whole selves.[1]



Unanswered questions


  • Victor: It's safe to go. Or, you know, "safe".
  • Beast Boy: You only pulled me out so you could watch me watch my friends suffer.
  • Gretchen Goode: That I appreciate the value of your suffering is what makes me an excellent Hollywood Producer.
  • Gretchen Goode: Though it's a shame I can't stream the battle. The numbers would kill.

Gretchen Goode: You see, child, that's why you need this lesson. No matter how nasty you think you are... (punches Beast Boy) ...there's always someone nastier.

  • Guy Gardner: Admit it, you'd all be chipped beef on toast without ol' Guy.
  • Granny Goodness: Oh, child, please! Everything Granny did was for your own good. If you only knew what was coming, how pointless it was to fight, you would thank--
  • Violet: Enough! Your words are poison.

Granny Goodness: Insolent girl!

  • Victor: For too long, I've been running from what I am. Who I am. It's time I embraced all my freakishness. I am Cyborg!
  • Beast Boy: Welcome to the Outsiders, Cyborg.
  • Victor: Booyah.


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