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"Involuntary" is the fourth episode of the fourth season of Young Justice, and the 77th of the overall series. It debuted on October 28, 2021 on HBO Max.


Answers come to light as Beast Boy, Miss Martian and Superboy uncover the awful truth.


March 25, 16:15 UTC
March 25, 16:16 UTC

M'gann, Conner, and Gar say their final goodbyes to Bio-Ship as she retires. M'gann is emotionally crushed, but Baby assures her that she will take good care of them all in Bio-Ship's place.

Ma'alefa'ak sneaks into the Royal Palace and plants the gene-bomb underneath the throne room. He activates the timer and leaves. Ma'alefa'ak is unaware of another presence in the room, watching him.

Ma'alefa'ak returns to his cavern to find M'gann waiting for him. She came to apologize for leaving him when she left for Earth and asks him to come back to the family. Ma'alefa'ak refuses and says goodbye.

Ma'ayava'ana Ma'akk
March 25, 17:23 UTC

Sorcerer-Priestess S'yraa S'mitt prays for the ceremonial canopy to be blessed. Em'ree J'onzz comes to her, admitting that M'gann's words during their earlier argument were true and asks S'yraa how she can make it up to her sister. S'yraa suggests starting with "I'm sorry".

At the Palace, Conner and Gar thank Prince J'emm J'axx for inviting them to his birthday party. They comfort him, knowing that this will be his first birthday without his father. From a distance, Saturn Girl, Chameleon Boy, and Phantom Girl watch carefully. Saturn Girl senses M'gann coming and the three disappear.

M'gann arrives and links her mind with Conner and Gar. They evaluate all the information they have about the King's death. M'gann suggests finding out who was in the Palace on the night of the murder. While looking through the records, Gar notices something concerning: seven servants entered the Palace on the night of the King's murder, but only six left.

The three ask R'ohh K'arr for permission to review his memories. They find an image of the suspected servant with an "accomplice" named K'arr M'angg. M'gann decides to track him down.

M'gann, Conner, and Gar walk into A'ashenn territory and find K'arr's home. He explains to them that the servant girl was actually not A'ashenn, but a G'arrunn in disguise.

Back at the Palace, Prince J'emm's birthday party is in full swing, but Prince J'emm is not in an enthusiastic mood. Conner, M'gann, and Gar arrive and Prince J'emm can tell that they have news. Anxious for answers, he requests for them to show him what they found. After they inform him of the suspect they found, Prince J'emm realizes something and requests to be left alone.

While watching the magical light show, Conner suddenly realizes that the residue that he found at the crime scene was actually left by magic. After explaining this to M'gann, she suddenly figures out who killed the King. The three of them head off to find Prince J'emm as M'gann explains:

Prince J'emm and S'yraa S'mitt used to be in love. But because of their different castes, they couldn't be together because King S'turnn forbade it. Though he was determined to show that G'arrunns and A'ashenns were equal, the King believed that the Royal Bloodline should remain pure. S'yraa wanted to bring about change to M'arzz, which is why she had agreed to marry M'gann and Conner and why she killed the King.

S'yraa accidentally killed King S'turnn J'axx.

M'gann, Conner, and Gar find Prince J'emm confronting S'yraa on the subject. S'yraa is emotional and begins losing control of her powers. J'emm informs her that if she doesn't get her powers under control, she will have to kill him too. S'yraa finally contains her powers by admtting she still loves him and falls into J'emm's arms. She explains to them all that she never meant to kill the King. She had disguised herself as an A'ashenn servant to sneak into the palace to talk to the King and try to persuade him to give his consent to her marrying his son. The King refused, causing S'yraa to get upset and lose control of her magic, killing him in the process. S'yraa panicked and snuck out through the sewer system. She knew that she could never be with J'emm again and took the Y'ellonn, becoming a Sorcerer-Priestess, in order to lead a celibate, solitary life.

Prince J'emm, M'gann, Conner, and Gar watch the royal guards arrest S'yraa and take her away.

Prince J'emm inspires change.

News of S'yraa travels quickly. R'ess E'dda refuses to believe that a G'arrunn would kill the King, but R'ohh confirms it to be true after receiving a full confession from her. Accepting the news, R'ess makes a mental announcement to the kingdom, explaining that this is why the caste system exists: to preserve order. Prince J'emm objects, explaining that the caste system is actually responsible for this whole mess. He calls for a change. Queen J'arlia J'axx agrees with her son but requests that the topic of death and castes be put aside for tonight to celebrate Prince J'emm's birthday.

At the Science Center, Em'ree smiles as the mental meeting comes to an end. At that very moment, the Javelin lands on the docking platform outside with Martian Manhunter and Superman inside. Em'ree rushes to meet them and offers to take both to M'gann, Conner and Gar at the Royal Arena.

As Prince J'emm's party continues, the lone observer uses his invisible sphere to sneak below the throne room. Saturn Girl, Chameleon Boy, and Phantom Girl are in the shadows of the throne room watching the party when Phantom Girl's Time Scanner goes off, altering them to the saboteur's presence. Saturn Girl orders them to get moving. The mysterious figure places a metal box on the gene-bomb and leaves.

Superboy makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the Martian species.

Conner hears the metal box being placed on the bomb. He uses his x-ray vision just in time to see the figure leave, below them. M'gann informs him that she senses the same psychic-link from the cave-in. Conner tears a whole in the floor where they find the bomb. Conner confirms that it's Apokoliptan tech and it seems to contain a virus. As a Ma'arzuu Beast, Gar licks the bomb saying that he tastes Ma'alefa'ak. Conner senses a heat source below them. Possibly a lava flow. He tells M'gann and Gar to leave while he begins punching through the ground.

M'gann and Prince J'emm call for the whole Palace to be evacuated.

Weakened and bleeding, Conner breaks through the ground and falls, with the bomb, into the lava. M'gann's wedding ring falls out of his pocket and melts in the lava. Conner crushes the bomb releasing the virus. The virus melts in the lava. The bomb explodes.

Panicking, M'gann and Gar rush towards the explosion. M'gann can't feel Conner's mind-touch. Gar spots a shadow marking on the rocks in the shape of Conner. Superman and Martian Manhunter show up and Superman immediately falls ill. He informs them that there are traces of Kryptonite in the air. Martian Manhunter requests them all to leave immediately despite M'gann's reluctance.

Em'ree embraces a heartbroken M'gann, grief-stricken over the tragic loss of Conner.

In the aftermath, everyone is gravely shaken and saddened by this shocking turn of events, as Garfield posits that due to his weakened state and the Kryptonite it's unlikely that Superboy survived.

M'gann attempts to call out to Conner, pleading for him to answer, but receives no response. She begins to break down into tears and falls into Em'ree's arms. Em'ree comforts a heartbroken M'gann, telling her sister how sorry she is.

End credits scene: M'gann is heartbroken over the loss of Conner and cries on their wedding altar.


"Involuntary" refers to S'yraa S'mitt killing S'turnn J'axx through an involuntary use of her magical abilities.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Dee Bradley Baker Chameleon Boy
K'arr M'angg  
Troy Baker R'ess E'dda
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Ben Diskin Ma'alefa'ak
Zehra Fazal S'yraa S'mitt
J'arlia J'axx
Phil LaMarr J'emm J'axx
Danica McKellar Miss Martian
Nolan North Superboy
R'ohh K'arr
Kevin Michael Richardson Martian Manhunter
Kari Wahlgren Saturn Girl
Phantom Girl
J'ann M'orzz
Hynden Walch Em'ree J'onzz
Non-speaking roles
King Ma'arrun (illusion)  
M'aatt M'orzz
S'turnn J'axx (flashback)
Queen Sykara (illusion)  
Time travelling saboteur
3 Character debut
0 Speaking debut
0 Episode debut


  • Bio-Ship leaves Miss Martian, Superboy and Beast Boy to live her last years on Mars, something that was revealed in the previous episode.
  • Ma'alefa'ak plants the bomb he received from Desaad at the end of "Needful".
  • Miss Martian mentions Ma'alefa'ak's killing of Giant and Blister in "Away Mission".
  • Miss Martian apologizes to Ma'alefa'ak for abandoning him when she ran to Earth, something they argued about in "Needful".
  • Em'ree mentions her sins against her White Martian siblings that were mentioned in the previous episode during her argument with Miss Martian.
  • Superboy mentions the big surprise birthday parties that Miss Martian throws for him every year that were mentioned in "Satisfaction."



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