Inza Cramer Nelson (1916[2]1998)[3] is the late wife of Kent Nelson. Kent considered her a "spitfire" and a "pistol", saying that she never let him get away with anything, which seems to be one of the reasons why he loved her so much.

History Edit

Early life Edit

When Kent was forty one years old Inza convinced him there was more to life than being Doctor Fate, and he stopped wearing the Helmet of Fate.

She eventually died in 1998,[3] leaving Kent distraught and to cherish the hope of being reunited with her one day.[4]

2010 Edit

August 21, 16:07 EDT

After his own death, Kent was buried beside Inza, under the Tower of Fate.[1]

Appearances Edit

Background information Edit

  • In the comics, upon marrying Kent, Inza was forced to live in the Tower of Fate to act as an anchor for him to his real life. She and Kent were kept alive and young for many years due the power of Doctor Fate. However, Inza eventually came to resent this and to an extent her husband until they both died and were resurrected. Their return to life resulted in Inza becoming Doctor Fate for a short period, before giving the mantle back to Kent. Both she and her husband eventually died a second time for good.
  • This is Inza's third television appearance. She first appeared in the DC Animated Universe, first in Superman: The Animated Series and later Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. She also appeared in the Smallville episode "Society", where she is seen in a flashback watching her husband being taken away by police.

References Edit

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