Ishtar was one of Vandal Savage's children and a member of the first iteration of the Light.

Physical appearance Edit

Ishtar is a tall woman with light brown eyes and black hair. She is almost completely bald, except for the long, thick ponytail that extends past her waist. There are two scars on her face—a longer one that extends from her forehead to her left cheek, and a shorter one across her lips.

History Edit

Marduk, Nabu and Ishtar

Ishtar and her family leading a battle against Starro.

Around the second millennium BCE, Ishtar was born to Vandal Savage, who had established himself in Babylonia as the demigod hero called Marduk. At some point, a star creature tried to enslave Babylonia and Ishtar fought the incursion, along with her father and brother Nabu, who perished in the battle.

Ishtar and Marduk eventually vanquished the creature and threw its remains into the Arctic sea. Henceforth, Ishtar and her father became known as "The Light", for leading their people through their darkest hour.[1]

Appearances Edit

Background information Edit

  • Ishtar is a Mesopotamian goddess of love and political power. In DC Comics, she is notable for empowering the Tunisian heroine Sala (Sala Nisaba).

References Edit

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