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Isis was a being revered by the inhabitants of Bialya 4000 years ago.

Physical appearance

The appearance of Isis's real physical form is unknown. The spirit of Isis resembles a tall, slender woman with long, flowing hair, wearing a headdress and a long gown. The spirit has white outlines, glows blue all over, and has a purplish-blue aura surrounding it.


Early history

4000 years ago, Isis was part of a mystic ritual that cleansed the Scarab of Reach control.[1]


June 14, 05:19 UTC+2

In the ancient temple, Zatanna summoned the spirit of Isis to perform the cleansing ritual. Together, they successfully liberated Blue Beetle and Green Beetle.[1]

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: Isis has great magical power. Zatanna needed to summon Isis and use her power in concert with Isis's in order to successfully free Blue and Green Beetle from Reach control.[1]


Background information

  • Isis is one of the main goddesses of the Egyptian pantheon. Among other things, she is the patron of magic.
  • The goddess Isis was introduced to the DC Universe in the 1970s TV series The Secrets of Isis. The show bookends the Shazam! TV series, which featured Captain Marvel. Isis was school teacher Andrea Thomas, who received the powers of the goddess Isis through a mystical amulet, by invoking "Oh Mighty Isis"; these words are also used by Zatanna to summon her.


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