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J'emm J'axx is the prince of Mars.


Despite being born and raised within the highest pinnacle of Mars's strict caste system, J'emm is an humble, open-minded, and empathic individual. Charming, polite, and friendly, J'emm treats everyone with respect and acceptance, lacking any prejudices that many Martians has towards each other due to skin color and non-Martians.[3] Taking after his father, J'emm shares many his late father's beliefs, especially regarding to the cooperation between Mars and Earth. In fact, J'emm is even more progressive than his father (who believed in the superiority of the Red Martians) and outright wishes to dissolve the caste system, evidenced by him falling in love with S'yraa S'mitt, a Green Martian, and recognizing that all of Mars's problems is linked to it.[4][5]

Although he is aware of his father's flaws and saddened by his father's disapproval of S'yraa, J'emm greatly loves and respects his father, leading him to take any chance to discover who murdered him, enlisting the help of Superboy and Beast Boy, who are more experienced than any other Martian to investigate where their telepathy cannot help. Similar to Miss Martian when she first arrived to Earth, J'emm seems to be ignorant of how wary non-telepathic beings are with their own minds, as he was not careful when transmitting all the intel he has about his father's death to Superboy and Beast Boy, causing mental pain to them and angering the latter.[3] Noble by nature, J'emm proved to be proactive and courageous, not afraid to put himself in danger in order to help others, such recovering a strayed Beast Boy during a sandstorm or getting close to S'yraa when her magic became unstable. While typically mild-mannered, J'emm can be assertive and is a well-spoken orator to sway others to his side, especially in pushing back against the racist Consul R'ess E'dda, who constantly belittles J'emm for his youth.[3][4][5]


Early life

J'emm J'axx as the son of King S'turnn J'axx and Queen J'arlia J'axx, thus making him prince of Mars and the future king. Taking after his father, J'emm grew up harboring more "modern" beliefs, disliking the caste system that caused much strife and division among his fellow Martians. At one point, he fell in love with S'yraa S'mitt, a Green Martian with affinity for magic. While the pair deeply loved each other and wished to be marry, their affair was short-lived because of their disparate cast status, as King S'turnn forbade their marriage, wanting to keep the royal bloodline "pure" and pressured J'emm to break off their relationship.[5]



Background information

  • Jemm, son of Saturn is the ruler of the planet Saturn. He was originally introduced as a cousin of the Martian Manhunter (who was not used at the time in comics), but was rewritten into a Saturnian when Martian Manhunter was used again for the Justice League Detroit. Later comics connect the Saturnians to the Martians.
  • This is his first animated appearance.


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