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You may also be looking for January 1, 2016.

January 1, 2019[nb 1] is the first day in the month of January 2019.


  • 00:01 PST: Victor Stone receives a call from his father, and the two of them immediately start arguing. Victor hangs up and suddenly starts groaning in pain. He runs into an alley to hide and lets out a scream.[1]
  • 14:24 PST: Helga Jace tells Halo there has been no progress in preventing her from dying. Geo-Force then confronts Halo about her recent distant behavior.
  • 22:41 UTC: In Dublin, the Outsiders follow a lead on a recent sighting of Professor Ivo's MONQIs.
  • 23:05 UTC: The Outsiders destroy the MONQIs in Dublin.
  • 20:03 EST: G. Gordon Godfrey talks with Lex Luthor about the Outsiders' heroics in Dublin.
  • 21:10 EST: In the Batcave it is revealed that Batman setup the MONQI incident to give the Outsiders good press. Wonder Woman disagrees with Batman's approach of fabricating events and creating fake news.[2]


  1. Series producer Greg Weisman stated that even though the series does not have a "canon year", the production team based the days of the week on the 2010 calendar. In "Happy New Year" there's a five year time jump and in "Princes All" there's a two year jump, placing the beginning of the season in 2018. "Elder Wisdom" takes place during New Year's Day, placing the rest of season three in 2019. (Weisman, Greg (2011-11-18). Question #13695. Ask Greg. Retrieved 2011-11-18.).

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