Jaqqar Marlo (d. August 5, 2018) was a Goode World Studios employee who was the director of the Research and Development department on the Goode Goggles.[1] He was killed by Tara Markov at the behest of the League of Shadows.[2]

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2018 Edit

August 05, 02:55 EEST

While playing "Funny Monkeys" on Goode Goggles, Marlo inadvertently stepped outside a pub and bumped into Black Spider, who declared to be looking for him for Shadows business. Marlo played coy, denying to be the person he was looking for, but when it was clear that ruse wouldn't work, he made a run for it. He managed to lose his pursuer, but when Marlo thought he was in the clear, a giant boulder crushed him to death.[2]

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