Jason Bard was a United States Marine.

Physical appearance Edit

Jason is a Caucasian male with dark hair and green eyes. As a US Marine he wears a helmet, long sleeved green shirt and similar coloured pants, with an armoured vest. He has a number of pouches strapped to his pants.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Jason is a friend of John Jones. At one point during his career in the US Marine Corps, he injured his leg.[1]

2010 Edit

Mount Justice
October 16, post-16:01 EDT

A simulation of Bard was part of a telepathically simulated training exercise of the Team. He fought under General Eiling in Washington, D.C..[2]

Appearances Edit

Background information Edit

In the comics, Jason Bard is a Gotham City detective, and later a private eye. He is part of Batgirl's supporting cast. Pre-Crisis, he had a knee injury from the Vietnam War, which is alluded to in the episode: he's seen clutching his knee before Superboy rescued him.

References Edit

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